The True Power of a Saiyan's Pure Love

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Note: I have never written anything before this is my first time writing. I might add a lemon later on, between Goku and Caulifla as that is who this story is about. this is a fantasy that I thought of as a fan of the series and my view that Chi-Chi is not good enough for Goku and how Caulifla is more along the lines of Goku.

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Chapter 1. Tournament of Power.

All the members for each respective universe were being to show up. With each universe already having planned to go after universe 7 because of Goku and his terrifying God level power. Universe 7 arrives followed shortly by Universe 6.

Greetings Master Vegeta! Cabba says with a bow. I've already told you not to call me Master! Vegeta replied with a tone and look of annoyance. O-o-oh r-r-right, my apologies replies and flustered Cabba. Oh hey there Cabba how have you been? An excited Goku cuts in with a wave. Oh greetings Son Goku I am well. how are you? Cabba responds with a bow. You don't need to be formal just call me Goku. He replied with a Wâi bow only slightly bowing his head. Oh man I can't wait to fight and see who the strongest is. Goku remarks with his signature laugh.

As he scans the other universes he notices 2 females who arrived with Cabba. One tall and slender with a pony tail and a very shy look about her. The other not as tall with wild spikey hair. Who is she? She seems strong and proud with a lot of potential. Goku thought to himself as he saw the shorter of the two Saiyan women. Hey! Who are those to girls over there? Goku asks Cabba.

Oh right. They are fellow Saiyans from universe 6. This is Kale-San. Introducing the taller shy looking Saiyan. This is Caulifla-san. Introducing the shorter wild haired Saiyan woman. So she is a Saiyan as well? Now I'm really excited. Goku thought to himself as he looked at the Saiyan beauty As he looks at her he feels something different, something about her makes him feel off. He is excited yes but he also feels a great attachment to her. He has never felt this way before not even with Chi-Chi. It was almost as if something was missing from him now and she was somehow the piece that made him whole.

Hi I'm Goku. Pleased to meet you. Goku says as he sticks his hand out in a hand shake. Kale reaches for it replying. Pleased to meet you as well. However before she can reach his hand Caulifla smacks his hand away. Saying in a very rude and cocky manner. We are here to protect our universe and prove we are the strongest! Not make friends with weaklings!

Caulifla had noticed the other Saiyans as Cabba introduced them. Having heard Cabba greet Vegeta she knew who he was. Which one is Goku? The one who could fight toe to toe with the legendary assassin Hit. She had heard about the battle between universes 6 and 7 from Cabba. The Saiyan Goku who turned not just Super Saiyan but took it even further with a Blue transformation of Super Saiyan and beyond. She had no interest in Vegeta as he didn't put up the same fight that this Goku did. Which one is he? She thought again looking over each person in team universe 7.

As she looked over each fighter he eyes fell on a man with spiked hair the looked like a palm tree. He was wearing an orange Gi with a strange mark over his heart. As she looked at him something felt different her heart started beating faster not unlike when she was about to fight a powerful enemy. However this was different as her stomach also felt different as well like her stomach was full of butterflies.

The man she was looking at was smiling and making her new feelings intensify as he reached a hand out. Hi I'm Goku, Pleased to meet you. Goku greeted cheerfully. As he spoke she could feel his power level. there was no way he was as strong as Cabba said, his power feels so weak there's no way he fought Hit and lost only by giving up. Caulifla thought. Why is my heart racing and my stomach feeling this way just by looking at him? She shook herself out of he thought as she smacked his hand away saying: We are here to protect our universe and prove we are the strongest! Not to make friends with weaklings! As her hand connected with his they both felt a surge of what felt like electricity shoot between them.

Before they could reflect on what had transpired they all felt a tremendous power arriving as they turn to see Universe 11 arrive. So this is Jiren the one even stronger then Toppo! Goku thought intensely. this energy is insane! Goku thought slightly shaken. He couldn't believe how powerful he felt. As he looked Jiren disappeared and was right behind him. Goku began to sweat a little nervously. I didn't even feel him move he's so fast! Goku thought as he spun to face him.

What!? I didn't even feel I'm move! how is he that fast!? Vegeta thought. He couldn't believe it. As Jiren appeared behind Goku Caulifla got scared not for herself but for Goku. Why do care about him he is my enemy and he can't be that strong if he is scared that easily. She thought. She still couldn't quite place why she had felt that way nor could she understand what happened when she smacked Goku's hand away. Am I falling for this guy I just met 5 minutes ago? Am I crazy he's not even all that strong by the feel of his power. Caulifla thought, as she turned to go back to Vados and Champa. As she walked she noticed she could feel where he was without trying like his energy was just as familiar to her as her own body.

After the small confrontation with Jiren Goku and Vegeta went back to Whis and Beerus noting that as he moved away he could still feel the Saiyan Girl Caulifla. Without even the slightest thought he could find her. It was like a small lighthouse signaling where she was. What was it that happened when she smacked my hand away? it was like electricity shot through me and my heart started beating as though I was about to fight a powerful enemy. Goku wondered. For a time he put his thoughts to the upcoming fight. However still in the back of his mind he knew where she was.

