The Diary of the Head Maid

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Like my current style this one is going to be POV, I'm going to take another run at this one being from the Kansen's point of view. I'm putting this one at rating M currently for future proofing.

Part One – Appearances

I hear the beeping of my alarm going off, I lift up my phone and see the time, I sigh and roll on to my back, pulling my pillow with me, I don't want to get up… it so early. After a moment I sit up in my bed, my long silver hair all around me, I look to my door and see my uniform hanging up. I sigh again, I love my sister Edinburgh, but sometimes she can be so clumsy… It had taken me hours to get that tea stain out of my apron, making me stay up later than I wanted or should've had too. I run my hands down my face and pull off my nightgown and grab my robe, makeup, and toiletry bag before heading off to the shower.

As I stand under the hot water beating down on me, I let out a sigh, this feels nice, this is one of the few luxuries I get is a nice shower in the morning… I put my head against the wall of the shower and think about some of the things I know are said behind my back by my fellow maids, it makes sense really… I was made the head maid, they need someone to be able to rally against sometimes, doesn't stop it from being lonely at the top though. My eyes focus on my legs and I let out a sigh, as I say, "Already?"

I step out of the shower to grab my razor and shaving gel and start to get to work on my legs and underarms. Once those are done I give a quick look over the shower wall, seeing that I'm still alone I trim up down below. Once that's done I turn off the water, grab my towel and pat myself down and get my robe on to get my makeup done, just enough to highlight my features, but not enough to make it clear I actually wear any, I look at my lip gloss selection, I settle on a subtle pink that isn't too far off from my natural lip color, getting myself ready I head to the kitchens.

I stretch before rubbing my back a little, sometimes I hate this uniform, sure it's fun for tormenting the Commander; he does look when I bend over, but ugh it does nothing for support….

As I hear the kettle whistle I pour it into the teapot and I smile to myself, I'm training him slowly, tea is much more civilized than coffee. My attention turns to the toaster just as it pops and I grab the toast just as my older sister finishes the eggs and bacon, I just get the toast buttered as she puts down the easy over eggs and dumps the bacon on the plate. I sigh inwardly and put the bacon on top of the eggs in the cross pattern like I know The Commander likes.

I look up at the clock, I've got a few moments before I need to start heading up when I hear my sister say, "Bell, here."

I turn my attention to her and I open my mouth to say something and she shoves a sausage into my mouth, I give her a smile and work on eating the sausage as I take the tray upstairs to his office.



I cross into the secretary's office and I put a warm ham and cheese scone along with a dish of whipped butter on the desk and I hope that this will put a smile on Nelson's face and let her start the day off on the right foot.

I stop at the door and let out a breath as I balance the tray on one hand, using my right hand to twist the handle slightly, just enough to get it to unlatch as I turn and use my stern to open the door. Once I'm through I turn and use my hip to close the door behind me and that is when I spot him, it takes me a moment, I'm kind of surprised, he looks different… I put a smile on my face and cross the floor, to put the plate of eggs, bacon, and toast down on his desk, then I get the tea poured as I say, "Good morning Master, I've prepared the tea and brought you breakfast."

I look up through my eyelashes at him, I'm sure of it now, this isn't Commander Scott… I see him turn to face me; he is quite striking, closely cropped light brown hair, hazel colored eyes. I close my own for a moment to center myself, I can't show myself to be surprised right now, I'm the head maid after all… Still, I wonder what happened to Commander Scott…

I see him offer me a warm and inviting smile, and I can't help myself from blush slightly, he is rather fetching, I see him take the tray from me before he extends his hand and he says to me, "I'm Commander Bishop… As of today, I'm taking over for Commander Scott."

I give him a courtesy as I say, "A pleasure to meet you, Master, I'm Belfast the head maid…"

I look up through my lashes and I try to figure out why Commander Scott was replaced… I knew his term of service was coming up, but that was still months away… I see Commander Bishop put his hand up and I stopped my introduction as he says, "You don't need to call me 'Master' Belfast."

I felt a little flutter in my belly when he said my name, and I'll be honest it did send me for a little loop that he said I didn't need to call him Master, Commander Scott seemed to delight in that…. I shake my head as I look to the floor and state, "I'm sorry Master, but a member of the Royal Maid corps must refer to the Commander of Azur Lane forces as Master… I would be a poor example to those under me if I did not follow the rules."

