Triwizard of Old

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"Don't worry, everything is in place"

"So, it's happening at the Triwizard Tournament"

"Yes, be ready"

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic


"We're almost there now" Kenna smiled as she looked out of the carriage window.

They were in a massive flying carriage that was currently flying through France. The carriage has four stops and was now on its way to the castle. Mary, Kenna, Aylee, Greer and Lola was talking in their carriage. They were the ladies to Queen Mary.

She was supposed to go to Hogwarts (so was the rest of her ladies) until Mary was promised to Francis. They were starting their sixth year at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Mary was looking forward to another year with her friends. The school has always been a second home to her. Francis and Bash are also going there.

"Good, for we have been in this carriage for far too long" Greer commented.

"Did he write to you Lola over the summer, like he promised?" Aylee asked her.

"Yes, Colin has been very expressive in his letters" Lola smiled, "How was your summer with Francis?"

"Heavenly" Mary beamed.

Suddenly a dung bomb hit the cabin and a horrible dungy smell hit the perfumed room. The stench was repulsive. All five girls immediately put their hands of their noses. Mary and her friends heard the sound of laughter coming from the doorway. It was little Henri (Francis' brother) and his second year friends.

Kenna muttered a spell to clear it and to bind their legs together casing them to fall. Mary, Aylee, Lola and Greer are laughing now.

"Say you're sorry or you'll stay that way" Kenna said smugly.

"We're sorry, please let us go" Henri and his friends instantly begged.

Kenna spoke the counter-curse releasing them. The second years ran off.

"Kenna the hero" Mary grinned.

They clapped while Kenna mocked bowed.

"We've arrived!" Aylee announced.

There were sitting in the main hall it had four long tables with another to the far side. The theme was the feeling of a great chateau.

House Bellefeuille, Ombrelune and Papillonlisse and Écosse (the one Mary and her friends belong to). They were sitting next to Francis, Bash, Louis de Conde, Leigh. Olivia and Delphine are further along. Professeure Delacour was standing in the middle. Suddenly the door opened wide.

The divination teacher Nostradamus was leading a group of first years. Bless them! They all looked so nervous. Mary always loved seeing the sorting at the start of the year. Francis' younger sister Cathy was among the new students. She looked so happy and excited. In the Beauxbatons the new students place their hands on an orb and the colour tells what house they will be in.

Nostradamus and the new students came to the front where the great orb lay. He turned to face them and read out a scroll.

"Welcome first years to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!" His voice boomed across the hall, "You will touch the orb and it will show us what house you will be a part of. House Bellefeuille is gold, Ombrelune is silver, Papillonlisse is purple and Écosse is turquoise"

All of the students were listening eagerly to what he had to say.

"I will read your names on this scroll and once your house is picked you will join their table"

Nostradamus began reading names out.

"Pascal le Avery" Nostradamus yelled.

A young eleven year old boy came out of the crowd. The poor thing looked so nervous. Mary remembered when she'd felt like that all those years ago. She recalled feeling as if all their eyes were on her (which they were). Pascal put his hand on the orb. A few moments passed before it turned silver, Ombrelune house went crazy with applause.

Ombrelune house went crazy with applause. The boy smiled and went to his new house.

"Madeleine Bella" he announced.

Madeleine looked very nervous as she came up to the front, poor thing was actually shaking. Mary suddenly felt very protective of her. She put her young hand on the orb and waited for it to work. It turned turquoise! Mary and every one of the table gave a hearty applause. Madeleine was beaming as she sat on the table.

After about fifteen kids it was Princess Cathy's turn. She walked up with confidence. Everyone knew that all Valois' ended up in Écosse. The whole hall was waiting for the orb to turn turquoise. But it did not, instead it ended up turning gold! The whole hall couldn't believe it. A Valois in Bellefeuille!? Cathy looked stunned herself before sitting herself on her house table in a daze.

"Her parents aren't going to be happy about this" Greer whispered.

It was true, King Henri and Queen Catherine de Medici are not going to be happy!

After the last child went to their house. Nostradamus sat down at his place on the teachers table. Professeure Delacour the headmistress stood up and smiled at them. She looked in her late forties with long blonde hair a beautiful face and a kind smile. She spoke and held herself confidently.

"Welcome students to another year at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic" Professeure Delacour said, "I hope you all had a good summer and are ready to learn. This year is special because we are hosting the Triwizard Tournament! A selection of students will be leaving in early October to go to Hogwarts School in England joined by Castelobruxo in Brazil"

"When they arrive here they will be an assembly to greet them. I will give more details then Let the feast begin"

Excitement infected all the students immediately. A tournament! It sounded very exciting to everyone. Mary has heard of both schools and has heard good things about them. Her brother James was a Gryffindor in Hogwarts completing his final year. She hoped he would be one of the visiting students.

