Ruby sat on her bed on a Friday night, going through her new designs that she made for some pistols. She knew that she was not that great in unarmed combat and when it came to close combat her scythe would not always cut it. So by having pistols, she could push the enemy back if it came close and she would use her kicks as her unarmed combat. She also had the idea of getting a new outfit, since her dress did not allow her to have much flexibility.

There was one thing that Ruby was having a problem with and it had nothing to do with her combat skills, it was her team. For the past few weeks, they had been ditching her, neglecting her, and ignoring her at the same damn time. Every time they did it was because they were going out to parties and things that Ruby was too young for. She found it kind of hypocritical, considering they were only 17 and they were too young to drink as well.

It had been three hours since Ruby and her team had departed from their last class. Ruby had gone back to the room and her teammates had said they were gonna be right there. Well, three hours later and still nothing but it had given Ruby time to work on her designs and think about things. Her hair was growing long but she liked it and was going to stick with it. She also decided that as leader, she had to be calmer about things and not get fired up when things went bad. Ruby could have her childish tendencies, but it didn't mean she wasn't going to mature.

Just then the door opened and in came her teammates who were chatting amongst themselves. They seemed excited about something, so maybe they had just gotten some good news? Still what took them three hours to do? Ruby put her designs away as she wanted to keep them secret and walked up to her teammates with an annoyed look.

"Guys! Where have you been? We split up three hours ago!" Ruby said in an irritated manner.

"Oh has it been that long? Sorry Ruby we must have lost track of time." Blake said though Ruby didn't really buy that apology.

"For THREE hours?" Ruby asked skeptically.

"…We REALLY lost track of time." Blake said holding her hands up in defense, really wanting Ruby to drop the matter. Ruby rolled her eyes and let it go.

"Ok fine you guys forgot whatever. Now that you are all back, what do you wanna do?" Ruby asked calmly.

"Actually Ruby, the three of us are going to head over to Team JNPR for a few hours. Just the three of us." Yang said with no regret at all.

"Wait…you are saying that I can't come to?" Ruby asked with a hint of sadness in her voice, and she already knew what the answer was.

"Sorry Ruby, but we are doing things that you are too young for." Yang apologized to her sister but she didn't really sound apologetic.

"That isn't fair though! Just because I am two years younger than you guys should not mean that I am not allowed to come! I'm the team leader after all." Ruby said getting more and more upset.

"Well, excuse us for wanting some time away from you for a change! Honestly, you are too much to take sometimes." Weiss said with a glare.

'Ok your opinion does not really matter to me Weiss.' Ruby thought, she knew she shouldn't think like that since Weiss was her partner, but the girl's attitude was terrible. Just then Blake spoke up.

"She has a point Ruby; we spend time with you all the time and we just need a break." Blake said but Ruby responded quickly.

"That's only during school though. Yes, we have classes together because we are a team and there is nothing we can do about that. After the classes though you guys just go out to Vale or do something else without me!" Ruby said to them trying to get them to see her point.

"That was just a few times, Ruby. Besides, Nora got her hands on alcohol! There is no way we can miss this!" Yang said with a smile on her face.

'How the hell does Nora pull of these kinds of things?' Ruby thought but just shook her head.

"In case you geniuses have forgot, you have to be 21 to drink! So, what is gonna happen to you if you get caught? Also, how are you going to get into a club at your age?" Ruby asked them and she was generally curious. Though she had to be honest she didn't want Yang going to a club considering she wrecked the one in Vale…

"We can pass for that age! You can't though with your small stature and your high pitched voice." Yang said as she really wanted Ruby to get over it.

"I am not high pitched!" Ruby said as her voice cracked, 'Dammit' she thought.

"My point exactly." Yang said as they started to head out the door to Team JNPR's room. "Later Ruby! We will be back later tonight!"

"But…!" Ruby tried to say, only to have the door slammed in her face and her team had left her alone again. She heard Team JNPR outside, happy to welcome her team in and shutting the door. Once again, Ruby was in her dorm room alone on a Friday night with nothing to do. To be honest this had been happening a lot in the last few weeks, they would go to class and when the weekend came around Ruby was neglected by her teammates.

