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Funny Little Thing Called Love

She really doesn't like caves. And she definitely doesn't like dark, musty, smelly caves with dead bodies decaying in them. Josephine lets out a rough breath as they chain her to the wall. Savages! Stupid animals the bunch of them. She looks over at the Earth boy as they walk away fidgeting with the radio. The love struck puppy was going to get them killed. All of three of them! More importantly he was going to get her killed. Ugh, when did it all go to shit? Ah, when her dad decided to force her into their leader's body. Well that had been dumb.

"Radios don't work on this moon," he says. Josephine rolls her eyes. Silly, silly little boy. Such arrogance to think he knows anything. She has lived centuries and she barely knows anything. Silly little mortals. "How could they not know that?"

"They work in one place," she says softly, almost bored. Because she is bored. Bored of all this. One problem after another all because of these Earth pests. She drops her head to the wall and lets out a little sigh. She really hopes this won't be the place she dies in. So pathetic and sad.

"What is it," Bellamy asks.

"If they are calling him, that means he's alive," she says. Her eyes become vacant for a minute. There is an uncontrollable smile that appears on her face. She doesn't mean to be happy at the thought of him. She doesn't mean to hope. And she would give pretty much anything to not care as much as she does. Ain't love a bitch. Not for the first time she thinks that she and the mortal who refuses to give up her brain have a lot in common.

"What's the deal with you two?" The boy asks. Curious little bug. What's his game?

"What, are we gonna be friends now?" she asks. This time she turns to look at him. She really looks at him, because she will know. Josephine Lightbourne has always been good at reading people no matter which body she was in.

"Doubtful," he says. The truth. She saw that coming though. Of course they were not going to be friends. She nearly killed and was planning on actually killing the one he cherished most in the world. Josephine understands.

Yes she does understand and more importantly she is sure he would understand her. At least in part. It's because she understands that she decides to answer his question. "I've been in love with Gabriel for 236 years, the last 70 of which he's been trying to kill me," He nods. "You know, relationships." Once more she watches him with care. And she sees it. Briefly, it glimpses in his eyes just like she knew it would. Understanding. He doesn't want to, definitely wouldn't admit to it, but Josephine knows better. You either understood something or you didn't, it had nothing to do with what you wanted.

His eyes drop from her face to her hand. She frowns and follows his gaze. Her finger is tapping against the shackles. Her finger is moving and she is not the one moving it. "Morse code uh?" she asks out loud. That explained much. "She's crafty, I'll give her that," she says and to her surprise she means it. She turns her attention back to her hand to decipher the code. "B-O-O-H-O-O," she finishes with a chuckle. "That's harsh."

"She can hear us?" he asks.

Josephine debates her answer for a few seconds. First she thinks of the damage all this must be causing to her brain. Then she thinks of her admiration of Clarke Griffin, her reluctant host. She considers lying to him, but what would be the point. "It would seem so," she finally says looking at the boy once more. She can't help but think he is so…human. And humans were really funny things. Bless them they are always trying to mask their emotions and they had so many of them. It might work among themselves, but she had been alive for over 200 years, she couldn't be fooled by bravado and wishful thinking. "Which means the wall, separating our minds, it's almost gone. When that happens, she'll stroke out, I'll download, and you can say goodbye to your genocidal friend."

"Let me talk to her!"

Is he serious? She doesn't really know why she is asking herself that, because of course he is and of course she understands why. "I'll have to give up control for that, so no," she says shortly. He lets out a sigh or cry or…she isn't sure what it is, and turns away. He sits down and so does she. She hasn't slept properly since she came back to life. She has gone from one crisis to another. She is fighting a genocidal crazy mortal for control. So, yes, she is tired.

After a few moments of silence, Josephine looks over at the mortal boy. He is looking around, playing with the chains, as if he could break them out of sheer will. He sighs once more and looks to her. "What?" he asks.

