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Year: AD 2200 / XX / XX

Location: BLUE - This is a force ...

The BLUE, the heart of the Boundary, the heart of the Azure, a mystical place where almost no being could set foot ... but now, to gain complete control of the True Azure, the two greatest warriors who the world had ever seen.

The first warrior is a young adult with white spiky hair and heterochromia: his left eye being green and his right being red. He wears a vibrant red sleeved jacket with two long thin tails hanging from the back. Under it is a black shirt with three red belts and also several belts covering his right arm. He wears a pair of black gloves with a red shell on the backs of the hands. He wears a black hakama and steel-toed red boots. He also has a small black birthmark on the center of his chest. In his hands he held the Arasama, an enormous buster sword.

His name was Ragna the Bloodedge.

The second warrior instead wears a hooded yellow cape with black markings and large rolled-up cuffs along with long black ribbons and bandages across his arms. He also wears an open shirt beneath his vest that shows his chest, a loose black tie, two belts, black pants and steel-toed-shoes. In each hand, the man held knives.

His name is Yuki Terumi, the one and only true Takehaya Susano'o no Mikoto.

The two warriors attack each other without hesitation, exchanging blow after blow until they stalled, observing each other.

"Dear little Ragna-chan!" Terumi looked at his opponent with amused and sadistic air "Can't wait for the good time you're gonna show me! GYAHAHAHAH!"

"Terumi, I will kill you, you degenerate son of a bitch!" Ragna gripped Aramasa's hilt and then ran towards Terumi, ready to hit him with a blow.

Terumi, however, was not caught unprepared. Crossing the two Balisong knives, Terumi was able to block Ragna's attack.


(Play "Blazblue series OST- Nightmare Fiction")

The Wheel of Fate Is Turning!



"TERUMII!" Ragna yelled as he walked away from Terumi when the latter tried to hit him in the temple with a kick and then attack him.

"Hell's-" Ragna charged Terumi with his left fist imbued with dark energy, but Terumi dropped a knife from his hand so he could parry the attack. Although parried, Ragna managed to fulfill the conditions of his attack. Jumping up his right hand, a huge Black Beast head emerged from the ground "-Fangs!"

Terumi, instead of being frightened, tilted his head back, which was clothed in emerald energy. "Agonizing-" While naming the attack, Terumi attacked the Black Beast with a very violent warhead trailed by an energy snake. "-FANG!"

The two attacks collided, cancelling each other out, allowing the two to back away.

"Is this the best you can do, Ragna-chan?" Terumi mocked Ragna as he ran towards him, the two Balisong Knife clad in the Ouroboros. "Serpent's Cursed Sting !" While Terumi shouted the name of the attack, he tried to slash Ragna in the chest, but the latter managed to parry him with Aramasa and then transform his into his Scythe Mode.

"Blood scythe! This'll leave a mark!" Ragna said angrily as, with a leap, he struck Terumi in the chest with the energy blade and then returned Aramasa a sword.

"Damn-" Terumi backed away slightly as he placed his left hand on his bloody chest, finally starting to laugh. "Eheheh-GYAHAHAHAH! Come here, Ragna-chan! Let's continue!"

"Tch, you degenerate asshole! CARNAGE-" Ragna, brandishing the Aramasa in a reverse-grip, hit Terumi with one of his signature moves. "-SCISSORS!"

"GHHH!" Terumi fell to the ground and then stood up almost immediately when he saw Ragna dash towards him, ready to hit him with a Gauntlet Hades. "Tch, you fucking puppy-" Terumi summoned a chain in his right hand and started juggling it in front of him. "How is it!"

"Wooooah!" Ragna let out a war cry and then hit Terumi but, when his kick was about to hit Terumi, the latter jumped over Ragna while a dozen chains wrapped around the Grim Reaper. "Venomous Bite!" He screamed as he chains making an X shaped slash on Ragna who let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground.

"C'mon Ragna-chan, I'm bored-" Terumi quickly began to touch his own temple "-So you can do better, Ragna-chan! AHAHAHAH!"

