It was pure silence outside as Laxus listened carefully for his prey. The wind rustled, as did the trees around, and the birds chirped about. However then the sound of tiny little feet could be heard sprinting around where Laxus stood. So Laxus decided to take a sniff in the air in the hopes he would get a better idea of where his coveted prey was. It was then Laxus heard the little footsteps sprinting behind him.

"I gotch ya now daddy!" Daimon squealed as he attacked from behind, hugging his Laxus's neck as tightly as a three year old could.

"Ahhh no you got me, I'm defeated at last!" Laxus faked as he "fell" down on the ground and consumed his son in a crushing dead hug.

The little boy, not expecting such treachery from his father, struggled to escape the strong arms that held him.

"Daddy let goes, Is da winnew na yous!" Daimon squealed trying to escape his father's strong clutches.

"No I can't, I'm dead!" Laxus moaned as he held tightly to his baby boy.

For a good few minutes the three year old struggled and struggled till he eventually gave in. At this point Daimon burst into laughter over his daddy's silliness, which Laxus happily joined in on. The two looked absolutely adorable as they laid on the ground and laughed together, the perfect father and son pair.

"Boys it's time for dinner!" Mira called out from the backyard porch with a smile.

"Alright honey we're coming!" Laxus responded as he stood up with Damian tightly in his arms.

"Yeah dinew!" Damian squealed excitedly.

Laxus smiled at his precious son's excitement, his greatest treasure in his life besides Mira. For four years he and Mira had been married, and it was one year after they had received their hard to come by gift, Daimon. They had tried that whole year tirelessly to have a child but nothing seemed to work. However it was well worth it to have their son, even with unforeseen...complications.

"I made your favorite Daimon, roast beef, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots." Mira said happily as she then took Daimon from her husband's arms and sat him in his little booster seat at the table.

"Weawy tank yous mama!" Daimon squealed happily as he looked forward to the meal.

Mira then placed a little plate in front of her son with a good serving of all the parts of their meal. She also placed some cute little utensils that were specifically for her son.

"You're welcome sweetheart, now make sure to eat up as much as possible, especially your carrots. That way you can grow up big and strong like your daddy." Mira said knowing her son luckily loved his vegetables, but still wanted him to eat lots of them.

Daimon nodded vigorously and was about to dig in when his father stopped him nervously.

"Woow woow woow baby, you need to cut up your food there so you don't choke. Here let me do it for you." Laxus said very anxiously, due to his overprotective nature with his son.

Laxus was about to reach over when Daimon whined and stopped him.

"Daaaaaddddyy noooo! Is a big boy an I can cuts my own food!" Daimon said quite firmly.

"Ok ok you can do it bud. Just let daddy know if you need any help." Laxus said with a slight chuckle knowing his baby had such an independent personality.

If there was one thing Daimon was quite adamant about, it was his independence and doing things for himself. He always wanted to do it all himself even when he wasn't ready, the best example being getting himself dressed. He wasn't very successful at it but he did it anyway to prove how much of a big boy he was.

Now as the little toddler cut his food he was quite successful with his carrots, but his meat proved to be a harder task. Daimon tried for so long to slice through his meat but eventually gave in and turned to his father.

"Daddy can yous pweas hewp me?" Daimon asked defeated.

"Of course buddy, I'll get that for you." Laxus said sweetly as he then took his knife and for cutting the meat to toddler appropriate sizes.

"Tank yous daddy." Daimon said sadly.

"Hey now, no need to be sad buddy, you're still very little to do a lot of things on your own. That's why you have mommy and daddy to help you and take care of you." Laxus said as he ruffled the little boys blond and white hair.

Daimon smiled and went back to eating his dinner contently. Mira and Laxus joined in as the family had a nice quiet dinner, but after they finished it was back to play time.

As a family they played a game of cowboys and Indians, Daimon as the cowboy and his parents as Indians. The boy laughed as he roped his family and rode his daddy around like a horse. His laughter was not only adorable but infectious bringing the whole family together happy laughter.

However soon it reached 7:00 which meant bath time for little Daimon. Now Daimon was a good boy and cooperated, but baths were never his favorite thing. This was mostly because he couldn't bath himself, yet again an independence issue. However that night it was Miras turn to operate bath time while Laxus would put him to bed, it was their cycle.

