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Sesshomaru couldn't believe it, there standing in front of him, after all these years. Sesshomaru couldn't help himself as he knelt in front of his old friend and embraced him in a hug. He was bigger than he remembered. Sesshomaru pulled away from the hug, and looked into his old friends eyes.

"It's good to see you again. How have you been?...Where have you been?"

"It is good to see you again too, Sesshomaru. I have been well, I traveled to the far reaches of the stars and back."

That's right, Fluffy came from the stars, he even vaguely remembers being on his ship, higher in the sky than he could ever hope to reach himself.

"That's right, you live among the stars, I had forgotten."

"Correct, I believe even after all these years that have past, that would still be a shock to earthlings."

"Hnn. It is. What exactly has brought you back? I assume it was not for the sake of visiting me."

Fluffy closed his eyes, and shook his head sadly.

"You are unfortunately correct. While it is wonderful to have seen you again, my purpose for retuning is to pursue a thief."

"A thief? Someone stole something from you?"

"From our ship actually. A map."

Sesshomaru furrowed his brows and frowned.

"Why a map?"

"It charts the entirety of this galaxy, among four others. It is very important."

Sesshomaru still didn't exactly understand what a galaxy was, but it sounds like it whoever had this map, had the blueprints to entire kingdoms. It didn't sound good.

"Is there anyway I could help?"

Fluffly cocked his head to the side in thought.

"Actually, yes, you could be of great assistance. I am unfamiliar with this land, a guide would be most helpful. Perhaps your father could be of help as well, I am sure he would love to see evil again. Where is he?"

Sesshomarus face fell and his shoulders slumped. Fluffy wondered what he had said wrong.

"Father longer with us. He died a long time ago."

"Ah, I see. I am sorry."

Fluffy pressed his head up against Sesshomarus chest, and Sesshomaru hugged him again.

"Lord Sesshomaru!"

Sesshomaru turned to see Rin running right for him, wearing her new kimono. Sesshomaru stood as she ran up to him, she held her arms out and did a little twirl giggling.

"It looks good on you, Rin."

Rin cheered and began to spin around again, she then noticed the black goat standing next to Sesshomaru. Her eyes sparkled.

"Oh wow! What a pretty goat!"

She rushed over and began to pet him before Sesshomaru could stop her, Fluffy didn't seem to mind. He gently butted her head against hers and she laughed again.

"Oi, there you are, we though you up and left."

Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku came strolling up to him, with Jaken trailing behind them grumbling. Inuyasha eyes fell to Rin, and his eye brows raised.

"What's with the goat? You get her a pet too?"

"Inuyasha, Rin, this is Fluffy. Hes an old friend from my childhood who lives among the stars. He says hes come back to pursue a thief and I intend to help him."

Inuyasha and the others just looked at Sesshomaru like he grew a second head, Rin eyes simply grew big and sparkled.

"Nice to meet you Fluffy! I'm Rin! Woooow you live with the stars!? That's so cool!" Rin gushed.

"Y-your being serious?" Inuyasha asked, completely flabbergasted.

"I am."

"...His name is Fluffy?" Miroku asked.

"...I was five when we met, I named him."

"Ah, that makes since then. He is quite Fluffy." Sango added.

"Well, any ally of Lord Sesshomarus, is an ally of mine! Its nice to meet you Fluffy!" Jaken stated, with a curt bow to the goat.

"Yeah, well, I guess, nice to meet you." Inuyasha quipped in.

Everyone stared at the goat, expecting a lordly, dignified greeting to all of his new ally/friends. Fluffy stared back at them, with big, black eyes, leaned his head back, and opened his mouth.


Everyone went silent, and just stared at the goat, then slowly, they turned their gaze to Sesshomaru, who began to shift uncomfortably.

"Stop messing around Fluffy...just greet them and be done with it."


Fluffy butted his head against Rin again and began to nibble on her hair. Rin giggled in response and began to pet him again.

Inuyasha and his friends, shot worried glances from the goat, back to Sesshomaru, then to each other.

"Hey uh...You didn't happen to hit your head, did you?" Inuyasha asked worriedly.

"No, I did not."

"And...your sure he can talk?"

"We just spoke moments before your arrival."

"Uh huh, ok."

"Are you suggesting that I am lying?" Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes.

"Wha- No, nooo, of course not." Inuyasha held his hands up, taking a step back.

"Rin believes Lord Sesshomaru! Its ok Fluffy, you don't have to talk if you don't want to." Rin said cheerfully.

Fluffly ran his tongue across Rin cheek and she giggled again. Yes, Fluffy liked this child. She reminds him of Sesshomaru when he was younger.

"Oh! Lord Sesshomaru said Fluffy came from the stars, right!?"

Sesshomaru felt more worried glances fall on him.

"Yes, Rin. Fluffy lives among the stars."

"Do you think he came here on that giant silver ball Rin saw last night!?"

Sesshomarus eyes widened a bit, and unbeknownst to everyone else, so did Fluffys.

"A silver ball you say?" Sesshomaru asked.

"U huh! Rin saw a fiery silver ball come from the sky last night! It crashed in the forest! Lord Inuyasha and Rin went to go find it, but we only found where it crashed, the big ball was gone."

"I see."

Sesshomarus attention was drawn away however, when Fluffy turned and started to walk off towards the forest. Everyone stared at him as he trotted way, he then stopped and turned to look at Sesshomaru.


"...I right back."

Sesshomaru leapt over to Fluffy in one giant leap, and knelt down next to him, he could feel eyes burning onto the back of his head.

"I believe we might have found the thief." Fluffy whispered softly.

"No, hold on. What was that back there!? Why didn't you speak? They must all think me delusional now."

"I do not wish to expose myself just yet, Sesshomaru. This is a secret mission after all. I do apologize." Fluffy whispered back calmly.

Sesshomaru groaned and rubbed his forehead. Fine. He'll play it Fluffys way, for now. He's still a childhood friend who needs his help.

"Alright, so I'm assuming we go and find this, what I assume to be, thieves ship?"

"Correct. Ask the girl to join us, she knows the way. You two seem rather close, is she your child?"

"Her parents died, I took over protecting her."

"That is kind. Come, retrieve the child and lets be off."

Nodding, Sesshomaru stood, and turned to the group, they were still staring at him, save for Rin, and Jaken appeared to be crying. This was going to be hell to explain later.