Josephine rests her head against the cold wall. "My father was a fool for letting you people stay," now she is the one letting out a sigh. "All this time spend building a sanctuary for the human race, and he destroys it because of the most human thing of all…love," at the last word she turns towards him once more. He scoffs, she sees passed it. "I mean, who could blame him, I am awesome. It's just…well, one look at you and he should've known how this will end," she adds. He looks away. She knows what it means. "Love…it's a funny…weird emotion isn't it?" she asks. He doesn't answer, but she didn't expect him to. "Take you and Clarke for instance," that gets his attention, she can tell by the pull at the chains. "Your relationship didn't start off too well. You wanted her dead to save your own skin. She…well, she didn't much care if you lived or died. Then you save her life, she saves yours. Then you save her life, again and she saves yours. You bond over the burdens of leadership and hard decisions ah and who can forget, genocide," she purses her lips. He is looking at her again. So many emotions in his eyes. She is sure that if she had a light, she could read them like a book. Josephine liked books very much. She would've liked to read this one. His attention is on her even if he is keeping quiet so she goes on. "Then you leave her to die irradiated, then she leaves you to die executed…" he looks away. "It's exhausting really," she finishes.

"Tell me about it," he says.

Josephine smiles. "And yet..." she takes in a deep breath. Now she is the one looking away but she can feel his head move, so she knows he is watching her. "She would die for you," she says and looks at him. His mouth opens but no words come out. "And you? Well, let's see, your friends are in danger. Your sister is also in danger and yet here you are," Bellamy shifts uncomfortably but remains silent. "It's hard to explain how and why we fall in love. Even harder to understand why we fall for the people we fall for," she shrugs. "Like I said, love is a funny thing."

"It's not like that, we're just friends," he says.

This gets to Josephine. She laughs. She actually honest to God laughs. He looks at her, confused eyebrow lifted and head slightly tilted as if what he just said wasn't utterly ridiculous. With little effort, she gets on her knees, turning her whole body towards him. "Let me tell you a little secret Bellamy Blake. No matter what books, poems, songs and cheesy romantic movies are trying to tell you about love, it's not actually in your heart. It's in your brain. No joke," she makes a little cross with her hand on her chest, but quickly remembers the expression 'cross my heart,' is also from Earth and the guy was born in space. "Just take it from someone who has loved the same guy even though she had different hearts," she can see his jaw clench. "At the moment it so happens that I share the same brain as your girl. I have access to all her memories. All her fears and hopes. All her wants and all her emotions," she pauses for a few seconds. "So trust me when I tell you…it's exactly like that," Josephine shrugs. "At least for her."

"You're wrong," he murmurs. His voice comes out forced and shaky.

She raises her eyebrows. "No, I'm really not. She would've told you…if you hadn't betrayed her."

The words are barely out of her mouth when he spits back: "I betrayed her?" emphasizing the word I. Josephine frowns.

"Wh…well, yes, she betrayed you too, but you did it first."

"I," his tone is undignified.

She doesn't know if his was a question or a statement, but she proceeds to explain anyway. Why? She doesn't really know. Maybe because she's a romantic at heart. Maybe because she also likes drama. Or maybe because she is bored and there is nothing better to do in the humid, dark, smelly cave anyway. "Think about it wise boy," she urges. "She waited for you for over six years. She prayed to the sky every night that you are alive and safe. She talked to you on the radio every single day…do you know how many days that is? That's 2200 days, give or take. Yet she did. Every day, she would climb up a rock, a tree or a car and talk to you even though you never answered. All this because she hoped that you would find your way back to her…she hoped that once you did, maybe you could finally be together. No more war, no more decisions, no more struggles. Just Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake," she pauses to look at him. He looks like he is in pain. Good, she was with Clarke on this one. "And then you came. By some miracle, she got you back. Only…you had a girlfriend," she nearly yells. "So, yeah, like that wasn't enough, you betrayed her trust. She entrusted you with the most precious thing she's ever had and you blew it! You went for her kid," the last sentence came out strong yet barely more than a whisper. Tears were gleaming in his eyes and Josephine knew that he only now understood what he had done. "Yet she forgave you," she went on bitterly. "So like I said, love makes people crazy."

"I'm sorry," he murmurs in a broken voice that makes even Josephine Lightbourne feel his pain.

"Don't say it to me Romeo, say it to her," she says. She walks on her knees as close to him as her chains would allow. Looking up at him she says: "You know she can hear you. Like I said, the two people one brain thing could turn into a stroke and kill her at any moment. Or the buggymen could come back and kill all thee of us. So really…if there is anything you want to say to her, I suggest you do it now."