"Ok Mr. It's bath time, so put down your toys. It's time to go upstairs." Mira said as she scooped up her son.

"Awe but I wanna play mowe." Daimon complained.

"The good thing is there's always tomorrow my little spark plug." Mira cooed as she carried her son upstairs for his bath.

Meanwhile Laxus, as he waited, took a bit of a breather on the couch. As he did so he looked at all their photos and memories on the walls. Such happy times and what a perfect mix, look wise, Daimon was of them.

His face was definitely Laxus's but he had beautiful baby blue eyes like Mira. Now his hair was blonde with a white skunk streak but had the spiky and wild texture of Laxus. Personality wise Daimon was definitely Laxus, thus why he was a total daddy's boy. But he was blessed with elements of Mira, particularly her sweetness, a trait Laxus was very grateful for. Overall, it all added to Laxus's deep burning love for his son, a love he felt from the moment the child was born.

It was such a crazy day when Daimon was born, but it was also one of his happiest days of his life, the day he became a dad. He never would have imagined this was going to be his life but boy was he happy with it. He had a beautiful wife, an adorable son, and a successful career as an S-class wizard. What could have been better?

"Laxus we're finished!" Mira called out.

"Coming up babe!" Laxus said as he got up and went upstairs.

Once he got to Daimon's room he saw Mira holding Daimon, who was all wrapped up in his ducky hooded towel.

"Ok sparky let's get you dressed ok." Laxus said as he reached for his baby boy, who reached for him back happily.

He then carried him over to his closet and opened it to the large selection of onesies for sleeping in.

"Ok sparky what's tonight's pj's gonna be?" Laxus said as he adjusted Daimon to make sure he could see all the options.

Daimon looked at all his onesies and eventually decided on a black one with lightning bolts.

"Dat one daddy!" Daimon said as he pointed to the onesie he wanted.

"Ok black with lightning bolts it is." Laxus said as he grabbed it as well as one other thing inside the closet.

Laxus kneed down and set his son down on his feet. He then turned around to grab a little pair of undies, only to see his son was gone nowhere to be seen when he turned back.

"Oh, so its gonna be that kind of a night is it? Well I'm gonna get you!" Laxus said playfully as he looked around the room for his naked little boy.

He looked around Daimon's nursery, but saw no signs of the little tyke. Yet his keen senses could hear mischievous giggling coming from somewhere. Laxus looked to his wife for a hint, to which Mira silently pointed to Daimon's dresser. With a mischievous smile Laxus stocked towards the dresser, now hearing the giggling get louder, till he was in front of one of its doors.

"Gotcha! Rawr!" Laxus bellowed as he opened the dresser and seized the laughing little toddler inside, mira then joining in on the fun.

Daimon squealed with laughter as his daddy and mommy pretended to devour him whole.

"Yum yum yum how delicious naughty little boy is!" Laxus bellowed in a monster voice as he munched and blew raspberries on Daimon's pudgy little tummy.

"Awe yes if only i had some barbecue sauce to go with him!" Mira said as she pretend to munch her son's tiny toes.

As this happened Daimon was as giggly and happy as a little boy could be, loving the full undivided attention he was receiving. Eventually it came time to dress the little boy, done graciously and easily by Laxus, now that Daimon was tired out. Once the deed was done Daimon let out a large yawn as he stood in his adorable footie pajamas, indicating he was tired and ready for bed.

"Ok sparky let's get you all tucked in.." Laxus said as he was about to scoop his son up, until it happened.

Daimon suddenly began to fidget, glow, and almost have seizure-like movements. Except the seizure came from pulses of lightning painfully coming from his tiny little body. The electricity caused the lights to shut off with the only light coming from Daimon's glowing and seizing body.

"Oh no Laxus it's happening, hurry hold him!" Mira yelled calmly but full of worry.

"Don't worry I've got him." Laxus yelled back as he cradled his son tightly in his arms, being the only one who could take the energy he released safely.

This was the complication that came with Daimon's birth. You see when Daimon was born he came out bursting with lightning and great magic power. And just like now Laxus was the only one able to hold him till it stopped.

