This is a fanfiction from light novel series, "The Case Files of Jeweller Richard", written by Tsujimura Nanako. Of course, I would make fanfiction since they like to tease us and not give us romantic parts. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback in the comments!

This will take place after they were at a jewelry store together, when the jeweler thought they were getting married.

Main characters in the fanfic: Richard Ranasinghe de Vulpian and Seigi Nakata (as in "I)

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When Richard took my wrist and pulled me out of the jewelry store, I was dumbfounded. I had no clue why he was so upset with me, he was the one who agreed to come in the store with me.

He kept on pulling me along until we reached his car outside, his green car was parked very carefully in a parking spot, inches away from each car on the side of his.

"Get in the car!" He snapped at me. I haven't noticed but was Richard's face always this red when he was angry? It seems like I really did it this time.

Without saying another word, I sat inside the passenger seat. Getting ready for a lecture from Richard but to my surprise he didn't say a word to me. Not until we started driving at least.

"Honestly, you need to think before you do stuff. Karma is going to come right back at you." As Richard bit down on his bottom lip as he curled his car out of the parking district.

What the hell? I don't even know why he was so mad! I was just trying to find out more about diamonds! "If you didn't want to come with me. Why didn't you just say no?! I thought you wanted me to learn more about diamonds!"

Richard pulled over on the side of the road, right in front of an apartment complex. I wasn't too sure if this was his place but it sure did look fancy enough for his taste.

As he put two index fingers between his nose, letting out a deep sigh, "You don't even know what I'm talking about…."

Well, no shit?! This whole time you just took me and made me leave the store without saying goodbye!

It took a couple of seconds before Richard started to speak again, it looked like he was trying to calm himself before he made his decision. Looking straight back at me, with those bright beautiful blue eyes that always made me not able to look away from the beauty. His face was beat red still, maybe he was sick?

My insists made me raise a hand towards his forehead, checking to see if he had a fever. When I did, Richard stopped in his tracks. Whatever he was about to say, he lost it. His eyes got wider, frozen, not able to move at all as I checked his temperature.

"It doesn't seem like you're sick…" I said leaning more inwards towards him. His face was just so beautiful, I didn't understand how he even managed to walk outside without anyone trying to grab him. If only I had that face. I would have plenty of girlfriends, just like Tanimoto-chan.

Richard foreably snapped his head back from me, he was breathing hard as he held out a pointer finger out the window.

"I...get out!" He yelled.

Confused on where I was supposed to go this late at night, he threw a card key at me. Grabbing a hold of the keys before they landed on the dashboard of the car. "What are you even saying?! You're not making sense at all!" I yelled back at him.

"Room 24. Go!" He didn't even turn to look at me, as the darkness took over his face from the night view. I couldn't even see his expressions. I got out of the car with no other words, I was sure I was probably going to get kicked if I went into room 24 but I had no choice. It would have taken me an hour to walk to my own place and he was giving me no choice but to obey his commands.