I sigh inwardly; I had to be the good girl all the time, the example of how the other should act… it was exhausting to keep up this act all the time… I risk another glance up through my eyelashes at him and I see him look around before he says, "We're in privet, you don't need to do it in here if it's just us."

I feel those butterflies again and I inwardly squeal at his choice of words, just us…. I need to get myself under control and I need to do it fast… I take a shallow breath to center myself as I say, "If that is your wish Master I will do what I can to accommodate it."

I catch him turn his head slightly, a smirk on his lips as I stand upright and collect the tea and try from him and turn to leave the room, I look over my shoulder at him as he sits at his desk and starts working away on his computer. I think I'll be able to have some fun with this Commander… more fun that I was able to have with Commander Scott anyways.



I put the tray down in the kitchen and go to the table we have set up in there and flop down in a chair, folding my arms on the table and I put my head down as I watch my elder sister finish up breakfast before she brings over two plates and asks me, "How was Commander Scott today?"

"He's gone…" I tell her, my brow knitting together as I think about Commander Bishop, his closely cropped hair, dazzling eyes, nice smelling aftershave… stop it Belfast; you're not the type to get swept up in this kind of nonsense.

"What'd ya mean he's gone? He still had six months on this tour…" I hear her ask me.

I roll my head back and forth in my arms as I tell her, "I don't know why he's gone, but we have a Commander Bishop now…"

The smell of the sausages are tickling my nose and I angle my head and pop one in my mouth, I close my eyes and enjoy Edinburgh's cooking, she's the better cook if I'm honest about it… even if she's clumsy and forgetful. I hear the sounds of her fork and knife on the plate as she asks, "What's he like?"

"He seems nice enough, he seems resistant to the idea of being called Master, I think I might be able to have some fun with this Commander Bishop..." I tell her, hiding my smile.

I catch her shake her head before pushing her glasses back up her nose as she says, "Not what I mean Bell…"

I roll my eyes before letting out a sigh as I take some toast and marmalade, as I start to spread it, I suddenly feel something wet and slimy on my chest, across from me Edinburgh starts to laugh and I look down, really? I just had a shower today…. I put my toast down and take a napkin and start to wipe up the marmalade up and off of my bust as I tell her, "He has short light brown hair and hazel eyes, and is attractive…"

My sister starts to pat her chest and cough before she teases me, "Bell! I've never heard you refer to a Commander like that…"

I feel my cheeks get warm, damn, that's the second time he's done that to me today… I shake my head and tell her, "It's the facts, you asked."

I see a smirk start to spread across her face as she starts to sing, "Belfast and Commander Bishop, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…"

I toss the dirty napkin at her as I say, "Oh hush now."

As the napkin makes contact with her face, I hear her make a noise of disgust as it slides off showing it had landed with the marmalade side out; I cover my mouth as I start to laugh… She doesn't find it very funny as she fills a spoon full of baked beans and launches it at me and it lands right down my cleavage! I give a yelp of surprise and start to dig them out as I ask, "Alright, alright, truce?"

I see her smile at me and I look down and groan; I need to change my uniform and get this one cleaned.



After getting on a fresh uniform I head down to the laundry room and I spot Sheffield, perfect, no-one is better at getting things cleaned up then she is. Without looking up from her guns she says to me in a slightly dismissive tone, "What do you need Miss Head Maid…"

I sigh inwardly as I put down my uniform and say, "There was an incident with some baked beans this morning, would you mind terrible getting out this stain before it sets?"

I see her put down her pistol and take my uniform, looking it over before she tosses it in the pile of clothes and goes back to her guns as she tells me, "We'll get to it today…"

"Thank you Sheffield… just so you are aware, Commander Scott is gone now… So don't be surprised when you go to clean the Commander's office that someone new is in it…" I tell her as I head out of the laundry room. As the door closes behind me, I roll my wrist over and see I need to make sure lunch underway.

I sigh and hang my head, sometimes I hate my days… I slap my cheeks and tell myself, don't go down that road Belfast… you don't need to go another chocolate binge….

