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The planet Chorus, a planet long forgotten after the Great War. It's natives tried to rule the planet themselves in which it turned out poorly. Two sides, the Federal Army of Chorus and the New Republic sought to wage a civil war against each other to gain dominance and total control. Unbeknownst to them, the organization known as Charon Industries found out that the planet itself had alien relics and artifacts left for them to salvaged and be used for business, manipulated both sides to escalate the war even further so that the planet's inhabitants will die and the stuff they leave behind will be taken all for themselves. That is until a sign of hope appeared. A hope which appeared in the form of colorful misfit soldiers known as the Reds and Blues, who crash landed upon the planet. With the aid of the colorful soldiers and knowing the truth behind the war itself, both sides made an alliance and now faced off against the true enemy itself, Charon Industries.

The war was won, but with it came great losses. Many of the people died fighting the orchestrated civil war. General Donald Doyle sacrificed himself which lead to the Feds and the Republic to unite and beat the enemy. Lastly came Epsilon/Church, the A.I member and friend of the Reds and Blues. Everyone felt sad, especially the Reds and Blues who know that this will be the last time Church helped them. To honor their fallen comrades, a feast and a party was held so everyone can enjoy the victory and to also comfort everyone who fought in the war. Thanks to the message sent by Church, the UNSC was able to get to the planet to offer assistance in rebuilding the war torn homes and restoring the planet. The Reds and Blues, hearing that the UNSC have arrived to offer assistance, decided that it was time for them to go home and leave all the memories of war behind.

Caboose: So, where's church? He didn't join the party!

The reds and blues looked among each other. Finally Carolina had the courage to say to their blue friend.

Carolina: Sorry, Caboose but, *sigh* Church is gone.

Tucker: Damn, it's not the same without the angry member of our team. I'll miss him.

Washington then placed his hand on Tucker's shoulder.

Wash: We all do bud, but Church wouldn't really wants us beating up ourselves over what he did. Even though he may be gone, we'll always have our memories of our friend to remember him by. Besides, you still have us.

Tucker looks to see all his friends doing the usual antics, Sarge bringing along Lopez for his schemes, Grif and Simmons arguing over something, Caboose happily talking with Freckles and saw Donut and Doc giving him a nod and a thumbs up. Tucker smiled, even though his best friend may be gone, he still has his friends with him.

Kimball and Dr. Grey then joined to meet up with the crew.

Dr. Grey: Hello everyone!

Wash: Hello Dr. Grey, Ms. Kimball, is there something up?

Kimball: We are here to thank you all for everything you did. Without you, we might never know who our real enemy us and might just end up killing everyone.

Carolina: It was our pleasure to help.

Sarge: All in a days work ma'am!

Sarge then snapped to a salute.

Dr. Grey: Also, because of you guys, you helped in uniting the two sides together.

Washington: Thank you, but you guys should also give credits to yourselves. We couldn't be able to win without your help.

Donut: Yep I agree, you guys also deserve a pat on your behinds!

Everyone cringed and looked towards the pink soldier.

Simmons: Um, don't you mean "pat on the back".

Kimball: Also, I have an announcement. I have called up a transport ship you requested that will take you guys home. It will arrive some time later, so how about you enjoy your time here while waiting for it.

Carolina: Thanks again Kimball, we appreciate it.

Tucker: I'm gonna miss this place.

Simmons: I second that.

Sarge: So come on fellas, let's celebrate properly this time before we can go home!

Caboose: Party Paryarchy time! Woohoo!

Caboose shot Freckles but confetti came out.

Caboose: Tucker did it.

Everyone laughed and then went on to celebrate. Sarge then again brought Lopez to fulfill more crazy things that he needed to do. He also began exaggerating some stories of him in his time serving the army, much to the displeasure of the young feds and rebels who were forced to listen. Lopez could only sigh in annoyance to Sarge's translation of his complaints. Grif first contacted his sister to make sure everything was good and then decided to begin a 2nd round of feasting delicious food. Simmons decided to go along to make sure his orange partner stays out of more trouble and making sure that there is still food left for everyone in the planet. Caboose decided to go along with his lieutenant and tell other funny stories about himself and Freckles to which Smith listened with delight. The other lieutenants found this weird but agreed to just let it play along. Doc and Donut helped in redecorating the newly restored homes of the people along with Kimball, who as now named Chorus' new president. Tucker went to hang out and hit on some female soldiers, who surprisingly agreed to him because he was a war hero.
Carolina and Wash looked at their friends and smiled. The two of them went to a nearby cliff staring into the distance. The scenery was amazing, especially with the forerunner temples.

Wash: It's nice isn't it?

Wash asked but Carolina didn't respond. He looked over to her and asked.

Wash: Something the matter?

Carolina snapped out of her gaze.

Carolina: Oh, uh nothing.

Washington wasn't convinced.

Wash: I've known you for years Carolina, I can tell something's on your mind.

Carolina: *Chuckles* Yep, there certainly is.

She then resumes looking at the scenery.

Carolina: I was thinking, maybe it was time that we forget about fighting and war and try to leave it all behind. We've been through much together, from freelancer, to this, I guess it's time to just go on and renew ourselves and live a peaceful life, taking the Reds and Blues with us because they also deserve it.

Washington: That I agree.

Carolina: I want to start over anew, forget all the deeds that I did for freelancer. Be free from the things that reminded me of them.

