Mark & Sonic: Heroic Partners

Chapter 6

It had been two weeks since Mark had freed Little Planet from Eggman's evil influence. After his race with Metal Mark, he realized he needed to train harder, due to how close the race had been. When he woke up, he saw a note on his bed stand. He immediately recognized the handwriting

'It is I! Silver! For no real reason, I have 'kidnapped' Sonic. If you want to see him again, go to Green Hill Zone, and fight me! -Your BFFF, Silver' it read. Mark let out a sigh. He got ready and ran over. Once he arrived, he saw Silver standing there, looking much stronger. Behind him, Sonic was eating a Chili dog.

"You're finally here! Let us do battle, my friend! I have perfected my project! Behold!" Silver exclaimed gleefully. He held out a set of what appeared to be Chaos Emeralds at first glance, but upon further inspection it was clear they were fakes, although the power they emitted was similar. Mark and Sonic let out a gasp.

"No way!" they said in unison.

"Yes way! I have created artificial Chaos Emeralds! While they are weaker than the real ones, they still can turn one Super! They also have some 'special' abilities, which you will see today" Silver said. They both broke into a grin.

"We'll just have to see whose are better than" Mark said, as he began to turn Super using the power of the real Chaos Emeralds. Once Mark finished, Silver used the Artificial emeralds to do the same. His Super form looked much different. His hair was split between Blue on the right and Orange on the left. His Right eye was White, while his left was black. His fur had become more silver than usual, actually shining a little bit. His hair had grown somewhat longer, and was now spiky, he was now Super Silver.

"Let us begin!" Super Silver shouted, throwing a simple punch. Their fists met in the middle, causing a shockwave of force so strong it cratered the ground beneath them, and shook it hard.

"I couldn't even see them move! I guess these goggles Tails built will come in handy" Sonic said, putting on a funky looking pair of goggles. These goggles allow the wearer to view the world from a faster time frame, allowing one to see things too fast for them, which is funny, considering that Sonic is fast himself.

Super Silver jumped back, and pulled an extra Red Fake Emerald out of his pocket.

"Watch this!" he said, as he fused it with his sword. His sword began to glow, and he slashed at Mark from his position, despite him being several feet away. A ball of fire flew at Super Mark, who barely dodged it

"Woah! Looks like you're turning up the heat! Maybe I should get some Ice Cream after this, or even better, Chili Dogs!" Mark says, hungrily.

"If it's ice you want, be my guest!" Super Silver said, slashing a few more fireballs before pulling out an extra Blue Fake Emerald. He fused it with his sword, and ran at Mark. Mark barely dodged the strike, but he could feel the coldness from the blade. When it struck the ground, a lot of the grass froze up. Mark jumped out of the way of another slash, gaining some distance.

"'Icey' what you're doing there Silver! Which is why I'm going to turn it up a notch!" Mark said, smirking at the pun he made, which caused Sonic and Super Silver to briefly laugh. After laughing, Super Silver loaded a yellow crystal.

"This might be 'shocking', but you're gonna lose!" Silver replied, hurling a bolt of lightning at Mark. "As much as I'd love to show all of the Fake emeralds powers, I really want to get into this fight" Super Silver said suddenly, dashing at Mark, swinging his sword and attacking with both of his tails. Mark got bit by one of the tails, which knocked the wind out of him.

After recovering from the hit, Mark then started to Fly around Silver, yelling "Chaos Spear!" and started hurling a bunch of Chaos Projectiles at Super Silver. And when Silver tried to close in, Mark shouted, "Chaos, Control!" and he disappeared, only to just barely hit Silver in time before he turned around.

"Not bad," Super Silver remarked. "But if we're going to play with chaos powers, then it's my turn!" he said, before shouting "Chaos Control!".

Seeing this, Mark immediately used Chaos Control as well, and they surprisingly created a rift in space next to them.

"Oops" Super Silver said with a laugh. "Chaos Spear!" He shouted quickly, attempting to use the rip in space as a distraction, launching as many chaos spears as he possibly could.

Super Mark didn't move, as he felt something...familiar through the rift. Due to the fact that he didn't move, all of the spears collided into him, blasting him back.