As the Tournament Of Power began the fighters started trying to attack Goku as he was considered the biggest threat. Universe 9 sending most of their fighters after Goku. With the un requested help of Vegeta the fighters of Universe 9 fell to 3 the Trio De Danger. With their back against the stages edge the Trio unleashed their most powerful combination attack.

Let's do this brothers. Bergamo shouted to his brother. At their brother's word the Trio De Danger shouted in unison. Triangle Danger Beam! As the beam erupted from the Trio , Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and shouted Final, he paused briefly as Goku also transformed into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan shouting Kamehame. At the utterance of Kamehame Goku and Vegeta shouted HA! In unison . As the Final Flash and Kamehameha left the hands of Goku and Vegeta they merged in the air in essence forming a Final Kamehameha.

AS the Final Kamehameha connects with the Triangle Danger Beam it vastly over powers it. At the sight of the beams merging every fighter stops in awe of the power from these two Saiyans. Mean while, while watching the fight, Caulifla is troubled as she can feel every attack that lands on Goku and sense all attacks Goku makes. She struggles trying to understand why, why she can sense him from anywhere? She finally decides to go to him and challenge him to a fight.

fight me Goku! Caulifla exclaims. oh hey you're that Universe 6 Saiyan right? Goku asks nonchalantly. After seeing him take down most of Universe 9 single handed she thought. he is so strong and hot. Wait what!? Why did I just think that? He's not hot and Universe 9 was clearly nothing but weaklings! Caulifla reassures herself. Why do I feel so different towards her? Why am I drawn to her? My heart feels like its gonna explode. My stomach feels like it has hundreds of butterflies in it. Goku thinks confused now more than ever.

alright let's do this! Goku states to Caulifla as he readies himself. good let's get this started. Caulifla replies. Why do I feel different with him I'm excited but it feels different, what is this feeling? Caulifla thinks as she prepares to fight.

I want you to teach me that blue form you used just now! Caulifla demands of Goku. that power was awesome. Truth be told I just want to be close to him. Caulifla finishes in thought. But why? Am I falling for him? When I'm close to him I some how feel complete like something was missing and he is the piece that completes me. Pushing her thoughts away Caulifla readies herself for the fight ahead.

Goku begins to think. what is this feeling? I've never felt this way before. Being close to her makes me feel like nothing can touch me. He pushes his thoughts away as Caulifla powers up to super Saiyan. wow you're amazing already a Super Saiyan. Goku remarks in wonder. Caulifla taunts Goku saying. come on old man aren't you going to transform!? Goku replies. First things first. If you truly want to fight me power down and start in your base for. Why the Hell would I power down? If you refuse to transform then I have the advantage and ill wipe the area with you! Caulifla exclaims smugly.

In order to truly understand an opponents power you must start slow and work your way up. This is so you can judge their power level. Goku calmly replies. No ! Screw that if you want to give me the advantage I'll take it! Caulifla definitely replies. Very well if you say so. Goku responds disappointed.

Goku and Caulifla charge each and begin fighting fists flying and Goku having a clear advantage despite still being in his base form. Goku begins landing a large amount of blows and taking very few. Caulifla is bewildered at how much strength Goku has. He isn't even in Super Saiyan and is pounding me into the ground.

Prepare to wet yourself at my awesome power. Caulifla yells remembering she still has another level of Super Saiyan. She begins powering up even more transforming into a Super Saiyan Grade 3. ha! see my awesome power you don't stand a chance now! She exclaims with triumph as her muscles quadruple in size. Wow you learned that all on your own I'm impressed. Goku expresses. however that form has too many disadvantages, its raw power is almost unmatched however its too bulky and slows you down. He continues still marveling that she figured it out.

Unfazed by his jab at her power Caulifla exclaims. yea right you're just scared of me! With that She charges at Goku and proceeds to attack landing no hits as Goku easily dodges every attack. Bewildered Caulifla begins to wonder. Why can't I hit him?. What's going on why can't I hit you!? She exclaims frustrated that her power isn't a match for him

I told you, you're too bulky and moving slow. Goku explains again. You should try to reach this level instead. Goku powers up and transforms straight into Super Saiyan 2. As the electricity like energy starts pulsing around his Aura Caulifla is shocked. Finally she remembers that she had reached that level earlier when Kale went Berserk.

I've reached that form before, but I don't know how to do it again. Goku looks taken aback: you really are impressive. He remarks feeling drawn to her even more. Teach me how to reach that level again. She demands. it takes a lot of training and mastery of the first Super Saiyan from to achieve.