The intensity of his stare catches Josephine by surprise. It reminds her so much of Gabriel it hurts. He licks his lips just as tear falls from his eye. "I am so sorry Clarke," he says in a gruff, desperate voice. "You were the last person I ever wanted to hurt. I am really sorry."

Josephine blinks a few times. There are tears in her eyes. Tears that aren't hers. "Is that all Earth boy?" she asks.

"I…" he pauses briefly. "I won't let you die," he adds.

Josephine waits nearly a minute for him to say something else. Alas, he doesn't. "Cowered," she spits the word at him before dragging herself away. Just as she gets back to her spot, a sharp pain in her head makes her collapse to the floor. She feels like her scalp is about to crack in half. It lasts for about a minute, but to Josephine it feels like an hour. As soon as she feels able to, she pulls herself back into a sitting position and wipes the blood from her nose with her sleeve.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Bellamy asks.

She lets out a sad little laugh. "You're running out of time Romeo. If I were you, I would confess. If I had the love of my life standing in front of me right now, I would take the time to tell him I loved him one last time," she takes in a breath. "To say goodbye."

Josephine hears him starting to talk, but it's too late, the cavemen are back.


Josephine opens her eyes slowly. They feel heavy and like she has sand in them. For a second she is confused.

"Josey?" she blinks a few times. She doesn't recognize the man hovering over her, but she recognizes the nickname. "Josey?" he asks again. She smiles. Despite herself, she is happy to see him.

"Hello my love," she says in a weak voice. What happened? How did she get here? Where was here? Then she remembers. She let Clarke take over to get away from the men who were trying to decapitate them. They ran in the woods. They had been found by…Gabriel. She turns her head to her left. There he is. The knight in shining armor. Bellamy Blake. "She was right to believe in you," she says softly before turning her attention back to the man she had loved over several lifetimes. "You don't have to do this you know? You can fry her from this brain. We can be together again," she says. She has to try even though she knows it's pointless.

He smiles sadly at her. "We had our time Josey," he says and grabs her hand, giving it a firm squeeze. "This has gone on for way too long and you know it. I have to do this."

She smiles at him. "I know. I missed you," she murmurs weakly. She doesn't have much time and she knows it.

"I've missed you to Josey."

He turns around and grabs a syringe, explaining the procedure to the Earthlings. "Gabriel," she calls. Immediately he turns his attention back to her. "Keep me safe," she says, he simply nods. She stretches her arm to allow him to insert the needle in her vain. "I love you. I have loved you for centuries and I will love you forever," she says as tears start pouring from her eyes. She hates weakness, she always has, but this was different. It felt different, it felt brave.

"I love you too. Always," he says and plugs the needle in, piercing her skin.

"Goodbye my love," she gets the words out with her last breath, because really, all that's left between them is goodbye.


Bellamy did exactly what the doctor told him to do. They had done all the things they were supposed to do. Yet Clarke is lying dead on the table. Her heart isn't beating, the machine tells them as much.

"No, no, she is not dead. She can't be dead," he mumbles. He pulls his arm from his sister's grasp and gets to work performing CPR. Pump, pump, pump. "You can't die. I need you, Madi needs you," pump, pump, pump. He can vaguely hear his sister speaking but can't be bothered to even try to understand the words. "You're a fighter, so fight," he pitches her nose and blows in her mouth. As he starts pumping her chest again, he bends even lower over her body. "Please, you can't die. I…" pump, pump, pump. The tears in his eyes are blurring his vision, but he has to keep going because he cannot let her die. "I love you," he finally whispers before pinching her nose once again and blowing air into her mouth. This time when he pushes the air out, she sucks it in. He pulls a few inches away from her as she gasps, frantically trying to get as much air into her lungs as she can. Then she opens her eyes and looks straight at him and he knows. She doesn't have to say anything. He knows that it is her. Clarke Griffin. His warrior princess, his best friend, his first and last love, his…everything. He had kept that part of himself at bay for so long, but no more. No, from now on he wasn't going to hide anymore. He is in love with Clarke Griffin, and he is going to make sure she knows it every day. As soon as she stops gasping for air, she nearly throws herself at him. Her arms are weak and shaky, but he can tell she is using all her strength to pull him in as close as possible. As she pulls away slowly, reluctantly, she whispers in his ear. "I love you too," and Bellamy feels like he is going to be okay.