Usually, the activities the other girls partook in were parties or clubs and JNPR, SSSN, and sometimes CFVY would be apart of it. And of course, Ruby was never invited because of her age which she understood she was only 15. She wouldn't mind if they did it occasionally, but it was every week with this. If she were being honest, it did hurt a bit since every time they went out Ruby would be alone all night until she went to sleep.

She understood that her teammates wanted some free time to themselves due to the fact that they were more mature than Ruby. After all her idea of a good time was just playing video games or board games, you know just hanging out. Ruby was trying to be more mature, which is why she would not cry about this or get angry about it. There were a lot of possibilities out there when it came to doing stuff on a Friday night, but Ruby was not at the age for it or interested in it.

The real problem was that outside of the people she talked to, Ruby didn't really have any other friends. Team JNPR was nice to her when they needed to be, but she could tell that they preferred the other three more than her. With team SSSN it was really only Sun and Neptune that joined them and they were only there for Blake and Weiss. Ruby chuckled at that, she wondered when Blake was gonna let Sun take her out or when Neptune would finally recognize Weiss. As for CFVY, it was really only Coco that mattered since she and Yang were party animals.

This led Ruby to the realization that she didn't have any friends that liked her for her, instead it was only because she was on a team with Weiss, Blake, and her sister Yang. So here she was, a lonely weird kid who nobody liked because she was young and had a strong liking to weapons. She had to admit, it hurt but the more she thought about it a question came to her mind. 'So what?' she thought.

"So what if people don't like me for who I am? Why should I have to change who I am because of people's perception of me? It didn't seem to matter when I stopped Torchwick that night, nor did Professor Ozpin seem to care about my personality in that interrogation room. I came here to be a huntress, not to be the girl that everyone likes and that is what I am to do. They can have a problem with me if they want, I am never changing." Ruby said with a confident smile.

With that being settled, Ruby decided to go to the library to study for a bit. Doctor Oobleck's test was coming up and Ruby had to go through the recordings she made of his lectures. She liked the professor but by God would it kill the man to slow down when he is talking? It was impossible to take notes during his class because no one could follow his speed. She really was considering talking to Professor Ozpin about banning Oobleck from getting coffee.

Ruby grabbed her stuff and was proceeding to the library when she heard something come from across the hall. It was laughter, and from the sound of it, it was coming from Yang and the others. She went to the doorway and listened closer to hear what they were laughing about. Nothing could prepare her for what was gonna come out of Yang's mouth though.

"So this is what happened when Ruby first discovered her semblance! She was speeding out of control and could not recover and sped out of her clothes and was left in nothing but her underwear!" Yang said laughing and the others laughed as well. Ruby was not laughing though, in fact her mouth dropped open and she blushed embarrassedly.

'Really? She really just told him that? What did I do to you Yang?' Ruby thought as she pulled out her scroll and hit the record button. She was sure the others had something to say about her too.

"Oh my God, I wish I could have seen that!" Weiss laughed.

'Oh of course the Ice Queen gets a sense of humor when an embarrassing story of Ruby is told.' Ruby thought as she rolled her eyes.

"I know right! I was gonna try and take some pictures but she sped back into the house before I could get any. Lucky for her too, they would have made a lot of people laugh in our online group back at Signal." Yang said laughing.

'Oh yeah you definitely could have done that. Then I would have posted online that a guy has never called you back and only makes out with you for one day." Ruby thought in a vengeful sense, Yang had never been good with dating.

"That is hilarious! What else can you tell us?" Nora said.

'Not a damn thing, mind your business.' Ruby said as she hoped Yang would stop telling stories about her. Of course that was not happening though as Yang continued talking.

"I could tell you a lot of things but when the more I think about it, it really is sad. Ruby doesn't really have friends outside of us and back at Signal was a real friend to her. Because of this, I had to keep cancelling plans with my friends to hang out with her, making sure that she wasn't left out." Yang said in exasperation as she recalled having to care for Ruby.