The doctors explained to Laxus and Mira that their son had a rare condition called Unli-Magic Disorder. A disorder that gave a person a seemingly endless supply of magic energy. At first one would think this was amazing but in reality it was deadly.

Most died at infancy from the magic having no way of escaping the weak new body and causing convolutions that ripped the body apart. Or even if the subject survived infancy and learned to harness it, yes you had an unlimited magic supply. But any over exertion of the power could kill or permanently disable your mind and body.

However, that wasn't even the biggest sting of their son's condition, it was the cause of it. The doctors had also told them the reason their son had such a precarious condition was because the mixture of their blood.

From the high content of bane particles in Mira and traces of lacrama shards in Laxus, the two mutated and fused together into the disorder plaguing their precious little boy. The guilt that filled the two was incomprehensible as the knowledge of what they did to their son filled their minds.

And they were reminded nearly everyday of their crime with Daimon's episodes. They were told these episodes would last up until he was five years old. Then it would mean his body could cycle the energy without forcing itself out of Daimon.

However, until then, one to three times a day Daimon would receive these painful episodes of magic outburst. Strangely he would have no memory of them or even realized they happened, but he would be incredibly tired afterwards and sleep for long periods of time.

Though the real cherry topper to the parents' guilt was that the only way to make the episodes stop, was Laxus would have to hold Daimon and feed off the excess energy. It made Laxus feel like a monster to feed off his own son's power, even if it was out of necessity.

The two hadn't told Daimon about them either and hoped they wouldn't have too. But with each episode the two powerful wizards were terrified they'd lose their son and never see him live past age five.

But hope was still alive as they had the guild's best healer's help, Porlyusica. Nearly every week they took their son to her to check his progress and see what they could do to help him. For now there wasn't much they could do except wait and see what happens, a tortuous process for Mira and Laxus.

"Don't worry sparky daddy's gonna make it go away real soon." Laxus said as he was nearly brought to tears by his son's whimpers of pain.

As Daimon was tightly cradled in his daddy's arms, Laxus opened his mouth and began to absorb the excess lightning coming from his baby boy's body. For a straight minute this went on until Laxus couldn't consume anymore meaning they had to wait until Daimon's body regulated itself.

Laxus did all he could to comfort his son, rocking him, snuggling him, and even singing a lullaby, hating seeing the little boy in any sort of pain. To Mirajane this was pure torture as she couldn't do anything as a mother to help, since she wasn't even able to touch her son. For a straight five minutes the couple waited until at last Daimon was still and the glowing stopped.

"Mira it's over he's finished for now I think. It was a real bad one this time" Laxus said feeling defeated for not stopping it sooner.

"Here let me take him, you've had him for a long time." Mira said, desperate to hold her baby.

With no comment Laxus passed the unconscious boy to Mira and wrapped his arms around the two of them. For a few minutes the family just sat there and calmed down. Mira and Laxus though over their situation, both feeling helpless to care for their son's ailment. Then after a while the two finally put their son in his tiny little bed, but were reluctant to leave him alone.

"Laxus can't he sleep with us tonight, just in case another episode happens." Mira practically begged not wanting her son to be alone in the dark.

"I want to just like you, but it's not what he needs. He needs peace and quiet to recuperate his strength. So as much as it pains me to do this we need to leave him to heal until morning." Laxus said with reluctance spilling out of his mouth.

But despite what she wanted Mira knew Laxus was right, the two of them would just keep waking up and bothering their child rather than helping him.

"I'm afraid you're right but let's get out his baby monitor lacrama to make sure he's ok throughout the night." Mira said as she went to his shelf and pulled out a little white orb.

She then set it next to the bed to serve as a watch and little night light. Mira then took her husband's hand and walked with him out of the room only wishing she could do more for her ailing son. But for now it was alright again and the couple went to sleep in each other's arms. All seemed at peace but little did the Dreyer family know they were being watched.


Outside a pair of stealthily dressed men watched with binoculars and ninja gear as the hung from a tree.

"We've gathered through information sir, should we proceed with the plan?" Asked one of the men through a magic intercom.

"No not yet let us try and do this peacefully first before extreme measures, but we'll be prepared nonetheless." Said a mysterious man over the intercom

So while all seemed peaceful in the light of day in the dark of night evil waited to tear the peace and happiness from all.