Toru Oikawa was walking into a gymnasium to watch a Volleyball tournament to see his former team Kitagawa Daiichi compete, but the one player he wanted to see the most was Tobio Kageyama the player that took over his position as setter.

With him was his team mate Hajime Iwaizumi. "Come on Iwa-chan were going to miss the match if you don't hurry up," Oikawa said as he turned to see his friend trailing behind.

"Shut up Shittykawa we still got time before the matches start," Iwaizumi said saying one of his many insulting nicknames for Oikawa.

"Geez Iwa-chan do you have to insult me every chance you get?" Oikawa asked.

"Yes," was all Iwaizumi said. Oikawa just remained silent. Until they reached the courts. "So let's see Kitagawa Daiichi is playing against Yukigaoka," Iwaizumi said reading the tournament bracket sheet.

"Who?" Oikawa asked.

"Don't know never heard of them either must be first timers," Iwaizumi said. Oikawa looked down to see that the two teams were now facing across the net ready to start the first set.

"Man it looks like high schoolers playing against elementary kids," Oikawa commented at the site of Yukigaoka's players.

"Yeah I know what you mean especially their team captain he's got to be the shortest one out there," a new voice said. Both Oikawa and Iwaizumi turned to see there team's head coach.

"Coach Nobuteru what Are you doing here?" both boys said in unison.

"Just wanted to see if any of your underclassmen had any real skill for next year," the coach said.

At that moment they heard a voice cry out "Do it Shoya," all three heads turned towards the court were Yukigaoka setter had set the ball that was sloppily recieved into the air and tbe teams number 1 ran towards the net.

"Wait that short guy is a spiker?" Iwaizumi asked. However before either the coach or Oikawa could answer. The player named Shoya leaped into the air.

"It looks like he's flying," Iwaizumi whispered. However the players powerful spike was successfully blocked.

"Gah they stuffed him," Oikawa said very upset.

"Wait why are mad that the other team didn't score?" Iwaizumi asked looking at him.

"I'm not upset that they didn't score it's just that his jumped was very impressive," Oikawa said defending himself. Before Iwaizumi could insult him the head coach spoke up.

"That was an impressive jump however it seems that this boy's team is clearly full of novices," the coach said.

"Then this team doesn't stand a chance," Iwaizumi said. Oikawa just shock his head. To prove Iwaizumi's point their former team was crushing the other team with relative ease. It was the second set and the score currently read Kitagawa Daiichi 23 Yukigaoka 6.

Man that team is getting steamrolled," Iwaizumi said.

"Yeah, but the captain doesn't seem upset at all," Oikawa said.

"Yeah he's holding together a team of newbies rather well," the coach said.

"Then there's Kitagawa Daiichi," Oikawa said.

"What about them?" Iwaizumi asked.

"Look at them they're all tense around Kageyama," the coach said. Through out the game his setting is leaving his hitters in the dust," Oikawa said. It was Kitagawa's serve and it was received poorly and was heading towards the ground behind the team. It looked like it couldn't be recived but the team's captain was chasing after the ball.

"He's almost got it," Oikawa muttered. Sadly he missed the ball and it was Kitagawa's match point.

The one who had attempted to receive the ball walked up to the captain and was apologizing for messing up the receive, but the Shoyo said he would get the next one.

The player then was asking why he was trying so hard when they were so far behind. "He's l got a point," Iwaizumi said. Then Shoyo spoke up.

"Well the things is," Shoyo said and Oikawa and Iwaizumi being directly above them leaned to hear what the captain had to say.

"The thing is we haven't lost yet," Shoyo said. These words sent shivers down both boys shoulders. It was also clear that every one in the gymnasium heard Shoyo's words, because other people began to chear there approval to the short captain of a no name school.

"I like the him," Oikawa said.

"Who do you like the short guy why?" Iwaizumi asked Oikawa.

"Because he's got the spirit of not giving up even if he's close to defeat.

"You want him to come to Seijou next year don't you?" the coach asked.

"Yes Coach Nobuteru," Oikawa said in an almost pleading tone.

"Alright but you got eight months to wipe him into shape to be able to stand in our side of the court because if not I'm holding you responsible," the coach said in a threating tone.

During there conversations they missed the last to rallies of the game the final score was 25 to 7 in favor of Kitagawa however they didn't look like a team that won in back to back sets.

Suddenly Kageyama yelleed at Shoyo "Where have you been the last three years?"

"Well that's the end of that match now time for me to make my offer to that short captain," Oikawa said.

When they got outside they saw there former team walking away when the Shoyo ran up and yelled out to Kageyama who turned to him. With tears in his eyes he made a declaration that brought a smile to Oikawa's face. "If you really are the king who rules the court then someday I'm going to beat you then I'm going to stand on the court longer," Shoyo replied

Then Kageyama replied back "If you want to beat me get stronger," he answered back, and with that he walked away. Oikawa saw that Shoyo was talking to two of his teammates. However he could hear what they were saying. As Shoyo was walking away Oikawa called out to him.

"Hey kid wait up," Oikawa said running up to Hinata. Hinata turned to face the person who called to him and came face to face with a very tall high school student. In response to seeing Oikawa he immediately started to stare at Oikawa's height.