'No one told you to do that. Plus where is all that big sister crap you always spit?' Ruby thought as she heard what Yang said. She was grateful that Yang did that, but she never asked her to do it, Yang did it because she wanted to. So how was that Ruby's fault?

"That must have been hard, I am sorry Yang. To be honest I have no idea how you do it! That dolt and I are practically stuck together both in class and out of class thanks to Ozpin making me her partner. Every day it is her being annoying as hell with her constant whining and her demanding we be BFFs as she calls it." Weiss said as she vented her frustrations.

'WOW…it is really like that huh? Also, believe me I was not happy with the partner arrangement either but it is what it is. And yeah I want us to be close because we are partners but you clearly have a problem with that so screw it.' Ruby thought in anger as she kept listening and her scroll kept recording.

"I hear you; I can't count all the times I was trying to read and get some peace and quiet, only to have her come along and ruin it. I always need to go to the library or somewhere outside to get away from her so I can enjoy my books in peace." Blake said in annoyance.

'Ok Miss Emo well I am sorry for trying to get to know you better, and to be honest you read enough books. I really wonder what Sun sees in you.' Ruby thought as she kept listening.

"Trust me when I say that I have it the worse out of all of you. When Dad started working at Signal, I was stuck with her all day every day. I have lost count of the times that I had to cancel my plans with my friends because Ruby was too shy to make any friends of her own. It was so freaking annoying…" Yang said in an annoyed tone.

'Oh were they gonna help you trash some night clubs?' Ruby thought with a roll of her eyes.

"But weren't you originally happy that Ruby came to Beacon with you?" Pyrrha asked Yang and Yang responded.

"Originally yes, but then I realized that I was going to be stuck with her again and it only got worse when we were put on the same team. I would have been fine with two years of her not being around me. If you ask me, she should have waited two years before coming to Beacon so she could mature a little bit before getting accepted here. I really do not know what Ozpin was thinking with letting Ruby in early." Yang said honestly.

'Um, maybe it is because I stopped a crime happening while you went to a nightclub and actually committed one?' Ruby thought in her head, she didn't care about Yang's opinion though especially now.

"You have a point though Yang. Look I will be the first one to admit that I am not the best student here, but even Ruby's attitude can kind of be annoying sometimes." Jaune said in agreeance with the others.

'Oh the absolute NERVE. The AUDACITY! This coming from the moron who will not take the hint that Weiss wants nothing to do with him or that Pyrrha likes him for some God unknown reason. Also, who got their ass handed to them by Cardin Winchester's pathetic self?' Ruby thought as she was considering busting down the door and beating Jaune up.

"If you replace 'sometimes' with all the time then I would agree with you Jaune." Weiss said in agreeance.

'Yeah Weiss it is just like your bitchiness but to be honest that is worse and is the reason Neptune never calls you back.' Ruby thought sourly.

"She is a bit incapable of fighting especially without Crescent Rose." Pyrrha said as she was partaking in the Ruby beat up game.

'Dammit I am working on it! Sorry I cannot be a tournament champion like you Pyrrha. At least Jaune doesn't put me in the friendzone…' Ruby thought as she chuckled a bit.

"Yeah I mean she is pretty much useless without it considering she does not really fight with hand to hand combat." Nora snorted.

'Just like you are useless without caffeine, pretty much yeah.' Ruby rolled her eyes; she didn't really care about Nora's opinion because she really acted like a crazy person all the time.

"I have seen her attempt hand-to-hand combat before, let's just say it is not exactly what I would call adequate." Ren said.

'Well ninja boy it is definitely more adequate than your attention skills when it comes to classes.' Ruby thought in fury. These were her friends? Apparently not since they all were roasting her like she was nothing. Also, she was fifteen wasn't she allowed to have faults and overcome them? She guessed not since her teammates and sister team treated them like they were going to cause the end of the world. Just then Yang spoke up.

"Hey guys I just remembered! I got a message earlier this week from Velvet saying that Coco and her team were having a party at a new club in Vale! Even some third years will show up, we have to go!" Yang said excitedly.

