I should really be doing homework instead of writing this, but I just couldn't wait. I doubt they'll do something like this in the show, but it's fun to write. I hope everyone enjoys this. :D

It had been a very normal day at school. Or as normal as it could be with Lila around, lying her head off as per usual. Marinette had tried to tell her friends that Lila was indeed lying, but sadly they still refused to listen to her. Worse yet, Lila was making her out to be the bad guy, which only made Marinette's life much more difficult.

She tried to get Alya to do some research, but the reporter was being stubborn and was more focused on her Ladyblog than anything else, which felt like a big slap in the face.

Eventually, Marinette felt she was at the end of her ropes, her world was beginning to crumble down into pieces, with Lila standing on the pile, laughing at her.

"You shouldn't have opposed me, Marinette." Lila had said once after everyone else had left the classroom. "Now you're going to be alone."

Marinette didn't have anyone but Tikki on her side.

Adrien was of no help either. Marinette couldn't bring herself to talk to him because she already knew his response: "I promise, Lila will change, Marinette, just wait." It was so frustrating, it made Marinette want to scream!

On those nights when Marinette felt the lowest, she would speak to Wayzz and Tikki, the two kwamis were her solace in all of this and had offered a lot of advice, but again, it wasn't what Marinette had wanted.

"Lila will be exposed, Master. I promise." Wayzz had said. Marinette physically deflated at that. Tikki then pulled Wayzz to the other side of the room for a few moments before they returned, with the green kwami looking flustered and embarrassed with himself. No doubt Tikki had explained just how cunning and mischievous Lila was.

Marinette was at a loss for a while until Sass, the snake kwami spoke to her (Marinette tried to get to know all the kwamis by taking all of them out every night to talk and play). Sass had a knowing smile on his face as he floated in front of Marinette's face, "I understand your predicament, Master. If you would like, may I offer you some advice."

Marinette sighed and nodded, solemnly, "Sure, Sass."

"Snakes are incredible hunters. They don't possess either legs or hands but we capture our prey almost as well as cats. We slowly track down our prey and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Your problem, Master, is not exposing Lila for the liar she is, but your delivery. Like a snake, you must camouflage yourself into the environment and then strike when your opportunity when the moment arrives."

At first, Marinette didn't quite understand what Sass meant, but as she fiddled around with his words they soon became clear.

Marinette made a decision and that was to 'camouflage' herself. She no longer stood in front of Lila, but rather stayed off to the side and observed her from afar. She didn't speak to Lila or anyone about Lila and instead listened to all the lies she told.

"Jagged Stone is going to be releasing a new album soon! I'm so excited; he said he got a tone of inspiration when I saved his pet bird... Oh, yes he recently got a bird, a blue macaw! He is so cute! Sadly he got out, and I happened to have spotted him in a tree. The poor thing didn't want to leave, so I had to climb up and coax him onto my arm. With my arthritis, it was tough!"

"I'm planning on visiting Prince Ali soon! I just hope my asthma doesn't cause me any trouble, it's so humid out there, I don't want to cause a scene."

"Yes, I'm so excited, there is a summer festival in Japan, my uncle lives there and he says we can go, I'm just worried I might have a seizure from all the fireworks."

"I'm so worried about this appointment, you guys. Cancer runs in my family, what if I have it!"

All the while Marinette made mental notes and just sat by quietly. She never missed the sinister smirk Lila sent her way, like the cat that caught the canary, the little liar thought she had won the battle.

It was so cute how Lila can trick herself into believing that she's the cat and Marinette is the canary.

Every day for months, Marinette didn't say a word to Lila or about Lila, she just stayed in the crowd, allowing Lila to continue to believe she was winning the war.

But the war was going to be over before it would begin.

Finally. Freaking finally, Marinette caught her break, and she didn't have to do anything but speak the truth, throwing Lila's lies right back at her face in full force.

Revenge never tasted so good.

It was a normal day at school, or as normal as it could be with Lila around. A test was coming up and Lila had not studied. Marinette knows this because the girl raised her hand quickly and said she needed to be excused.

"I'm not feeling very good, Madam. Bustier. I was recently diagnosed with leukemia and my doctor said I needed to be extra careful if I feel sick. Please, may I be excused."

Miss Bustier was quick to nod, her eyes shine with worry, "Of course, Lila, there's no need to worry."

"Thank you!" Lila said gratefully, flashing their teacher a sugary-sweet smile before attempting to get up, she stumbles a lot, looking rather weak and defenseless, as if even a leaf landing on her foot could send her into the E.R.

The other students noticed this action and Kim was the first to stand up, "Lila, do you need help in going to the nurse's office?"

"No I don't want to bother you," Lila said, obviously enjoying the attention.

The others offered their help too.

"All of you are so kind, but I can do this by myself." Then Lila looked at Marinette and her green eyes sparkled with mischief. "Unless Marinette would like to help me."

Marinette blinked in surprise by Lila's suggestion. What was she planning?

Alya nudged her, "Why don't you help her, Marinette, she obviously needs it."

A little reluctant, Marinette stood up from her desk and went to Lila, who threw her cold arm around Marinette's shoulder and leaned all of her weight on Marinette, all the while flashing everyone another grateful smile in return. "All of you are so amazing, I can't believe I have such wonderful friends!"

