"Uncle Donald! Uncle Donald, wake up!" Donald Duck jumped at the voice and for a moment his heart rose as he could have sworn he saw his sister for a moment but the illusion vanished, leaving behind a tiny duckling in a red shirt and cap wearing a life vest.

"H-Huey?" The small duckling tilted his head and seemed to be worried for his uncle, a piece of paper in his hands. "I'm okay, just a bit tired after work. What did you need? Are you hurt?!" Huey rolled his eyes, how was he supposed to get hurt when his uncle safety proved their boat home.

"Nope! It's just that you promised to take me out to the playground today. See?" Huey held up the paper which seemed to be a hand-drawn schedule written sloppily in red crayon. "I wrote it down right there!" He jumped onto his guardian's lap and pointed at the part where he wrote to have fun. Donald smiled gently at his nephew's childish idea of a schedule but what did he expect from a five-year-old?

"Are you sure you wanna go, Huey? What if you fall from the climbing wall? What if some other kid crashes into you while you're on the slide? What if you get stuck in the jungle gym?! What if-"

"Uncle Donald! Relax!" Huey shouted as he held his uncle's bill. Donald closed his eyes and tried to calm down a bit, years worth of freakouts were hard to leave behind. "I'll be really careful! I just… wanna have some fun." Donald blinked looking at Huey and sighed. He knows he has been a tiny bit overbearing and since he lost his sister he's been more than obsessed with the protection of his nephew. He had already lost two to Scrooge and Gladstone, he would show them that he can take care of a child.

"I don't know…" Huey put his hands together and gave his uncle his best puppy-dog eyes and Donald felt his defenses break down. He'd need to learn to beat the look. "Fine, we'll go for an hour or two."

"Two! Two!" Huey shouted as he ran to grab his bag that held his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook. Donald smiled and shook his head before getting up to get some snacks ready and maybe a first aid kit or three…

. . .

"H-Huey! W-wait!" Donald gasped as Huey was dragging him along and they arrived at the park. Donald allowed himself to fall and rest on the ground as he was trying to catch his breath. The last five years had hit his stamina hard it seemed. Huey ran back to check on his uncle.

"Uncle Donald, the other parents are staring. Are you okay?" Donald nodded and waved him away which Huey smiled at and ran off towards the playground after dropping his bag with Donald. The red-clad duckling spent some time examining different flowers and trees, checking off the ones he found in his guidebook. He hoped one day to earn all the badges in the book and maybe add his own section to it. After a bit of exploring, he returned to the playground to see most of the kids were playing to see who would be the king (or queen) of the playground. Mostly just trying to get to the highest platform and stay there. Huey settled for sitting on a swing and gently going back and forth.

His thoughts turned to his mother in this time of tranquility, as they tended to do at times. He remembered his uncle telling him stories of her, how she was a fierce adventurer who was tougher than nails! He mentioned her love of exploring and flying. She was a pilot at heart and loved nothing more than when she would get to go into the air and feel that rush. Huey smiled with his eyes closed as he thought about her, not noticing that he was moving his legs and body more, causing the swing to move faster and higher.

"Whoa! Look, Granny, it's like he's flying like Launchpad!" A girl's voice broke Huey's daydream only to find that he was really high up. He yelped and freaked for a moment, unfortunately, it was just as he hit the apex of the swing's height. He was launched off the swing and Huey quickly covered his head to protect it as he bounced off the ground and rolled a bit. He groaned as he was dizzy and a bit sore. "Ooo… exactly like Launchpad…"

"HUEY!" Huey rubbed his head in annoyance as his uncle rushed to him and began to look over his body, checking for injuries. Huey blushed in embarrassment noticing a few other ducklings were staring and looked away as Donald put several band-aids on his arms and legs. "Come on we should go home."

"W-what?! But it's only been an hour! Please, Uncle Donald! Just a bit longer please!" Donald sighed again and smiled.

"Fine, a bit longer but no more swing okay?" Huey agreed and watched his uncle rejoin the parents as he turned back to the swings to get his guidebook but found it was gone.

"W-what?! Where is i-it?!"

"Umm are you looking for this?" Huey turned to the voice, it was the girl from earlier. She looked to be his age and had a purple bow in her hair. She was holding out his guidebook which he took happily.

"My book! Thank you umm…"

"Webby, Webby Vanderquack. I liked that jump! You looked like you are gonna fly, before you crashed. Are you okay?"

"I'm Huey Duck. Oh uhh yeah, I definitely meant to do that... I'm okay, my uncle just tends to worry too much."

