Man I don't know what this is. I just think that the curtains in Lorna's bedroom in "Aces and Eights" look like Wanda's cape. Also…they're engaged here. Go figure.

Y'all know the line from Avengers.

Doth Father Know You're Wearing His Drapes?


"Read to me," said Kurt, sprawled in a rattan chair tucked into the neatly pruned expanse of the palace rose gardens, his legs over one arm and his tail swishing lazily. Wanda didn't know how he could make every limb in his body go limp like that-it didn't look comfortable-but with his eyes closed and his head tipped back he looked so peaceful she couldn't refuse him.

"Just one chapter." She glanced at the sky; dark clouds hung over the ocean, sooty purple and promising a big storm later. Gusts of wind fluttered the pages of her book. "Then we should go inside."

But she didn't even get halfway through a paragraph before the sky cracked open with a peal of thunder, rain pouring down in slate gray sheets.

Wanda immediately folded herself around her book, trying to protect it from the deluge. It wasn't easy getting new books all the way on Genosha. "My book!"

"No worries, Mien Liebe." Kurt appeared beside her and took the book and her hand, kissing her on the forehead as-BAMF-he teleported them back to their room. Or what she was beginning to think of as their room.

Water dripped to the polished steel floor as they stood at the window looking down on where they had been moments before; the rain was already beginning to flood the patio, and the rattan chairs looked ready to float away.

"It looks like a hurricane," said Wanda, already pulling away-albeit reluctantly. "I should go make sure everything is prepared for a storm-"

She was halfway across the room but-BAMF-he cut her off.

"Not so fast," he said, "you're soaking wet. We wouldn't want you to catch cold."

"I've survived far worse than a little rain," she assured him, then noticed the sly cant of his head and the mischievous light in his yellow eyes. Her mouth hung open slightly at his unashamed audacity. "You're just trying to keep me here."

"I'm just looking after your health."

She put her hands on her hips. "And what does my health need?"

"Well," BAMF "you need to take off your wet clothes, of course. Starting with this-" BAMF and her soaked cape was gone, draped over a chair to dry.

"Of course."

He teleported back to her, and she leaned in, one hand on his chest, playing along with a slightly exasperated tilt to her mouth. "How ever will I keep warm now?"

He was clearly not going to give up until she played along. He smiled, wide enough to show his pointed teeth. "Oh, well, I have a present for you."

"A present?"


He was back in an instant, this time holding the dark red curtains from the window.

"You must be joking."

"Nien." He wrapped the curtain around her shoulders and pulled her closer, mock serious. "It really is exactly like your cape. There was a discount on fabric, I suspect."

"My father is known for being thrifty."

"Ja?" His brow furrowed.

"That was a joke." She tried to resist him and be serious but the sight of him perplexed was so funny and so endearing it broke her resolve. So she tackled him back onto the bed, and kissed him until they were both tangled up in the drapery.

When they finally came up for air she tugged at the thick fabric and smiled softly. "Red is a good color on you."

He kissed her cheek, lingering with his face brushing hers; she could feel him smiling even though she couldn't see it. "Everything is a good color on me."

She laughed at that, a warm, silent vibration filling her chest, and she could feel him laughing too, his fur tickling her cheek, which made her laugh for real, and push his furry, tickly face away, which only made things worse because then he did it on purpose, brushing the lightest, tickliest kisses over her throat and shoulder until she couldn't breathe for laughing so hard.

"Stop," she gasped, shoving his face away and giving a little shiver to dispel the lingering sensation on her skin. "I mean it," she added when she saw the look on his face, and glared at him.

"Austch," he fell over onto his back with his hand on his heart. "Ich liebe dich, aber du hast mich verletzt." I love you, but you wound me. He'd taught her a little German, but this was something she knew immediately, because he said it whenever she had to leave him and he wanted her to stay.

After a moment of thought she said, suddenly, "It is the same fabric."

"Mm?" he asked, preoccupied with kissing her neck.

"I used to dress up, when I was smaller. I wanted a cape like my father's…" that was still a touchy subject sometimes. She still hadn't made amends with Magneto, and with the wedding coming up…

Kurt seemed to recognize her distress because he pulled back a little and took both of her hands in his, looking very attentive, though still playful. "You were adorable."

"You weren't even there." She chided.

He lifted one shoulder in a shrug. "I know things."

She continued, "So I would tear down the curtains and wear them like a cape; sometimes I even stole his helmet. I thought he didn't know, but then one day I got a box with this cape in it, sewn from the very same fabric of the curtains. It's sort of an inside joke now…I've never told anyone that story. The only people who know are Lorna and Pietro."

He pulled her closer, and she snuggled into his warmth. "And me."

"Yes," she said softly, tucking her head into his shoulder, "only my family."