Ok, hope this is a good chapter. For those of you who follow my other stories, I hope to have a couple more chapters out soon.

When I regained consciousness, I was in the dungeons of Mount Olympus, and Hermes was shaking me awake. "Harbringer! Are you ok?" I groaned as I tried to sit up, pain radiating from my chest. "Dad?" I asked weakly, "What are you doing here?" "Busting you out, what else?" said Hermes. "Ares is here too, he was outraged when he heard that Zeus had tried to force marriage on you, and was horrified that he had locked you up in the dungeon." "I can't believe that my own father would do something like this." Ares said, looking a little shaken. "What happened?" asked Hermes, helping me to my feet. "After I refused to marry Ares, and it's nothing against you, Ares." I said to him, "We got into a pretty heated argument, in which he tried to pull both the 'well i'm your father, and I get to choose who and when you marry' and the 'well i'm the king of the gods, and i order you to marry', and then he set the guards on me. I took one out, and that's when he hit me with one of his bolts." "He's been acting strangely for the past few days." said Ares, who helped Hermes support me. " I never thought he would take it this far." "Um, how did you guys even get down here in the first place?" I asked, trying to stay upright and not just be carried by them. "A secret passage here, a little bribe there, you know. Just the basic stuff." They led me down a dark passage that I hadn't even noticed before Hermes knocked three times on a torch sconce. As we walked farther, I noticed a bit of ligh coming from the next bend. When we rounded it, we appeared in Helios' palace. Helios himself was anxiously waiting for us, and led us to a room with a bed and bedside table. Ares and Hermes lay me down on the bed, and Hermes pulled out some ambrosia and nectar, and gave them to me. As soon as I finished, I felt my strength returning to me, and I concentrated hard. I began to glow, dimly at first, and then brighter and brighter, until I was almost as bright as Helios. I concentrated on repairing what was broken inside me, and, little by little, started to heal. All the gods had the ability to do this, but I had worked at it, and it now only took me a couple of seconds to repair the damage from the lightning bolt. When I stopped glowing, I stood up. "Zeus needs to be taught a lesson." I growled, stalking out the door. "And I'm going to be the one to do it." I shifted into and eagle and took off in the direction of Mt. Olympus, aiming for the throne room. Zeus was holding council when I got there, and he had just stood up to defend something he had just said. "... Well I believe that I made the righ decision," he was saying "In the glory days, girls were married off when they were twelve! She's fourteen, and old enough to be married!" Ah. they were discussing the subject of marring me off to Ares. I flew in the window, assuming correctly that the trap didn't work on eagles, and landed on Zeus' shoulder. "Why hello there, you beautiful bird." he said to me, petting my head. That's when I chose to change back to my original form. Zeus crumpled under my unexpected weight, and I landed on top of him. Then I had an idea. I pricked him with my celestial bronze knife, and he started to change. When the change was complete, it was not Zeus who was under me, but Atlas, who was supposed to be holding up the sky at the other end of the world.