"Is something wrong?" Silver questioned, noticing his rival made no attempt to dodge the attack. He was no longer in Super Form, but Mark was too distracted by the rift to care. Super Mark got up, shaking off the cuts and bruises. He said nothing as he walked to the portal. Silver ran over and slapped him across the face, managing to get his attention.

"Huh?! Sorry, that rift feels...familiar. I feel like...It's calling out to me" Mark said, releasing his Super Form, confusion in his voice. "Speaking of the rift, how was it made anyway? Due to me being the Guardian of one of the Chaos Emeralds, I know that they are capable of traveling through space, and rarely, time when two of them are used at the same time. However I doubt the Fake Emeralds that you made are even capable of making one." Mark finished, with a tilt of his head.

"Hey! That's offensive! Just cause I have muscles bigger than Sonic's head, doesn't mean I'm not smart! These Emeralds are only a little bit weaker than the real things, although they don't have the limitless energy of the real things. Give me some credit will ya" Silver said, pretending to be hurt.

Unknown to the others, there was a pink Hedgehog watching from afar, she was Amy Rose, and she was swooning on how good Mark was at fighting, but then grew worried when he just stared at the rift that appeared.

"Um, whoever the woman is that's hiding, I can smell you. If you'd stop watching us from afar like a stalker, that'd be much appreciated" Silver said bluntly. Amy let out a little squeak.

"Umm..." she said, scared that she'd been discovered like that. She was planning on waiting until the end and congratulating Mark on his victory (which she saw as inevitable), but she couldn't do that now, as the fight was prematurely stopped. And with the appearance of this strange rift, and her early discovery, her plans were quickly falling apart. She just stood there nervously, a blush on her face as she stared at the ground.

"Do you know her?" Silver questioned, looking at Mark. "Oh wait, isn't she that girl you said you liked?" Silver said, jokingly. Amy's face looked like it had caught fire, and she tried to say something, but no coherent words could be heard.

Mark looked confused at what Silver had said, "Huh? Didn't I say that I had to rescue her?" he said, not getting what Silver was talking about. Silver laughed at their reactions.

"I was just joking! God, uh, Pinky, you should see the look on your face!" he said, roaring with laughter. Amy looked at him, with an angry expression. Out of nowhere, she pulled out a hammer bigger than herself. She slowly advanced towards Silver. Inwardly, both Mark and Sonic knew to never anger Amy, as Mark told Sonic a bit about her.

"C'mon now, it was just a joke! We can be reasonable, right?" Silver said, ending in a nervous chuckle and a sweatdrop. Due to his morals, he couldn't hit a woman, unless very specific and extreme conditions were met. And since she wasn't meeting them, he knew what was about to happen. He decided it was best to just take the hit. It couldn't hurt that bad, right?

He was very, very wrong.

"You meanie!" She shouted, slamming her hammer into SIlver's gut, causing him to be launched very high into the air, yelling, "TEAM SILVER'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" He soon came back down face first into the ground, groaning.

"I regret nothing." he said with a weak groan. Amy raised her hammer again, ready to bury him six feet under, when Mark held out his hand.

"Hey, while Silver does deserve it, for what exactly, I don't know, but maybe go easy on him since he doesn't know you, Amy? What are you doing here anyway?" Mark asked at the end.

"Yeah Pinky, lighten up a little. It was just a little joke" Silver said, earning him another smack from her hammer, although not as hard as the first.

"Um, well, I was uh.. I was looking for you, since you said we could spend time together, and I found you leaving your house in a hurry, so I followed" Amy replied.

"Oh my god, she DOES like him!" Silver said with a loud chuckle, cut short by another hit from Amy. Mark had no idea what was going on, but he had to assume this was normal.

"I DO NOT!" She shouted, covering her blush with her hands. After a moment, Silver stood up.

"Anyway, we should probably get back to that rift, since you think it's important." Silver said to Mark, attempting to redirect the focus of the angry girl.

"Yeah, you're probably right." commented Mark.

