Disclaimer : Carlos Rey Emperador is the work of Oriol Ferrer.

Summary : I want to go so others can rest. Those words, uttered by his dying mother, had Carlos torn inside. [Carlos Rey Emperador] [Writing Month Challenge 2020 - Day 17]

Author's note : English isn't my first language, I'm french. I like to think I'm good in this language and I do use Grammarly to help me with some more corrections. However, if you spot any mistake or weird sentences, feel free to let me know! I'd love to have your input so I can improve even more!

This story is part of the second edition of the writing month challenge from TheWritter1996: Write a one-shot per day and share it for an entire month. For more challenge, I decided to go one different fandom per day.

I want to go so others can rest

Their mother had died. Reading the letter his sister Leonor had written to him, Carlos felt numb but found himself unable to cry. Sadness was present in his heart, yet he couldn't pretend he was sad because his mother had passed away. Could he mourn someone he had barely known? Fate had separated them, preventing Juana to raise him and his siblings, except for Catalina. He lamented her loss, the loss of someone who shared his blood but if he wept, he'd weep what could have been if fate hadn't twisted his mother's mind. Castille and Aragon's fate would have been quite different had she ruled herself, had she raised him herself.

All of her love went for our father. For us, their children, there was none left. She was sorry for it but couldn't repent for it, because it was the way she was.

He kept reading.

In her last days, Mother refused to take her medicine, wishing to die to relieve her people from a presence that complicated their existence. I also believe she was burdening me, who had stayed by her side to the end. But, my dear brother, I also think she wanted to go to ease your life. "I want to go so others can rest". There were her words.

I want to go so others can rest... His hands started to shake as tears formed into his eyes. Had his mother known about his wish to abdicate so he could retire to prepare for the end of his own life? Did she know about his health, his pains?

I want to go so others can rest... Because he couldn't give his throne to Felipe until she had died as he was reigning in her name. She had appointed him to rule in her place and had to fulfil that wish until one of them met their creator.

I want to go so others can rest... And she had said she had no love left for her children? If this wasn't Love, what was love then? Juana, the queen everyone called mad, was clear-minded enough to understand she was preventing her son from retiring, exhausted by his wars, his rule, the constant stress and the loss of his poor beloved Isabella. Juana wanted to die so he could move forwards and finally be at ease, as if she had been a thorn on his side. And this seemed to be Leonor's belief as well. This was the last of one of the few acts of motherly love she could offer him.

I want to go so others can rest... Carlos hoped, wherever his mother was now, that she was finally at peace, reunited to his father whom she had loved so much.

After half a century of sufferings, locked up in a castle he didn't do much to take her out of, she deserved this small happy ending.

The End