'Ok this clearly does not involve me so I am just gonna go back to the room' Ruby said as she hit the record button on her scroll ending the recording. She walked back to her room and shut the door, afterwards she heard the others getting out of JNPR's room and heading to Vale most likely. Ruby just sat at her desk and put her head in her hands. She wanted to cry, but she told herself she had to be strong otherwise she would be proving them right.

"I can't believe I really thought they were my friends. I mean, what the hell did I do to them? Yeah Weiss I am friendly with people, I'm not some spoiled little brat who thinks she is better than everyone else. Yeah Blake, I wanna try to be friends with you despite you being anti-social emo, sue me! I think Yang betrayed me the most, how many times did I hold you when you cried about some boy or some other stupid thing? Guess it never mattered huh?" Ruby said aloud as she leaned back in her chair.

After 10 minutes of moping around, Ruby finally decided to do something about it. She grabbed her scroll and went onto a combat clothing website that she found and bought the outfit she was thinking of. It was composed of black cargo pants, a black shirt and black jacket that she could zip up if she wanted to. She would attach the hood onto the back when she got it, after all the hood was never going anywhere. As for her pistol idea she would wait until later to go into the weapons room and start working on it. For now, she really wanted to shoot something so she went to her locker and grabbed Crescent Rose.

'Hey there buddy, guess it really is just you and me. Oh well, it always has been and look how far we have come.' Ruby thought with a smile as she grabbed it and went to Beacon's shooting range. When she got there, she found a lane open and hit the button to bring out the targets. When the targets came she imagined them as the faces of her former friends and let the bullets fly. By God she hit every one on the bullseye and didn't let up. She could have taken her anger out by crying or yelling at the others, but she decided that this was a better use of her time.

While Ruby was hitting headshot after headshot, some students around her were watching her in amazement. They all could not believe that this little girl was shooting like a hired hitman, she really wasn't missing anything!

"Hey who is that girl? Is she a student here? She looks so young…" A third year said as he watched Ruby keep getting kill shots.

"That is Ruby Rose, the student that was accepted two years early by Ozpin." Another third year responded.

"Well I can definitely see why; she keeps hitting shot after shot! But where is her team though? Shouldn't she be with them?" The third year asked.

"Who knows? Maybe they ditched and she decided to come here, I mean I have heard that she is a sugar freak that is obsessed with weapons. It must be hard for them to be around her all the time." The other third year agreed, and the group nodded.

Ruby got a perfect score and set the record at the gun range, to which she smiled and turned Crescent Rose back into its' carrying form. She then walked out and saw a group of students gawking at her, probably because of the score.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know I was hogging the spot for too long. It's all yours!" She said happily as she made her way to the weapons creation room. The others just looked at her in amazement still, for someone who was supposed to be very annoying she sure was cheerful.

Ruby got to the weapons room and immediately began to work, it was gonna take a while since she had to figure out a way to differentiate the sniper rifle to a pair of twin pistols. Crescent Rose was soon going to be a 3 in 1, so if she wasn't careful the whole thing would fall apart. She got out her designs she made on her scroll and began rearranging. It took her about 2 and a half hours until she finally got it to work! Now she can practice with her dual pistols taking the place of her unarmed combat. She looked at the time and saw that it was nearly 11 PM and decided that it was time to hit the bed.

She got out of the room and the door locked, and Ruby made her way back to her dorm only to run into someone and have papers scatter across the hall.

"Oh crap I am sorry! Here let me help – Professor Goodwitch?" Ruby said in curious to why the woman was patrolling the halls on a Friday evening. Even so she leaned down and grabbed the woman's papers that had scattered across the hallway and gave them back to her. Glynda took the papers back and looked at her young student with a curious look on her face. The girl looked tired and her eyes showed that was upset about something. She also wondered why she was not with her teammates…

"Miss Rose what have you been up to? And why do you smell like gears and oil?" Glynda could not help but ask. Ruby was weirded out that Professor Goodwitch wanted to know about her whereabouts as the woman was not one to care about anything that happened outside of combat class. Naturally she responded.