"Mind if I run a couple tests on it first, to make sure it's stable, and also isn't going to like, destroy us or anything?" Silver asked, pulling out a few weird instruments.

"Sure, go ahead" Mark replied with a shrug. Silver examined the portal for a few minutes, before putting his tools back inside his pocket. It finally occurred to Mark that there was no way that all of that fit in his back pocket, but decided not to question it at this moment.

"Well, it seems stable. It also seems to be some kind of portal. Unfortunately, neither light or sound can pass through, so I have absolutely no idea where it goes. That being said, I think we should definitely check it out, especially since it seems like something important to you may be on the other side." Silver explained.

"What's going on?! I was picking up a ton of Chaos Energy readings over here a moment ago, and came as soon as I could!" Tails said, landing on the ground. He took a moment to examine the scene around him. The ground was destroyed all over the place, and a lot of it appeared to be burned, frozen, and petrified. Silver pushed his Fake Emeralds even deeper inside his seemingly infinite pockets.

"Alright, So you and SIlver were just sparring. Two questions. One: why are there signs of fire, ice, and lightning in the area? And two: who is she?" Tails questioned, ending by pointing at Amy.

"The fire and stuff is from some new power Mark was experimenting with, and that's Amy, a girl who's completely head over heels for Mark" he explained, getting an expected hammer blow to his back.

"I am not! He saved me back on Little Planet, and I like hanging out with him." she explained with a blush, she could tell that Silver was lying, thanks to what she saw, but kept quiet. Tails could tell she was lying about how she felt, but was smart enough to not say anything about it.

"I believe you Amy. Now, question three: what's that?" he asked, pointing to the rift.

"Oh, that's a portal to...somewhere" SIlver said. "We were just about to go through it, as it seems to be connected to Mark in some way, wanna come with?" Silver asked.

"Hmm, how do I know this isn't a trap?" Questioned Tails, looking at Silver with a suspicious expression.

"You're never gonna let that go, are you foxy?" Silver said with a sigh.

"Let what go?" asked Amy curiously.

"That he's doctor Eggman's nephew, and he works for him!" Tails said dramatically, shaking his hands. This caused Amy to raise her hammer again.

"Yeesh, so cold. I'm not 'working' for him, in fact, I hate him! I just helped him to get to fight strong opponents every so often, that's all. And that's how Mark and I met. Also, I can't choose my Uncle, even though he's not technically my Uncle..." Silver said.

"Anyway, back to that portal…" Mark said, once again drawing attention back to the portal.

"Ah yes, that. Let's get going!" Silver said, sprinting through it. The others followed suit.

Once they exited the rift, Mark and Sonic immediately recognized the place, it was the place Mark used to live at before he disappeared! Sonic was confused though, once Mark disappeared, the door to his house was locked tight, no one could get in, so why were they brought here?

"Oh hey! It's a house!" Silver stated, Walking over. He tried to open the door, but it was locked. "Well played door, but how about this!" He said, kicking the door clean off the hinges. Sonic immediately thought 'Why didn't I think of that!' but then remembered that he isn't as physically strong as Silver.

"Hello?! Sorry about breaking your door! I probably should've knocked first, but oh well" Silver shouted, saying the last part to the group behind him.

"It's not like anyone would've answered" Sonic said.

"Huh? Why not?" asked Silver.

"Well, this is, no, was Mark's house, and when he disappeared, no one was able to enter it. No one knows what happened to his parents, but I guess we'll find out." Sonic said, praying in his head that they were just in a coma or something.

"Eww, why does it smell like someone died here?!" asked Silver, plugging his nose.

That immediately alerted everyone else, and they rushed ahead, fearing what happened. They all let out a gasp of horror, when they arrived in the living room. There were two skeletons there, with a small amount of rotting tissue left on the bones. These weren't just any skeletons though, these were Hedgehog Skeletons.

Mark, immediately after seeing the Skeletons, lost his lunch, and he had a faraway look on his face as his knees buckled.

