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It had been a week since Izuku learned he was quirkless and all his dreams were shattered that day. The doctor and Kacchan had both told him he could never be a hero that he should just give up. Over the past several days it was as if even the world shared his pain with constant clouds and rain. Izuku sat in his room wondering 'What am I going to do? I want to be a hero but I'm quirkless. Could a quirkless person become one if they tried hard enough?' His thoughts were interrupted when his mom opened his door.
"Izuku honey I'm going to the flea market do you want to come with?" She seemed sad . It hurt seeing her like this so with a genuine smile he said "Sure!" The ride wasn't long, maybe only a few minutes.

Inko had hoped to get Izuku out of the house a bit, maybe some fresh air would cheer her baby up. She chose this flea market because growing up in the countryside she learned some things are just better if they are made by someone who loves what they do, and who knows something might catch Izuku's eye.
Izuku had got permission to look around on his own as long as his mom could still see him. Nothing here had caught his attention, there were a few all might figures but they were only the new ones and he already owned all of them. Maybe he wouldn't find anything today, knowing his luck as of recently he wouldn't be surprised if he broke something then his mom would have to pay for it. He had started looking at the old comics that he sometimes read when something caught his eye. A stack of comics nicely bound together with a discount. Upon further inspection it looked like an old marvel hero but he never heard of "The Invincible Iron Man". 'Was it some kind of robot? But why Iron Man maybe some kind of A.I.?'
"Nope he's no robot, just a flesh and blood human in a suit of armor he made himself." the older man behind the counter said. "What does he have some kind of quirk that helped him?"

"Nope that character was created in 1963 and appeared in Tales of Suspense #33. Unfortunately I never did get my hands on it but I was able to collect most of his stuff. He was a genius but in today's view he would be deemed quirkless, but that didn't stop him. Hell His character even kicked off a large movie franchise from what I've read." The old man seemed almost happy to be speaking about this. The discount was probably because this 'Iron Man' had no powers so no one really wanted to buy these comics. 'Quirkless just like me huh' "I'll be right back I've got to get my mom real quick!" Izuku bowed and ran to his mother. "Hehe looks like I helped someone again, not bad Stan."
"It's right over here mom! It's called Invincible Iron Man. He's quirkless just like me but the old man said he still became a hero!" Izuku was jumping for joy. This was the first time Inko had seen her son so happy almost like the last week never happened. "That's great honey! Grab them and I'll pay for th...Dear there's no one here, maybe he went to the restroom?" A woman came up to counter "Sorry about that I had to use the ladies room. What can I help you with today?"Inko was caught off guard but quickly caught herself and said "Oh uh yes I would like to buy that discounted bundle of comics for my son. If I'm not being rude did you have someone helping you? My son said an old man had told him about the hero in them."

The woman looked puzzled "No maybe it was another customer that knew a bit about it. With the 50% discount that will come to 3000 yen."
"I guess that could explain it. Here you go." Inko hoped to meet whoever had helped her son but no big deal. Izuku was happier than he had been in a while.

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