She grabs a lighter, one that was given to her by York. She sighs as she knows this was the only memory of him for her, but she still was haunted over the things she did and who she was back at project freelancer. She prepares to throw it over the cliff but was stopped by Washington.

Wash: You don't have to do that.

Carolina: But what about starting over?

Wash: You don't have to destroy the past to have a better future.

Washington works his hand into Carolina's in which she accepts as the two now stare into the scenery, each holding hands.

Carolina: Since when have you been the poetic type?

Washington: *chuckles* I find my ways.

*Ehem* The two freelancers quickly turned around to see Dr. Grey waiting for them.

Dr. Grey: My apologies for startling you two but I couldn't help but here about trying to start something over?

Carolina: Oh, uhh.

Dr. Grey: Well have no worries, cause I just met up with Santa and found this new Temple that can take you to new places.

-/Scene Change/-

The Freelancers, and Dr. Grey met up with Santa at the said Temple.

Carolina: Are you sure this temple can take us somewhere new?

Santa: Yes, my creators built this place so they can replenish themselves from their actions.

Washington: Did they ever comeback?

Santa: Some did, when they felt that they have atoned for their doings, the others however did not.

Washington: Jeez.

Dr. Grey: Sooooo, what do you guys think?

Carolina and Wash looked to each other.

Carolina: How about we discuss this among our friends.

Dr. Grey: Sure thing.

-/Back to their friends/-

The ship that was going to pick the Reds and Blues up has finally arrived. It was a prowler class ship, one that was mainly used by the Office of Naval Intelligence. The ship was massive. The gang were there helping move some supplies gifted to them into the ship, ranging from guns and ammunition, food, vehicles like Warthogs and 1 Scorpion Tank, and some Covenant and Forerunner tech to go along with it. Kimball was there along with some of the soldiers and the lieutenants saying their goodbyes to the Reds and Blues.

Caboose: GOODBYE EVERYONE! Make sure that you all will be smiling and be saying neat all the time!

Smith shed tears as he hugged his Captain.

Smith: Goodbye captain Caboose, it has been great knowing you. Stay safe okay?

Caboose gave Smith a bear hug to which the latter didn't mind at all.

Caboose: Don't worry Smith, I'm pretty sure we'll see each other again! Right Freckles?

Freckles : Affirmative.

Tucker looked towards Palomo, who now successfully made Jensen his girlfriend.

Tucker: Ti'll next time dude.

Tucker raised his hand for a fist bump which Palomo returned.

Palomo: Sure thing Tucker.

Jensen: We'll miss you guys.

Tucker nodded in agreement.

Donut Doc and Lopez also said their goodbyes to the others in which the Spanish Speaking Robot only silently waved. Grif and Simmons also said their goodbyes to their respective lieutenants and the other soldiers with Simmons still stuttering due to being shy around girls since his squad was female. Sarge did the same thing and now went inside the ship. Wash and Carolina were the last ones to enter.

Kimball: I thank you all again for everything you all did. Goodbye and take care.

Kimball then shook hands with both Freelancers.

Carolina: We will, you guys also take care of yourselves.

Wash: Goodbye everyone.

Washington waved.

The two freelancers then entered inside the ship.

When everybody was inside the ship, some of them went to the windows to wave goodbye while others were amazed to see the inside since it was massive. They were currently all in the cargo bay with the supplies and vehicles. Dr. Grey asked permission from Kimball to accompany the Reds and Blues in which she agreed so she also went inside the ship.

The Reds and Blues were then approached by an individual clad in full ODST armor.

Ryan: Hello everyone, I'm Corporal Ryan Connors. I'm your pilot and will be taking you guys to your home.

Wash: Thank you Ryan.

The rest of the gang then came over.

Tucker: Hey guys, wait who's the new guy?

Carolina: This is Ryan, he's the pilot of this ship.

Ryan: So, you guys are the Reds and Blues. Man I have been waiting to meet you guys.

Donut: Well if you want an autograph, please feel free to ask!

Ryan shrugged and nodded.

Ryan: So, how about I give you guys a tour around.

Ryan showed the crew the areas inside the prowler, they were in the storage and docking area at first, then they moved to the bunks, the engine room, bathrooms and the bridge.

Ryan: So that will be all, are you guys ready to leave the planet?

Everyone: Yeah/sure/let's go.

Ryan nodded and went to the cockpit while everyone went to do their own things.

Simmons then asked

Simmons: Um, why is Dr. Grey here?

Dr. Grey: Well Simmons, I'm here because of something special in which Washington and Carolina will be discussing with you.

Simmons: Oh, Ok.


A/N: And that's that, here is the newly written chapter one of this story. Now onto some things, first, this is a beta chapter for my OC Ryan. I heard some complaints regarding him so I decided to make him not part of the original Reds and Blues since it ruined their dynamic in the previous story. I also hope that his introduction was now better. This is a test chapter to see if it's okay to have him around. I also decided to completely change his appearance since his initial appearance may have confused some readers. For reference on his looks, just go and check out the Rookie from Halo 3 ODST. His appearance is based off of him. Also about the ship, the please check out the UNSC Red Horse prowler ship since this prowler was also based off from it. And lastly, I just negated the amount of characters going to Remnant since there is now plenty of them. Felix and Locus will retain their canon fates in which Felix is deceased and Locus flying off of Chorus. Sister is back at blood Gulch throwing her parties. I hope this chapter was an improvement and if it sucks, well I can rewrite it. Until then, see you guys later.