"Oh, shit!" Silver said quietly. When he had said it smelled like someone died here, he meant it, but he didn't realize the severity of it. He hadn't expected there to actually be dead people inside, just like really, really old food. He looked at Mark, a sad expression on his face. He wasn't sure what to do to comfort his friend. He may have had a terrible father and a mother on her deathbed, but that was better than them actually being wonderful parents and being dead. He just stood there, unsure of how to comfort his friend. He resolved to put a hand on his shoulder, to show he was there, not sure this would be of much help.

Amy however, beat him to it, and rushed over and pulled him into a tight embrace, despite the vomit that was still on his lips. She just held him with tears in her eyes, hoping that this would help somehow.

"What happened here? And how long ago did this happen?" Mark said weakly.

"I have no idea, but one things for sure, whatever happened here, it doesn't look like Eggman was the cause, as there is a distinct lack of broken machines here." Sonic replied

"Want me to dig them a grave? And no, I won't chew on their bones" he said, letting out a grim chuckle in order to attempt to laugh off the horror he felt. He immediately shivered when Amy sent him a withering glare.

"I-I'm sorry. I was just trying to lighten the mood. I'll be out back sorting this new information." Silver said, walking outside. "When I'm done, I'm going to investigate what happened, I need to know who did this and why. "

Mark just stayed there, with a blank look in his eyes, while Amy continued comforting him, even going as far as to clean up his face due to him vomiting earlier.

"Why hello there" said an unfamiliar voice. It sounded male, but it was hard to tell. The voice sounded like it was...glitching. Everyone but Mark immediately looked for anyone else, but found no one. Suddenly, a light flickered on in the room, casting light on a previously dark wall. On it the massage 'You're souls will be mine" was painted with blood.

"Who are you?! What did you do to Mark's Parents?!" Demanded Sonic.

"I am one who does not belong in this world. It is trying to erase me, leaving me to both exist and not exist. In order to fix this, I intend to take the soul and bodies of heroes of this world" The voice replied.

"But, I no longer strive to exist once more. See, when you're in my state, your mind is constantly attacked. And well, at this point, I JUST WANT TO KILL!" it said, the voice changing to bemore maniacal in tone, as well as becoming more distorted. "YoUr SoUl Is EsPeCiAlLy EnTicInG mArK" The voice finished, dissipating.

"What the hell was that?!" Demanded Silver, as he rushed inside.

"I don't know, but we should be careful," Said Tails. Mark snapped out of his trance, his attention drawn North. He Could feel a HUGE power, one that felt similar to the Chaos Emeralds, but MUCH stronger. Silver detected it as well a few seconds later, thanks to his hidden Chaos Energy tracker, but felt like this is something Mark should deal with.

"Sonic, Tails?" Mark said, slowly.

"Yea? Whats up?" Tails responded.

"Go get the Tornado, we will probably need it, i have a feeling that we really need to go to wherever i sensed thing energy."

"Alright then, but I'm going to have to drag Tails, since you probably want to get there as soon as possible, right? After all, you're as impatient as me!" Sonic said with a knowing grin, before grabbing Tails before he could protest to Sonic dragging him, and a few moments later, they could hear the sound of a plane engine.

Silver walked over to Mark and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I can tell that this is something you gotta do. If you need my help, let me know. And hey" he said, his face and tone growing serious. "If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here". "If you'll excuse me, I have more training to do." he said, as he got ready to sprint away, but Mark stopped him.

"Silver! I," Mark sighed, "Thanks for helping me get closure on what happened." Mark said, with a radiant smile.

"No problem," Silver replied, breaking into a grin. "It was the least I could do for my BFFF, now if you would excuse me?" Silver then ran off back to wherever he trains.

Mark turned to Amy, "And Amy?" Mark started, causing her to look at him. "Thank you for comforting me, I really need that, but for now, I need to find out where this Chaos Energy is coming from." Amy was sputtering, trying to tell him that she would have done it regardless, but failed when Mark took out the Red Chaos Emerald and said, "Chaos, Control!" Mark then teleported on the wing of the Tornado mid-air, with Sonic being on the other wing, and Tails flying it.

"So, ready for another adventure?" Mark said, with his signature smirk.

"YEA!" Sonic and Tails said at the same time.

To Be Continued

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