A/N: I decided to do this as I can do songs about more than just the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. I have also recently become a fan of the Transformers franchise, particularly the tv series Transformers Prime which most of the TF songs will be placed in. If you have any ideas for songs or such like please leave your requests in reviews or PM them to me. Otherwise, enjoy!

Be Prepared

Summary: Starscream, Airachnid, Knockout and Breakdown are summoned to an unknown location by a mysterious messenger. When they arrive and met, Foul Flight greets them and tells of his plan to overthrow Megatron and become leader of the Decepticons.

Takes place, and will be included, in my future Transformers Prime story that I have yet to title.

Night hung over the forest as the moon glowed white behind a large tree. The branches stretched like black fingers across the white circle. Stars twinkled around while a thin mist hung over the ground slightly obscuring it from view.

Suddenly the silence was broken by a loud hissing sound before a portal of green and white dashed with flickers of purple and gold appeared out of nowhere. A shape emerged from the white centre eventually followed by a clanging as metal feet made contact with the ground. Starscream, former second in command of the Decepticons, looked around before turning his gaze to the remote control for the ground bridge he had acquired from his hideout on the wrecked spaceship, the Harbinger.

He focused on the numbers in cybertronian on the monitor screen with narrowed red optics. "Hmm. These should be the right coordinates." Deciding to take a look around he put the remote away and started forward. His optics glanced left to right. Earlier that day he had recieved a message asking him to come to this forest. Of course had instantly been suspicious becuase for all he knew he could easily be walking into a trap set by Megatron.

As he stepped round a tree near a high bank however he was alerted by the sound of clanking footsteps approaching from his left and right. Glancing to his right he saw Airachnid emerge from the gloom. Like him her optics widened in surprise before he looked to his right in time to see Knockout and Breakdown appear from the shadows behind another tree.

They too seemed surprised to see that they weren't the only ones summoned. "Well, what do you want?" Airachnid asked looking round at the other 'Cons. "What? I don't want anything. Not from you anyway," Starscream answered, surprisingly, being truthful. "Then why did you set up this meeting," the femme went on. "It wasn't me," the seeker replied before glancing at the other two mechs. "I thought you two set it up."

"No," Knockout answered crossing his arms. "Not us," Breakdown added. "We thought it was Dreadwing wanting to discuss something with us." "Then who did?" Airachnid asked as the group cast looks of suspicion at each other. "I did," came a deep voice from above them. They looked up to see a familiar looking Dracocon staring down at them from the to of the bank. "The big bad Dracocon on the bank. I asked you all here to discuss a matter of great importance."

"You find an Iacon relic but can't get it without damaging your wings, Foul Flight?" Airachnid asked sarcastically. Foul Flight ignored her and continued. "I have called you all here to discuss how we may go about removing Megatron, who has been a thorn in our sides for far too long." The other four all stared at him like he had grown a third optic. "Remove Megatron?" said Knockout, raising an eye ridge. "Are you sure your neural net is working correctly."

Said Dracocon looked at him. "That... or maybe it is to do with ther fact that he murdered over half of my kind!" he burst out surprising all of them. "And as such," he went on, calming down. "I have this proposition for all of you. If we work together we can overthrow the lord of the Decepticons, take leadership for ourselves and become what we should have been not what we are now." "How?" asked Breakdown, his optics narrowing slightly.

Foul Flight let out a dark chuckle before he leapt down from the bank and padded towards the quintet of 'Cons. "Megatron has always shown too much restraint when it comes to expectations." When he reached them he slowly began to circle. "When I am lord, the lowly will be free to voice whatever they want. Because a Decepticon's thirst is never quenched."

Airachnid stared at him through narrowed pink optics. "Megatron's far too powerful to challenge," she stated, remembering how she had been floored by his third in command Soundwave when the leader of the Decepticons had been working with the Autobots to stop Unicron the Chaos Bringer from awakening. Starscream nodded in silent agreement also recounting his failed attempts at terminating his former master.

Foul Flight: Megatron is yesterday's message
A clamp down, destructive regime
Whose failings undoubtedly presage
The need for a different dream

Knockout and Breakdown looked at each other with confused gazes before the latter shrugged his arms.

Yes, leonine times are a-changing
Which means that Decepticons must, too
My vision is clear and wide-ranging
And also encompasses you

Smiles began to appear on Starscream and Airachnid's faces as they thought of what they could acomplish without Megatron's heavy handedness restricting them.

So prepare for the coup of the century
Prepare for the murkiest scam

Foul Flight finished a second circle before jumping onto a ledge below the bank he had originally stood upon.

Meticulous planning!
Tenacity spanning!
Eons of denial!
Is simply why I'll!
Be lord undisputed!
Respected, saluted!
And seen for the wonder I am!

He leaned forward his yellow optics glowing with their own light.

Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
Be prepared!

Starscream, Airachnid, Knockout and Breakdown all smiled deviously at this and began to chant along.

Starscream, Airachnid, Knockout and Breakdown: (chanting) Be prepared! Be prepared!
Be prepared! Be prepared!

Foul Flight: Be prepared!

Starscream, Airachnid, Knockout and Breakdown: (chanting) Be prepared! Be prepared!

Foul Flight: Be prepared!

Starscream, Airachnid, Knockout and Breakdown: (chanting) Be prepared! Be prepared!
Be prepared! Be prepared!

Foul Flight: Be prepared!

Foul Flight jumped back to the top of the bank, spread his wings and raised his head to the sky as he held the line.

(Be prepared! Be prepared!
Be prepared! Be prepared!
Be prepared! Be prepared!
Be prepared! Be prepard!

Foul Flight: Be prepared!

(Be prepared! Be prepared!
Be prepared!)

All: Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared
Be prepared!

The five Decepticons all turned to face the moon their arms spread wide their voice high as the last line of the song echoed into the night. With the conclusion of the proclaimation of Foul Flight's plan their optics all gleamed darkly with anticipation. Megatron wouldn't know what hit him before it was too late.

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