Author's Notes: Honestly, I am sucker for rarepairs. I'm not really interested in writing popular pairings since I don't see it challenging enough to write. I'm really more interested in writing and exploring the dynamics between two most unlikely people to become a couple in a fandom. So here is a bit of Caroline x Elijah or Carolijah (?). I noticed that there aren't a lot of fics about them and when I see a potential pairing that has like 0 fics or less than 10 fics, I'm always so excited to add new content for the rare pair. Expect more of these pairing from me and some other rare pairs that I intend to introduce soon.

Caroline Forbes was turning seventeen next week.

Yet somehow she felt like she was turning forty-seven years old instead.

She felt incredibly old and tired.

She shouldn't be surprised to feel that way considering that she spend nearly an entire year trying to make ends meet to help pay for her mother's medical bills.

After Elizabeth Forbes, her mother, was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in the brain last year, Caroline's life changed drastically.

She gave up a lot of things to take care of her mother, and because of this Caroline had matured in a span of a year.

Her mother had a month left before she would succumb to her illness.

Now, Caroline was currently curled up in her bed and trying not to think about the bleak future that awaited her.

If her mother died, she had no one else left.

She would be an orphan.

And like always when she was in desperate need of comfort, Caroline traced the beautiful embroidery on the handkerchief she held in her hand.

It's been three years since the kind gentleman - Elijah - gave the handkerchief to her.

Despite that fact, Caroline still held unto the handkerchief like it was a life line.

Holding the piece of cloth always grounded her and reminded her of the handsome gentleman, even though the scent of his expensive cologne had faded and the tears that had previously soaked it had been washed away.

She didn't know how many times she had wondered where the man might be, but she still held unto the hope of seeing him again.

Caroline could only wish that there was a way to find him.

She tried to search for him before, even with the help of her mother, but she always ran into a dead end.

The only thing she knew about the man was that he was looking for his siblings and that his name was Elijah. Caroline didn't know about his family name, but the letter embroidered on the handkerchief he lent her gave Caroline an idea that Elijah's family name started with the letter 'M'.

As she lay there in her bed, Caroline suddenly had the irrational need to see him again. He had been there when she had been grieving her father's death. And now as she felt like her whole world was crumbling around her, all she could do was cling to the handkerchief he gave her and drawing every ounce of comfort from it. But it was no longer enough for her.

Caroline really needed to see and talk to him again.

She started to think about using the internet and social media to look for him.

Caroline knew that it could be done and people who would see her post might be able to share it to anyone or everyone until her message reached him.

After considering it for a while, Caroline grabbed her phone from the bedside table and decided to try this other way to search for him.

First, she took a picture of the handkerchief that he had lent her. Of course, she made certain that the picture looked pretty and it showed the beautiful embroidery in it.

Then, Caroline started writing the story of how she met the man and her hopes of seeing him again.

Once she had written her story, Caroline finally published her post it her instagram account and could only hope that she would successfully find him through this means.

Instagram Post

[Image of the Handkerchief]

Instagram Account Name: Caroline Forbes

London, United Kingdom

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I was around seven years old when my parents decided to separate. Afterward, my mother and I moved to London and start fresh. Yet despite my father's years of absence in my life, I still mourn his passing when he died of a car accident when I was still 13. The news came a bit of a shock to me and I spent most of my time crying over his death and of missed opportunities.

So one day as I was sitting outside at Biscuiteers, I ended up breaking down, where a passing stranger saw me crying. Like a perfect gentleman, he handed me his handkerchief and sat down with me for a while.

The funny thing is...I met this man before. I didn't realize it immediately, but he was the same man whom I saw when I was ten. He looked the same. It was during my birthday when I first saw him. I remembered making faces at the man to cheer him up because he looked so utterly sad and lonely all those years ago. Of course, he found my childish antics amusing at that time but I did finally made him smile. We really didn't talk, but he did surprised my mom and I when we found out that he was the one who paid for my birthday cake and probably most of everything from the store. Perhaps it was his own way for thanking me with my efforts to cheer him up.

Flash forward to three years after that day. I was 13 when I met him again when I was grieving my father's death. This time he was the one who tried to cheer me up. He told me that it will take some time for someone to recover from losing the people they care about. He also informed me that he had spent many years looking for his siblings, whom he began to suspect were long gone from this world. Yet he hadn't given up searching for them, wherein he hope to be reunited with them again someday.

That wasn't the only thing he said to me, but he also gave me advice, 'to appreciate every moment I have with the people I love', especially my mother. I have never forgotten his advice and I am grateful for listening to him...Because now, at sixteen years old, as I watch my mother slowly succumb to her condition, I realized that if I hadn't changed at all and remained as self-absorbed as I had been all those years ago, I would have come to regret a lot of things, especially if I continued to take my mother for granted.

I never saw the man again, but I kept his handkerchief with me at all times. It has always served as some kind of comfort to me. Having his handkerchief reminds me that there are still good people out there who cared about others, even though they are complete strangers.

Unfortunately, I didn't have another chance to see the man again for the last three years. I don't even know the man's complete name. The kind stranger only told me that his name is 𝐄𝐥𝐢𝐣𝐚𝐡.

That's why I'm posting this out there with the hopes of finding this gentleman. I want to thank him for his kindness and to finally return the handkerchief he lent me.

So to those who are reading this post, I am in desperate need of your help. Please...if you know this man, kindly tell him that I'm looking for him...and tell him that I will be waiting for him in the same place we first met.

And I'll be waiting for him for as long as it takes...

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Laura Davidson: Girl, I suspect you had a crush on this man after you met him the second time and now it looks like you are halfway in love with him. Although perhaps in-love with the idea of a perfect gentleman.

Darcy Lewis: #Always&ForeverWaitingForYou #NotGivingUp #IWantAReunion OMGee...Your tags are seriously giving me the 'Girl-Waiting-For-Prince-Charming' vibes. I feel you girl. But you really need to lower down your expectation. This gentleman you are looking for might be the next Count Dracula instead of a Prince Charming for all we know.

Klaus Mikaelson: This sounds like my noble brother Elijah.

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