A great feast appeared on the table Mary's stomach growled as she looked at it and dug in.

"Very dramatic" Kenna commented, "A Valois in Bellefeuille? This will be interesting"

"There hasn't been one in another house in 200-years" Lola told them.

"That does not surprise me" Aylee said.

"I feel sorry for her" Mary sympathized before she drank some of her diluted ale.

"She kind of looks at sea" Greer noticed.

Mary looked at the Bellefeuille table. She wasn't really joining in with the other first years.

"I'm sure fate has a good reason" Lola said confidently.

Francis and Bash (who were sitting next to them) were talking about the tournament.

"Are you going to apply?" Bash asked Francis.

"Of course" he smiled, "I think it's important that I do. I would love the chance to represent this school. What about you?"

"I will be putting my name forward yes" Bash grinned.

"What about you Mary?" Kenna asked, "You are easily one of the best students in the sixth year"

"Yes!" Greer agreed, "You should put your name forward"

"I don't know about that" Mary said humbly.

Her friends all agreed that she should put her name forward.

"I'll think about it" she nodded.

Should she? Mary Stuart was always up for a challenge and she'd love to win it for her school. The campion of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She would definitely think about it.

Hogwarts School

Their headmaster Professor Undercliffe was giving the chosen students a speech about the tournament. Elizabeth and Mary Tudor, Gideon Blackburn, Charles Brandon, James Stewart, Robert Dudley, Amy and thirteen others. They were all in his office waiting for what he had to say.

"You have been chosen to represent your school" Professor Undercliffe began, "I hope you understand what an honor this is. Hogwarts is great school and I trust you will NOT smear its reputation"

"No sir" they all answered.

"One of you will be picked as Hogwarts champion and I hope you will do us proud"

"Yes sir" the students answered again.

"They will arrive in early October as I told the school" Professor Undercliffe finished, "Now go"

The students left the room excited about the tournament. Elizabeth and Mary were half-sisters and Princesses of England. They were also rivals and Elizabeth dearly hoped that it would be her chosen and not her mad paranoid sister. Robert Dudley was walking towards her.

"Shall we go to the trophies room?" he winked suggestively.

At least Robert gets to go with her, she thought happily as she nodded. As they walked away Amy was giving them daggers.

James Stewart was happy that he was going to see his sister. He didn't like the idea of competing against her but he would be proud and ready to represent Hogwarts. Gideon Blackburn couldn't wait to lay eyes on the beautiful French maidens he hoped he would find there.

He told his friend Brandon as much.

"I've heard about those French girls" Charles smiled.

"Let's hope it's true" Gideon grinned causing them both to laugh.


Carman Eguilz, Alicia, Johnny Ki, Daniel, Mayte, Leon, Amanda, Kobo, Miguel, Tomas as well as other students are the chosen ones for Castelobruxo. They had just received their marching orders from the headmaster Aldemar. Carman and her friends Alicia, Johnny Ki, Daniel, Mayte and Leon. They were in the common room and it was about five in evening. Johnny Ki was playing his lute music entertaining them all.

"I am so excited I have never been to another country before" Mayte beamed.

"I heard Scotland is cold" Daniel responded dryly.

"Try very cold" Leon agreed.

"Nothing a little heating charm won't fix. You two will not rain on my parade" Mayte told them, before taking a drink.

"I agree with Mayte" Alicia said, "I see this as a new adventure"

"Hear, hear" Mayte nodded.

"I cannot wait to discover the wildlife there" Carman admitted.

Carman and Mayte are extremely good at magizoology (one of the subject that the school is known for). With the Amazon rainforest just outside, they are spoiled for choice.

"I agree" Mayte nodded.

"I think I remember seeing a book on international magical schools in the library" Alicia said, "I will get it tomorrow"

"I am looking forward to seeing a new batch of people" Daniel told them.

"By people he means girls" Leon grinned.

The others laughed as Johnny Ki joined them. He was about two years younger than them. The rest of them were seventh years.

"Amazing music" Carman complimented as the others did.

"Thank you" he said as he sat down.

"So who's going to put their name in?" Mayte asked.

"I am" Johnny Ki smiled.

"I'm not sure" Leon shared, "I've heard it's a very dangerous"

"Well I will be putting my name in" Daniel announced proudly.

"I for one will be honored to represent Castelobruxo" Carman admitted.

Kobo walked past with one his friends, Alicia blushed a little as we went up to the boy's dorm. She was so happy he was going with them…

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