A vegan cooking Experiment

They are sixteen years old.

Stan was sitting on the couch of the Turner residence, eyes glued on his phone. His girlfriend has told him to sit there and wait until she would come out of the kitchen. But now she has been in the kitchen for two hours and still has not heard a word from her. He put his phone on the coffee table before him stood up and knocked on the kitchen door.


Stan could hear something falling and next Heidi's panicked voice. "Just a minute babe. I just need to do a couple more things."

Stan rolled his eyes slightly and chuckled. "Can I come in?"

"No!" Heidi said immediately in a sharp tone. "You can't come in. I'm not done yet."

"Alright fine. I go back to the couch."

"You better do." Heidi told him.

Another thirty minutes passed, and Heidi still has not come out of the kitchen. He then heard Heidi screaming following with a few cusswords.

Still sitting on the couch, he spoke loudly towards the kitchen. "Is everything alright?"

There was a pause. And then Heidi's fussed voice "Yeah. Everything is alright."

Inside the kitchen Heidi was sitting on the floor. Her hair was up in a bun. She wanted to surprise him with some vegan food after he told her he would reconsider going vegan with her. But Heidi wasn't that talented as a cook, so she kind of screwed it up. She wanted to make a vegan lasagna but has accidently burned it because she was not paying attention. After that she was trying to figure out what to do next.

Stan stood up from the couch when he saw the kitchen door open and Heidi walked out looking disappointed.

"There you are. I almost thought I have to give a Missing Person report."

Heidi crossed her arms over her chest and scoffed. "Ha-ha. Very funny."

"Just kidding. Alright let's see I want to see what you did." He walked past her in the kitchen. She could not even try to attempt to stop him.

He saw the mess Heidi made in the kitchen. Heidi now stood beside him.

He looked down to her. "So where is the food?"

Heidi looked up to him and shrugged. "One top of the stove. But don't its… bur…" Before Heidi could say more Stan already stood Infront of the stove. He took the towel away that was covering it. Revealing a baking dish. The top of it was dark brown.

"I wanted to make lasagna, but it got burned." Heidi said in disappointment.

He smirked at her. "Well sounds great."

"Great?! Are you kidding me? I wanted to surprise you. "

"It's not so bad. I mean we could scratch the burned part of and still eat it."

Heidi looked at him in a question manner. "Are you really that hungry?"

"Yes I am. And I have eaten worse. Or did you forgot how my dad tried to be a chef for a short period of time?"

Heidi scoffed and got a knife out of the drawer. She held the knife in treating manner. "Careful. Don't provoke me."

Stan held his hands up. "Woah woah. It's okay. Don't attack me."

Heidi put the knife down. "Jerk."

He wrapped his arms around her back. He softly kissed her neck, in which Heidi felt goosebumps radiating her skin. He put his lips on her right ear, his voice in a whispering tone. "Alright. Let's try it. I mean you put so much effort into it.

Heidi wriggled away and turned around to face him. She wrapped her arms around Stans neck and pecked him on the lips.

"Fine you convinced me. I scratch it away." Heidi took the knife and scratched the burned part off. After she was done. Both took a plate and sat down in the living room.

"Mm. It's pretty great." He said taking after a bite.

Heidi smiled. "Thank you." She put her head on his shoulder.

After they were done eating, they put the plates on the coffee table before them. They leaned back on the couch and snuggled up.

"Marshimellow." Stan turned his head to face her. Its was the nickname she has chosen for him. He somehow hated it. But she liked to call him that. "Yeah?".

"You know my parents will be home in an hour. And the kitchen still looks like a mess."

He shrugged his shoulders. "So?"

Heidi scoffed and wriggled away from him. She sat up in a straight position. "So? My parents freak out when they see the mess I made." She looked down at him where he still laid down comfortably. She raised an eyebrow and him and rolled her eyes.

He groaned and stood up. "Alright. Let's go clean up before your parents come home. And forbid you from seeing me."

"It wouldn't even come that far." Heidi told him in a serious voice.

"Yeah but we don't want to risk that. Do we?"

Heidi smiled up to him and stood up. She wrapped his arms around his neck and pressed her lips on his. Both of their senses were engulfed with each other. This time it was more than just a quick peck. Soon she was opening her mouth inviting him in. As the kiss deepened Heidi expressed the tinniest moan. Stan put her down on her couch with her were they continued kissing.

After two minutes Heidi pulled away both heavily breathing.

She smirked up to him where he laid on top of him. "Let's go clean up first. We can have fun later. Okay?"

He groaned in a mocking fashion. He got away from her. "Alright. Let's do this."