Nico POV:

I sat down, tired. I'd had a long day. Between Percy yelling at me for almost killing Annabeth, and my friends not talking to him, it had been crappy. I didn't know why Percy was angry. It was Annbeth who suggested they spar blindfolded. But Percy never blamed Annabeth. She was his Princess. I sighed and locked his door. Then I pulled out an orb. I was given it three months ago by Hecate, told that if I ever got tired of this life, he could just drop it. I didn't think she meant death, but it wasn like it mattered. Leo came in. The only person other than Will who wasn't ignoring me. But even Will was busy. He pulled an identical orb out of his pocket. I understood.

"Are you sure Nico?"

"Yes. Everyone hates me."

"Let's wait one more day."

I nodded.

The next day was worse. Percy and the others were still mad at me. I heard more then one camper calling me a danger to society. I tried IMing Reyna, but she just sighed and cut through the call. I was angry and furious. Me and Leo met up near the Poseidon cabin, since from there we could have a wide open space in case we needed to do anything. Just as we were grouping up, I heard a voice from inside the Poseidon cabin. But it wasn't Percy's it sounded weirdly like… Jason?

We walked around to listen in.

"...awful." finished Jason.

"I know." Reyna. "Leo thinks he's special just cause he's a member of the seven. Like, ugh. He can be so thoughtless. Like, just because you never had trauma, doesn't mean you can tease about someone else's. And Nico!" she laughed. I saw Leo clenching his hands. "Nico is a danger to the camp."

I pulled out the orb. I saw Leo do the same thing. We threw it down in unison, the blueish-bloody light covered us. I screamed in pain, as did Leo. We disappeared.

Percy POV:

I jerked awake as I heard two blood curdling screams. The air was thick with the scent of magic, which is hard to describe. It's like, you never know what it is, but the second you smell it, you know that that is the scent of magic. The screams were coming from right outside my cabin door. Most things won't wake me up, but I recognized Nico's scream. I had trained myself to get up if a loved one screamed.

Anyway, I ran to the door, while pulling on armour and unsheathing Riptide. I opened the door, and saw… Nothing. All the other cabins had doors open, some people were running out in armor, others in PJs. I saw nothing but two human sized chunks of blueish-bloody light. I gasped. I saw Annabeth come over from the Athena cabin.

"Was that-"

"Nico? I think so."

"Who was the second?"

"I dunno." The second voice had sounded familiar, but new at the same time.

Jason and Reyna came over. Reyna was here to help with Nico's half birthday, which we had decided to do to cheer him up. Jason looked at us blearily. "Whosdat?"

"Nico and unknown."

Reyna's eyes flew up. "Nico! You don't suppose he killed himself. I mean, I know we've been ignoring him but planning a surprise party takes time and, and, and…"

"Calm down Rey. Let's call the others to a meeting in the Poseidon cabin." said Annabeth calmly. She meant the other party planners, I assumed.

Five minutes later we were all in my cabin, except for Leo. "Where's Leo?" I asked.

"Gone." said Piper shortly.

I raised my hand to my mouth. "Was he the second voice?"

The others looked at eachother. The evidence added up.

Piper choked out a sob. We all looked at eachother.

"We have to find them." said Will sharply.

"What if-" Annabeth couldn't finish her sentence.

Will, however, shook his head. "If they were, there would still be bodies. Most likely Neeks shadow traveled them out."

They nodded. It was the best answer they had.

Hecate POV:

I looked at the two now five and seven year old bodies of Nico and Leo in front of me and waved my hand. "Back ten years. To the Weasleys. Live, Love, Laugh, Learn, Fight."

The two bodies shimmered and disappeared.