I look down at my bust and remember what happened last time I did that, I had to make alterations to my uniform so I could fit my bust into it… it had been embarrassing when Hermione pointed out that I was spilling out of my uniform that day.



As I enter the office again, I see Nelson painting her nails at her desk and I put down a small pot pie for her and she nods to me before I pass into his office again. Again I see him at work on his computer, one of his hazel colored eyes lands on me and I feel myself blush slightly before it snaps back to his computer.

I cross the room and take the dome off of his lunch, an American burger with fires, I'll admit it looks delicious and my own fault for skipping breakfast after Edinburgh launched the beans down my top…

I place it down beside his keyboard and I notice that his tea is still full and I ask, "Does the Master not care for black tea?"

I see one of his eyes snap to me, before back to his screen as he says, "I'm more of a coffee drinker, but thanks for bringing it this morning…"

I nod; it seems I have another one I need to train then… I step back to a respectful position as he switches from his computer to the dish in front of him, I see him take out a canteen kit from his desk and remove the fork and knife from it before he splits the burger in half, I wonder why he goes to those and not the sliver wear on the tray, just as he takes a bite, I hear my stomach growl. Oh no, no, no, no…. not now body!

I feel my cheeks get hot as he looks at me and tilts his head to the side as he asks, "Are you hungry Belfast?"

Damn, he's got me dead to rights… I sigh inwardly before I say, "I skipped breakfast this morning… there was an incident in the kitchen this morning when I tried to grab something quick…"

I see him nod before he points to a chair across from him as he says to me, "Then sit and have some of this with me, there is a lot of food here."

I feel those butterflies again, damn him… "I couldn't possibly do that Master…" I tell him and again he raises his hand to stop me before he says, "I insist, I can't have the head maid drop because she didn't eat on my first day."

I brush a strand of hair behind my ear and look down, he is just being nice I tell myself before I take a seat and he pushes the plate towards me as he takes the plate out of his mess kit and puts half the burger and half the fires on it… why is he using his mess kit? I take a hard look while trying to look like I'm not inspecting the knife from his mess kit; I wonder why that knife is so discolored?

"This mess kit saved my life." He says to me, not looking up from his plate.

I feel my cheeks get extremely hot, how did he know I was wondering about it?!

I see him start to laugh a little and he puts down his burger before he undoes his shirt, I feel my cheeks getting hotter. He opens his shirt and pulls his undershirt down slightly and I can see a well-defined shoulder and a scar just under his left collar bone, a little above his heart. I see him pick up the knife after he wipes it off and presses the blade against the scar, it's a perfect match and he says to me, "During a deployment, I was hit and bleeding bad… my corpsman was out of bandages so he grabbed my mess kit and heated the blade of the knife to cauterize the wound so I didn't bleed to death."

Ouch, that must've hurt… I think to myself, but I'm more worried that he saw right through me…. I watch him put the knife back down and do up his shirt as he continues, "Since then, I've used this mess kit every day and nothing bad has happened to me… I know it's silly but…"

I shake my head, as I say to him, "Master, I am aware that soldiers are a superstitious breed… If it brings you comfort, who am I to judge?"

Without even thinking about it my right hand went up to the chain on my choker. I turn my attention to the offered lunch and take a bite of it, it is rather good, and I'll have to compliment my sister when I head back down to the kitchen. After a moment I ask, "Master, based on your preferences for coffee over tea and as well as a like for Eagle Union fair, may I inquire as to where you served before joining Azur Lane?"

I watch as he wipes the corners of his mouth, I had been trying to place his accent and I found myself having trouble with it, I knew he wasn't from the Eagle Union, nor was he from the United Kingdom… his skin tone and facial features made it clear he was western European ancestry… nor did he sound like he was from Australian or New Zealander… maybe from the Maple Monarchy?

I see him lean back like he's thinking before he says, "I can't tell you what unit I served with, just that I was stationed on the west coast of Canada."

I nod, Maple Monarchy then. Well, at least that means he will appreciate some of the more English traditions I strive for. I test the waters with another question, "Master, would you be able to tell me why Master Scott was replaced? He still had many months left on his tour…"

I see him run a hand through his hair before he looks out the window and gives me a very vague answer, "Some of his personal preferences came to light during his last leave and those preferences made him became politically inconvenient."

