In another city, in another town, far from a time that she knew him. It was just another day of moving on, knowing today was not the day. Knowing she was still stuck in the past, fighting a battle that wasn't even hers to fight for people who may or may not have been worthy. Standing next to a guy who claimed to be her friend but did nothing but mostly use her. Of course, he wasn't any better. Unlike his brother, he knew when to stop making mistakes even if it was hard to admit them. Mistakes where not in his nature, which only led to him making this most significant mistake of his long, long life.

He was always careful, calculating times and kept his distance as not to disrupt the timeline though there had been a great many times he wanted to say to hell with it. But as always, he was calm, careful, perfect. He could wait, time would come, time would go, so what was the hurry?

These are the things that took over his mind now as he waited as he looked out of his car window, sitting in the back of the limo.

How could a simple human creature take over one's mind, especially when said creature didnt even know it? When she never even tried to be the object of his mind's eye. He always wondered the day she went back the day that hasn't happened yet if she even wondered even for a moment what he was thinking. Did she ever blush when he turned away from her? Did she even think of him as more than just Inuyasha's older brother? Did she talk about him? Dream about him? Want to say more than she did?

It was clear she never really feared him, even seemed to want to befriend him, but did she ever think about the blood on his hands?

Did he ever occupy her mind, good or bad?

He shook his head; how did it come to this? When did something so simple become so complicated? How did something so simple grab him, avert his mind and attention, call to the deepest part of his being, which wasn't human, mind you.

Turns out the girl wasn't really all that complex though at first glance she was. But that was the thing that puzzled him the most. She was simple, and yet it made her complex to him. In the beginning, he thought he had her figured out then even without all the answers. Turns out he was wrong, and each day it left him with more questions than answer, and she didnt even know he had questions. Yes, she was an enigma.

Oh, his father, in the other word, was loving this, he was sure. 'It's just a girl Sesshomaru' He could hear him say.

Just a girl. Yes, she was just a girl, but she wasn't.

Sweet, clean, smart, powerful, pretty, plain, and simple little Kagome.

He had seen her dirty, bloody, angry, calm, silly, but none of these things got to him like seeing her at her simplest. It wasn't until they killed Naraku and all the background noise was silenced that he really saw her.

It happened in one moment, just like that. One moment she was just the Miko from the future, tangled lover to his halfbrother. The next, she was taking every corner of his mind.

It all started with an innocent smile and a simple, plain, little blue dress.

At a time when he was supposed to be finding a suitable female to court. All of them thriving to grab his attention, all of them but her. Before he knew what was happening he was giving the girl who wasn't even there for him all his attention and time. Did she not realize it either? Did no one notice what was going on?

Why didn't anyone say anything? Ok, well, the Monk did, and that's when he started to make mistakes. But he was in denial.

But still, till this day, he wondered. Did she never once think that she may have been worth his time, or did he burn that bridge with his years of saying simple things were a waste of time? What a fool he had been.

What a fool she had been.

Had she really not known? Did she really not see it? Did he not drop enough subtle hints that he didnt care about all those other noisy, snobby, over indulging bitches? Fuck pure blood and pedigree.

Oh, what he would give to see her standing in the street right now, wearing that little blue dress and torching him with that innocent smile that deep down he hoped was only meant for him even though he had seen her freely give it all to others.

The only comfort he got was knowing that right now she was with him, or his past him. But soon she would come back through that well and it would be his one and only chance to tell her how he felt even with doing so it didnt mean she would go back, or that she would stay, or that she would believe him or return the feelings.

Would she believe him? Take him at his word that he loved her simply for being her. Or would she once again leave him to his own demise with an immortal amount of time to puzzle over the most simplest thing, love.

Could he save a relationship that hadn't even started? Could he save their love when it wasn't their love yet? Could he save himself? No, only she could do that because, as of right now, as far as he knew, this love was one-sided.

But his mind keeps going back to the beginning. In a town, in a castle hundreds of years ago to when he fell in love with a girl with an innocent smile, a simple plain little blue dress.