"My granny's the same way, but that's guardians for you." Huey nodded in agreement and looked around, a bit nervous as he never really talked to too many kids. Webby seemed just as inexperienced before she smiled and seemed to have gotten an idea. "Oh, Huey! Are we friends now?" She asked excitedly and her eyes almost sparkled.

"Uhh sure?" Webby cheered and grabbed his wrist before pulling away from the playground. "W-Webby! Where are we going?!"

"I'm gonna show you something me and my other best friend saw last night! It was an alien!" Huey blinked as she said her other best friend, did she consider him a best friend after one conversation?

"You know aliens aren't real… right?"

"Of course they're real! There's evidence all around us! The pyramids, crop circles, ancient duck statues! Even Scrooge McDuck has met them!"

"Couldn't we have made pyramids and crop circles?"

"And the statues?"

"Well according to the guidebook-"

"I'll prove to you aliens are real Huey! Last night, me and my friend-"

"My friend and I."

"Saw a falling star crash right near here! It's why I convinced my granny to take me out here. I wanted to see the alien!" Huey sighed as he thought this would end with Webby being disappointed, but a small part of the boy was actually excited… what if? What if she was right? Could he add aliens to the guidebook? Would they believe him?

They walked for a few more moments before they arrived at some woods that surrounded the park but Webby pushed through with Huey right on her tail. He knew his uncle Donald would freak unless he got back quickly so he began to push through faster, nearly tripping into a crater when Webby grabbed his shirt and pulled him back.

"T-thanks Webby…"

"It's what friends do… whoa look it really is aliens!" Webby excitedly jumped and slid into the crater with Huey warning her that it could be dangerous and carefully climbing in after her. The two looked around before finding the impact area, a misshapen black holey rock was there. "Aww, it's just a rock."

"A meteor! It's a space rock!"

"Ooor it could be an alien egg!" Huey bent down to observe the meteor better and was about to lecture Webby about why that would be wrong when she suddenly took the meteor into her hands. "Ooo this thing has some weight."

"W-Webby!" Huey shouted while getting up, afraid that his new friend was touching something otherworldly.

"What's wrong Huey?"

"Y-you have to be careful! What if it has some kind of uhh… space germs on it?! Or maybe some kind of poisonous gas?!" Webby giggled at how quickly Huey turned from calm and logical to panicky and overprotective.

"And you said I was being crazy with my alien talk. Here." She tossed it to Huey who stumbled and groaned lifting the rock. Turned out the red-clad duckling wasn't the strongest guy around. After a moment, he was able to lift it easier and stared at the rock in awe. "Well, a bit sad it wasn't an alien but we did find something cool! Maybe next time it will be an alien! Will you investigate next time with me, Huey?" The boy blinked and then smiled as he nodded, excited at the promise of another adventure.

"Sure! What if next time by some crazy chance I'm wrong and it is really an alien, what do we do then? What if it tries to abduct us?" Webby laughed and grinned largely, thinking she was finally getting Huey to believe in aliens if only a tiny bit.

"I'm not afraid because I know you'd be there to save me right?" Huey shivered at the question. The boy knew he had little courage, he had his brain, yes but it did sorry work when threatened by something actually dangerous but at this moment he felt… strong. He felt like he could take on aliens. Was this what real friendship was like?

"Of course! It's a promise but you may end up saving me more than the other way around." The two shared a laugh when they heard their names being called. They began to climb out of the crater, with Webby pulling Huey and the rock up. "Thanks, so what do we do with the meteor?"

"Why don't you take it, Huey? I mean you seem to be more interested in it anyway."

"Yeah, but what about you? I mean we found it together and I was here only because you saw the star falling so it's more yours than mine."

"Then consider it a gift! So you don't forget our promise!"

"Don't you want something to remember?"

"It's okay… I never forget anyone." The yelling got louder and Huey put the meteor away before looking at Webby's smile. She waved and ran off without a goodbye. Huey blinked and allowed a small grin before following his uncle's voice. Donald panicked and hugged Huey close before angrily questioning him and why he had left the park but Huey only smiled largely and said that he had made a friend.

. . .

Back on the boat, Huey had just changed into pajamas when he looked outside his window at the stars. He questioned briefly if Webby was doing the same but chuckled and pulled out the meteor, putting it on his desk next to his guidebook. An idea struck the boy and he grabbed a sticky note, scribbling on it before sticking it on the rock. Stretching and jumping into bed, he let the steady rhythm of the boat rock him to sleep.

"Meteor found by Huey Duck + Webby Vanderquack, do not touch! Slight potential to be an alien egg!"