"And what about you Master? Are you going to become politically inconvenient?" I ask him, and then bite my tongue, that was stupid Belfast, you know better.

I see him raise an eyebrow at me before he laughs and shakes his head and tells me, "I doubt it. The Department of Personnel went through my background with a fine mesh screen… They found things even I didn't know…"

"Like?" I probe, why am I doing this? This isn't my duty….

"Like, I've had a pretty solid knowledge of my father's side of the family, long military service history, even a couple of war heroes on that side… On my mother's side, well the most notable person on that you might actually know… Sir Frederick Parham." He says to me, giving me this sideways glance as he said that name.

I blink a few times, I know that name…. my brow knits together for a moment then it clicks and he seems to nod as the expression hits my face and I say, "That's a name I haven't heard in a long time…"

He smiles at me and I feel those butterflies again when he does that, really Belfast? You are better than this… and I feel my cheeks get warm when he says, "My mother always said that the Belfast was a beautiful ship, glad to see she wasn't kidding about it."

I spent the rest of the lunch break in a bit of state of stunned silence…



I get back to my quarters, it's already dark out and I see my uniform that I had dropped off at the laundry already clean and on my table. I pull off the spare uniform that I had on and stretch, rub my shoulders and look at myself in the mirror as I mutter, "He called me beautiful… Commander Scott never did that…"

I blink a couple of times and I start to wonder why did him calling me beautiful matter to me? He is my master…. I sigh and toss my undergarments into the laundry pile before slipping into my nightgown and turning in for the night.



I hear the beeping of my alarm going off, I lift up my phone and see the time, I sigh and roll on to my back, pulling my pillow with me, I don't want to get up… it so early. After a moment I sit up and stretch and get ready for the day… as I look at myself in the mirror as I do my makeup, I whisper out, "You won round one Commander Bishop, today will be my victory."

When I get to the office, again I put down the warm ham and cheese scone with whipped butter for Nelson, before I open his office in much the same way as I do every day; again he is at his desk, working away… I see a mug beside him and I tilt my head, his clothes seemed a little wrinkled, as I look to his dashing face… stop it Belfast, you're better than this…. I see that he has bags under his eyes and I start to wonder if he's slept.

I put down the domed dish before I open the dome to show pancakes, bacon, a pair of fried eggs, butter, and maple syrup on the side. I take the coffee pot I brought with me and fill his mug, and put down sugar cubes and some cream for him as I ask, "How many cubes Master?"

I see him put a hand over it mug as he says to me, "None thanks."

"Cream?" I ask; I'm trying to get an understanding of how he would like his coffee in the morning.

He doesn't say anything but shakes his head letting me know that he doesn't want any. I see him pinch the bridge of his nose and he asks me, "Belfast, I've got to missing something… How did Scott get this place to run?"

I fold the tray down against my thighs and belly as I tell him, "He didn't. The port more or less ran itself most days."

I watch as he leans back in his chair and I see the stubble on his face so I ask, "Master, did you sleep last night?"

He shakes his head as he tells me, "I wanted to get a handle on all of this first…"

I look down to hide my smile as I see him yawn. I put the tray down on his desk and move to sit on his couch; I pat it as I tell him, "Come here Master… you need a rest."

He gives me a sideways glance as I tell him, "Master Scott liked to rest with his head in the lap of the Kansen on this base."

I give him a little smile as I say, "One nap in my lap isn't going to kill you, and you need a rest Master."

He pinches the bridge of his nose before shaking his head as he tells me, "Thank you for the offer Belfast, but I'll be alright, I've gone without sleep for longer than this."

I get off the couch and give him a curtsy before I take the tray and exit the room, after I say to him, "As you wish Master."

I smile to myself as I hear him sigh at that, clearly sounding exasperated at my choice of words… that's one point for Belfast… we're even now.

When I get down to the kitchen and see my Sister has breakfast all set for us, this time I put a towel over my bust as I tease her, "Just to protect myself from beans."



A/N: Chapter one done. Belfast seems to have a hidden depth to her personality that shows she is dutiful yet also a touch dominating to The Commander so I am going for a slightly competitive tone to her as she tries to figure him out.