Talking more to herself thank Goku Caulifla says. Focus my power in my back to make it tingly like I did when I went Super Saiyan! Make my back tingly like before, focus keep it going, got It! An explosion of energy shot from Caulifla as Electricity began arcing around her Aura like Goku. I did it! Whoa this power is incredible. She exclaims with pride. now we're getting somewhere. Ready for round 2? Goku exclaims his excitement rising. you know it! now you're going down! Caulifla exclaims her excitement matching Goku's

They charge each other once again this time Goku had only the advantage of experience. Their fight was incredible. Any who beheld the pair were in shock as these 2 full power Super Saiyan 2s fought. Holy crap so this is what a battle between two Super Saiyan 2s is really like!? As Caulifla launched herself towards Goku he couldn't help but use his new unknown connection to his advantage, or so he thought. As she got closer Goku used his speed trying to catch her by surprise but she felt his movement coming and blocked his attack.

Unfazed by his failed surprise attack Goku resumes his assault on the Saiyan beauty. Both fighters were equally matched neither could gain an advantage over the other. How is she matching me in power? Goku wondered. Caulifla attempted a similar attack trying to out maneuver Goku to the same results. Why can we feel each other's movements? She wonders as she blocks a strike from Goku.

both fighters reached back and struck at each other fists yet again meeting in mid air the shock wave was enough to shake even the world of void. The electric energy from the 2 Super Saiyan's once again connected creating what appeared to be a single aura around the 2 Saiyan's. The 2 fighters stared at each other fists still connected. As they stared into each other's eyes they realized why they couldn't beat the other they had somehow been bound together.

how can I be bound to someone I just met? Goku wonders confused more then ever before. I can feel her every move, her every ache and pain. I don't understand it. Goku thinks as a theory begins to form. I have to test it to truly know if what I feel is true.

what is going on? Why do I feel this way. How has my power matched his? Caulifla wonders frustrated by her current thoughts. Pulling his hand away Goku begins to power up. With a roar and surge of energy Goku transforms to Super Saiyan 3. w-w-what's going on? Caulifla wonders as Goku's power increases drastically. That's it that's super Saiyan 3!? What power and this energy is incredible. Caulifla exclaims completely awe struck at the sight and power of Goku's latest transformation.

I've been thinking about why we are equally matched and I have a theory but I needed to be in Super Saiyan 3 to fully test it. Goku explains to Caulifla.

what is that fool doing? Vegeta wonders as he feels Goku's power surge indicating Goku just went Super Saiyan 3. Having seen most of their fight Vegeta has a sudden thought: Wait could it be? That girl was nothing to Kakarot yet since their hands first connected their energy seems to be on. They have been equally matched . How could 2 Saiyan's from different universes be soul mates? Its said that a Saiyan's true soul mate will bring out the best in each other. Even going so far as to share power levels. Kakarot must be trying to test this that's why he went to 3. Vegeta finally concludes

if I'm correct you will become Super Saiyan 3 in this next fight. I believe that our energies have some been merged together . Goku explains. Not giving Caulifla the opportunity to respond he put his theory to the test even with his superior speed in SSJ3 Caulifla knew what was coming and blocked him. As his fist connected with her arms Caulifla felt a massive surge of power it came from Goku but at the same time it came from herself and nowhere all at the same time. Like her body knew it could handle this power and generated it out of thin air.

With a roar of energy Caulifla transformed into a Super Saiyan 3. Her transformed state was almost the polar opposite of Goku's, her features were more angelic and fair rather than bulky and rough a drastic contrast to Goku's yet fit perfectly with him. Her form was the perfect opposite to Goku who looks rugged and powerful she appears angelic and powerful.

it seems I was correct. Goku says confidently. we have some how been bound together. You can feel it too you felt my power before I transformed, you feel every strike you make against me as though you blocked the blow yourself. Now after I stuck you, your body connected with mine and adapted to my level you are now Super Saiyan 3. Goku concludes.

Vegeta noticed the transformation as did the rest of the arena. Vegeta takes off flying over to the 2 warriors. whoa this power is even better that I ever imagined. Caulifla exclaims marveling at her new power. She looks at Goku and asks. how did we become bound this way? What is happening to me?

I believe I can answer that question! Vegeta calls out startling the two Saiyans . hey Vegeta what do you mean you can answer it? He asks. yea how do you know what's going on? Caulifla interject before Vegeta could answer. Annoyed Vegeta replies. Because I am the Prince of the universe 7 Saiyans and unlike this idiot I was raised with Saiyan history. Vegeta states gesturing at Goku. Though Saiyan's believe in love they mostly just procreate often with 1 partner however there have been extremely rare cases where a Saiyan finds their true soul mate. Another Saiyan that perfectly compliments and yet contrasts the other creating the perfect bond between the Saiyan's. A bond so powerful that the powers of the pair is shared between the connection. Meaning that each of the Saiyans in the pair has the perfect protection against any fighter. They will constantly feel where the other is and they will always have the same strength. However if the other is in danger the connection will boost the strength of the other to protect their mate. Vegeta explains to the pair.

Cauli isn't my mate we only just met plus I'm married to Chi Chi. Goku retorts to Vegeta. You idiot! I never said she was your mate! Vegeta roars at him. However the fact that she is now Super Saiyan 3 is proof that she is your perfect soul mate.

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