They left the classroom, and as soon as the door shut, Lila immediately let go of Marinette and smirked at her. "So, I see you've finally given up, huh?"

Marinette folded her arms, "What do you mean?"

"Hah! You know what I mean, Marinette. You haven't said a word to me in months. I'm glad you finally learned your place."

Marinette rolled her eyes, "I wouldn't get too cocky if I were you, Lila. You think you've won, but this is far from over."

The Italian girl snorted and flipped her hair, "Oh, it's definitely over. Do you realize what kind of position you're in right now? I can easily put you through misery so much worse than before. And what do you mean 'cocky'? I'm only just repeating what I know. You've lost, and I've won. It's simple. Don't act like you're in charge here, I'm the one who knows how this will all end. You just better remember your place."

Marinette could feel her blood boiling but quickly schooled her emotions. Now is not the time to get upset. Now is the time to be like the snake and await her opportunity to strike. "You've been lying an awful lot, Lila. It's getting almost ridiculous."

"And everyone continues to fall for it. Whats you're point, Marinette? You might be one of the few smart ones here, but that's not saying much, now is it. I mean your so-called best friend doesn't believe a word you say, but she's willing to believe everything I say without a second thought. Alya calls herself a reporter, but she has no common sense what-so-ever!"

A vein popped up in Marinette's temple and her to squared her jaw, "Be careful what you say about my friends, Lie-la."

Lila just laughed, but that laughter soon turned to a cry of pain when Miss Bustier opened the door, looking confused, "Aren't you both supposed to be in nurse's office?"

Lila held her middle and doubled over in agony, "My stomach!"

Marinette saw her chance and spun around to their teacher in a panic, "Miss Bustier, I think you need to call the ambulance. NOW!

Lila's eyes widen in shock, her face grew pale. She tried to dismiss it, waving her hand a little, "No, no, there is no need, I'm okay, I just need to-"

"She needs medical attention ASAP. Lila has leukemia, she needs to be taken to the hospital now."

"No! I'm fine!"

But Miss Bustier nodded and rushed to grab her phone. Several minutes later, as Lila attempted, and failed to assure everyone she was fine, the paramedics arrived with a stretcher, and Lila, not wanting to be seen faking her own illness, reluctantly got on it and was taken to the hospital.

The best part, everyone told Marinette she did a great job of seeing the signs that Lila was very sick.

Oh, were they in for a treat.

School ended not long afterward and everyone quickly got a ride to the hospital to see, 'poor, sick, innocent,' Lila. They went inside where they were instructed to wait out in the lobby for the doctor to come in and update them on the news.

A few minutes passed by before Lila's doctor and mother came out to greet everyone. Marinette and her class stood up in attendance.

"How is she?" Alya asked, clearly worried, "Is Lila going to be okay? How is her leukemia?"

Marinette had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing or smiling.

The doctor and Lila's mom looked confused. The doctor, an older woman with graying hair tied in a bun, fidged with her azul glasses, "I'm not sure what you mean, from what Miss Rossi told us, she had food poisoning."

The rest of the class looked confused, minus Adrien and Marinette.

"What do you mean, Lila has leukemia. That's why she was taken into the hospital." Kim stated as of matter of factually.

Max nodded, "Yes, she also has arthritis and tinnitus, asthma and Autism-"

"Wait, where are you children getting any of this?" Mrs. Rossi asked, looking over all of them in complete bewilderment. "Lila doesn't tinnitus, or arthritis, or Autism."

"But she said she did," Myelene exclaimed with Ivan nodding beside her. "She said that Jagged Stone's pet bird was in a tree and she had to climb up to get him and it affected her arthritis."

"Yeah, and she said that in the land of Achu, she had to be careful there because her asthma would act up in the humidity," Alya added, before she pulled up a picture of Prince Ali on her phone, "You guys were staying at his palace earlier this year, remember?"

Mrs. Rossi frowns, "I don't know what on earth you're talking about. We've never traveled to Achu."

"But don't you know Prince Ali?" Rose asked, her hand pressed over her heart. "Lila said that she and Prince Ali are best friends!"

"No, we've never met the prince." Mrs. Rossi said, and looked over everyone once more, "What else has she told you?"

"That you travel a lot," Marinette finally spoke up, her voice the loudest of them all, "She said that the reason she misses school so much is that you two are always traveling. You came to Paris on Prince Ali's private jet and that Jagged Stone wrote a song about Lila. Alya, why don't you show Mrs. Rossi your interview."

Alya blinked, and Adrien looked very much like a deer caught in the headlights. He leaned close to Marinette to whisper, "Marinette, I don't think-"

But his voice was cut off by Alya replaying the interview from her phone, Lila's voice, all happy and bubbly and full of privileged, exclaiming everything for everyone in the area to hear. With each lie revealed, Mrs. Rossi's eyes widen in alarm. And the doctor looked very much uncomfortable being caught in the middle like this.

Needless to say, it was a very interesting night at the hospital.




Several things happened in the weeks following Lila's exposure.

One: Lila had to publically apologize to the entire school for lying about her diseases.

Two: Everyone in class apologized to Marinette, including Adrien.

Three: Lila switched schools after two weeks of harassment from other students. (Not in Marinette's class).

Four: Marinette spoke to Sass a lot more often after that.