"Hello my name is Toru Oikawa and this is my teammate Hajime Iwaizumi," Oikawa said to Shoyo.

Shoyo seeing how nice he was being he calmed down. "My name Shoyo Hinata," Hinata said.

"Yes we know who you are we saw your game a while a go and I can say that I am impressed," Hinata looked at him in confusion.

"Why were you impressed with a team that lost?" Hinata asked.

"Losing isn't every thing connecting with your teammates is part of volleyball as well, and you connected better with your team then Kageyama did," Iwaizumi said.

"Wait you guys know Kageyama?" Hinata asked.

"Well yeah we went to the same school as he did, and I taught him everything he knows," Oikawa said.

"You taught the King everything he knows so your 'The Great King' Hinata said. This caused Oikawa to frown while Iwaizumi just smirked.

"I like this kid he if he does join the team he can help me keep Oikawa in line," Iwaizumi thought.

Once Oikawa calmed down from Hinata's statement he smiled again. "Anyways I have a propositon for you," Oikawa said.

"What kind of proposition?" Hinata asked warily.

"I want to invite you to come and play for Aobo Johsai's men's volleyball team," Oikawa said.

"Eh?" Hinata said.

"I like people with you enthusiasm and drive to win no matter the odds against you," Oikawa said.

"Really you want me to come and play for your school?" Hinata asked.

"You got that right," this was Iwaizumi. Hinata was hesitant.

"I don't know I really had my heart set on Karasuno, because that is were the 'Little Giant' played," Hinata said. Both Oikawa and Iwaizumi knew about the 'Little Giant' he played for the Karasuno Team that went to Nationals.

"Look Hinata neither of us are going to force you to come and play for our team, but Karasuno is not the team they once were," Oikawa said. There lucky if they even make it to Day 2 of any if the tournaments," Oikawa continued.

"Where as Seijou is in the top four schools in the prefecture," the only school we really lose to is Shirtorazawa," Iwaizumi said.

"Wait Seijou is better then Karasuno?" Hinata exclaimed.

"You got that right were both third years and we're going to be playing in both tournaments," Iwaizumi said.

"I don't know," Hinata said.

"Look if you go to Karasuno you might not even make the starting lineup until your second year," Oikawa said. "However if you come to Seijou next year with some training from me and Iwaizumi I can guarantee a starting position on the team," Oikawa said and Iwaizumi nodded his head in agreement.

Hinata was deep in thought for a long while. Both Oikawa and Iwaizumi were so hoping he would say yes. Hinata raised his head with a serious look in his eyes that sent shivers down both boys shoulders like when he made his comment of not having lost yet. "You got yourself a deal," he said sticking his hand out.

Both Oikawa and Iwaizumi smiled as the each took Hinata's hand. Thank you for this Oikawa, Iwaizumi," Hinata said.

That's senpai now," Oikawa said.

"Oikawa and Iwaizumi senpai," Hinata corrected himself.

"That's much better," Oikawa said will smilling "This kid is going to be force to be reconed with," Oikawa thought.

"Let's head to my house to let my mother know about my change in schools," Hinata said.

"Alrighty then lead the way Hinata," Iwaizumi said. With that Hinata lead his future teammates to meet his mother.

When they got to Hinata's house his mother was over joyed that Hinata was scouted by a top school. "Hinata are you completely sure about this I mean you had your heart set on Karasuno for so long?" Hinata's mom asked.

"Yes I'm completely sure that I want to go to Aoba Jousai," Hinata said. "Both Oikawa and Iwaizumi Senpai said that they can help me. bring out my full potential in volleyball regardless of my height," Hinata said.

"Well I really don't mind paying you to go to a private school, but don't left your grades slip or you are off the team," his mom said.

"Don't you worry as Shoyo's Senpais it is our job that he keeps up with his school work along with volleyball practice," Iwaizumi said.

"I know that I just reminding him to keep up his studies," Hinata's mom said.

"So it's decided Shoyo Hinata will attend Aoba Johsai," Oikawa said.

"That's if he passes the entrance exams," Iwaizumi said.

"That's where we come in we will make sure that he passes that entrance exam," Oikawa said.

"Don't you mean just me I've got way better grades then you do?" Iwaizumi asked with a smirk.

"Oi that hurts Iwa-chan I'm in a higher class then yoy," Oikawa said defending himself.

Soon the two were bantering back and forth about who got a better grade in what. Hinata and his mom were watchi g this with a little amusement.

"Well this decently going to be an interesting year for you Shoyo," his mom whispered to him.

"Yeah you got that right," Hinata said as he smiled at his two future teammates arguing.

Time passed quickly for Hinata as he prepared himself for his first year of high school. With the help of both Oikawa and Iwaizumi Hinata was able to pass the entrance exams for Seijou.

They even helped in His volleyball skills. Oikawa taught him serving,setting and receiving, while Iwaizumi was helping him with different kinds of spikes and both would help him with blocking.

Soon it was time for Hinata to begin is high school days at the high school that will change his future forever. What kinds of adventures will Hinata have with the Seijou Volleyball team.

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