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The Dangers Of Goats and Innocence.
Close Encounters, Of The Goat Kind.

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The night was quiet and still. The sound of crickets chirping sung throughout the forest. The neighboring village was sound asleep, save for a little nine year old girl, who had managed to climb her way on top of a hut, and was staring up at the stars. She quietly sang and hummed songs to herself, about a great demon lord, who she was hopping would return to her soon. Then a sparkle in the night sky caught her attention. The sparkle shone bright, brighter than all the other stars, and it was getting bigger. Her big round eyes, stared back in wonder as the sparkle turned into a firrey silver ball, hurdling towards the ground at blinding speed. The fiery ball crashed into the nearby forest, and as the glow from the forest faded, the night went silent, once again.

Deep in the forest, the glowing silver orb lay still, in the indention it made on the ground. The metal it was made of, still glow a hot red from its decent from the sky. Then slowly, a doorway opened on the side of the orb, and a small shadow leapt out from the orb. It made strange clicking sounds, as it looked around the area. Then, as quickly as it appeared, it bolted, vanishing into the forest.

The next morning Rin had told the entire village her story. About a giant silver ball of fire from the stars, flying across the night sky, crashing into the forest. The villagers, use to hearing her tell stories like this, merely thanked her for such an amusing story, and went on with their day. She had, however convinced a certain Hanyo to go investigate with her.

"C'mon Lord Inuyasha! Over here!"

"Im commin, Im Commin. You sure you saw this thing kid, and you didn't dream it?"

"No, Rin saw it! She really did!"

Rin pulled Inuyasha along as they ventured deeper into the forest. They finally came upon a large clearing. The ground burned, the tress destroyed, and in the center, a large hole in the ground. Rin shouted an AHA! and ran for the center of the clearing, Inuyasha right on her heels.

"Well, I'll be dammed Kid."

"Rin told you! But...where is the sparkly part?"

Rin looked around the clearing for the giant silver ball that was on fire, but there was nothing. Rin looked up to Inuyasha who was scanning the area as well. He looked down at her and she frowned.

"There was a giant silver ball...there was, really."

"I believe yah kid." Inuyasha pat Rin on the head as she giggled.

"Maybe it was destroyed when it hit the ground, yah know, comming from the sky and all." Inuyasha grinned down at her.

"Yeah, probably."

Rin pouted as she started at the giant hole in the ground. She really wanted to see it up close. Inuyasha pat her on the head again.

"Well, we found it, lets head back to the village. I'm sure every one will want to hear about this. Plus its almost time for lunch and I'm starving."

"Oh yes! Lets head back! Rin needs to tell everyone!" Rin cheered.

Rin took off like a bullet back towards the village, Inuyasha running to keep up with her. unbeknownst to them, two big yellow eyes peered out from behind thick bushes, watching them as they made their way back through the forest. The eyes blinked, before vanishing back into the bushes.

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