"Oh just went to the shooting range and went to the weapons making room to conjure up something new. Why is there a problem?" Ruby asked her teacher and Glynda could tell the girl just wanted to go back to her room.

"Oh no Miss Rose there is nothing wrong but I did want to ask you something. Have you seen any of your teammates or team JNPR? I noticed that their room was empty as the door was open, I get that students are most likely in Vale doing whatever it is young people do but I have noticed a lot of first and second years not on campus. Do you know what that is about?" Glynda had asked Ruby who was screaming in her head.

'Oh those idiots! The party they went to that was held by Coco was probably kept a secret by her and her team, since if the professors found out they would shut it down. Oh great if they found out now everyone is screwed, yeah I may hate them now but if they get expelled I would have to leave Beacon!' Ruby said in her mind as she rolled her eyes and soon responded to Professor Goodwitch.

"Sorry Professor, I honestly have no idea. I haven't seen them since classes ended this afternoon, so I don't know where they are." Ruby said to the Professor who noticed they eye roll Ruby gave at her question. This led her to believe that something happened between her and her teammates.

"Thank you Miss Rose, but I must ask is everything alright with you? You seem upset about something." Glynda asked Ruby who really did not want to talk about this right now, she just wanted to go to bed.

"I'm not upset about anything Professor Goodwitch I guess I am only tired. So if there is not anything else, I think I will be going to bed now. Goodnight Professor!" Ruby said cheerfully as she continued her way to the dorm, feeling a bit guilty on how she blew off Goodwitch like that but she really didn't want to get into what happened with her team.

"Alright goodnight Ruby…" Glynda said as it was obvious the girl was lying about not being upset. If she had to guess something happened with her team which is why she was not with them. She really hoped that Weiss Schnee didn't give Ruby attitude again, enough was enough.

'That is weird, I do not think Professor Goodwitch has ever called me by my first name before…' Ruby thought as she opened the door to her dorm. She grabbed her pajamas and went to take a shower. With the water running down her body, she thought of what her teammates and JNPR were doing. Probably still at that party having fun without her. It was none of her business anymore though, seeing as though none of them were her friends now.

'I only hope that Yang does not wreck this club as well, the last thing I wanna go do is bail her out.' Ruby thought as she got out of the shower, wiped herself off, put on her pajamas and got in bed. Before she fell asleep though she watched some videos of video game characters who used guns in their combat. Red Hood in Injustice 2 gave her some ideas, using the guns as extensions of your fists and even doing parries with them. She would try them out tomorrow, but for now she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

In the halls, one could hear the return of the remainder of Team RWBY and all of Team JNPR. They looked very ragged and tired but you could tell they had a good time at Coco's party. The group was conversing about what had happened at the party when a guy who looked like a third year came up to them.

"Hey you guys are team RWBY right? Your leader is awesome! She got the high score at the shooting range, hit every bullseye and every target that came out! I can see why you guys are a top team, and why she got here so early." He said while smiling and continued on his way. The group was shocked though, Ruby had gotten the highest score at the shooting range?

"I…I knew Ruby was good but I didn't know she was THAT good." Ren said in amazement.

"I wish she could be as good as that when it comes to unarmed combat or people skills." Weiss mentioned and the others agreed.

"Anyway thanks for letting us know about the party guys, it will be something that will be talked about forever." Jaune said with a smile.

"It is a shame Ruby couldn't come with us; she probably would have loved it." Pyrrha said with sympathy for the young redhead.

"Sorry I couldn't bring her but she is too young and Coco didn't want anyone to spoil her party! Ruby will understand. Well see you guys tomorrow!" Yang said as the groups went their separate ways, though Yang was very unaware of how wrong she was about Ruby.

WBY got inside their dorm and saw Ruby asleep in her bunk, they would have to congratulate her on the high score in the morning but for now it was time for bed. Little did they know though, that in the morning they would meet a different Ruby Rose. A new Ruby Rose, one they may dislike more than the current one.

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