Taking advantage of the taunt, Ragna got up and, holding Aramasa, made one of his favorite moves, namely- "INFERNO DIVIDER!" Ragna yelled at the top of his lungs as he hit Terumi and then landed and raised his right hand. "Devour-" Ragna's hand was coated with the Black Beast's claw "-By DARKNESS!". As soon as Terumi fell to the ground, Ragna grabbed him by the head and lifted him off the ground and then completed the attack and let Terumi go.

"Gh ..." Terumi stood up as Ragna stepped back, the Blazblue began to heal him thanks to the fragments of Terumi's soul. 'Shit, he's too strong ...' Ragna thought darkly as he looked down at his right hand, his Azure Grimoire, the Blazblue. 'The only way to really beat him is this ...'

"Pay attention, Ragna-chan! Retaliating Fang!"

"?!" Ragna looked up and his eyes widened when he saw Terumi sprint at him and slashes down with his Ouroboros chain, then sweeps them up with it, forcing Ragna into a coil of chains in midair.

"GAH !" Ragna screamed in pain as he felt the chains tear his flesh. Unfortunately, Ragna's screams were a source of amusement for Terumi, who laughed as he put a hand on his face. "AHAHAH?! Isn't it nice?! GYAHAHAH !"

(End "Blazblue series OST- Nightmare Fiction" and play "Blazblue series OST- Black Onslaught II")

"You-You bastard! NOW I'M ANGRY!" A wave of dark energy from Ragna freed him from the dissipating chains of Terumi.

"Oh? Really? Eheheheh, AHAHAHAH! Then let's start this, Ragna!" Terumi started laughing when he realized what Ragna wanted to do. The latter, in fact, raised his right arm.

"Restriction 666 released. Dimensional interference field deployed-" Ragna's entire body was covered in pure dark energy as a symbol appeared in front of the back of his right hand. "-Idea Engine linked. BlazBlue ... Activate!" When he finished the sentence, the Blazblue was activated in all its glory. A huge shadow of the Black Beast appeared behind Ragna as the Blazblue increased its power out of all proportion.

"Gyahahahah! Do you want to become the Black Beast, Ragna The Bloodedge?!" Terumi laughed as he raised a hand to indicate the Grim Reaper panting as the Black Beast's shadow was behind him. "Have you decided to disappear to destroy this world?!"

"Shut up you degenerate asshole!" Ragna shook his right hand while gripping the Aramasa with his left hand "This isn't the Black Beast's power! This power... is the Power of the Dreams! Everyone's power! MY POWER!"

"Oh my-this is, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst bullshit I've ever heard in my life" Terumi shot a look of disgust at Ragna "Friendship, that's a big load of crap"

"Oh yeah? So let's test your theory-" Ragna raised the Aramasa in front of his "-Yuuki Terumi!"

"All right, let's do it-" Ouroboros began to whirl around Terumi "-Ragna The Bloodedge!"

The two bitter enemies sprinted, ready to attack with pure visceral hatred towards others. Their weapons collided, causing an incredible surge of energy.

Blow for blow, attack after attack, wound after wound, the two opponents continued to fight each other. "TERUMIII!" Ragna clothed the Aramasa with energy and then sprinted against Terumi, with the latter running towards him "RAGNA THE BLOODEDGE!"

Their weapons collided, causing a blinding light and an explosion of energy. When the light disappeared, Terumi was stepping on Ragna's back, lying on the ground.

"Gh…" Ragna tried to get up in vain, but unfortunately he had Terumi's foot on his back.

"It was fun, Ragna-chan, but sadly it had to end. Now I am the only Man of the Azure!" Terumi shouted as he raised his hand, ordering Ouroboros to attack Ragna to kill him but, one step away from being able to do so, a strange event struck the BLUE. Everything around them became static, as if a television no longer had a signal.

"WHAT?!" They both thought when they recognized the event.

"A Phenomena Intervention?! Here?!" Terumi looked around as he saw the event escalate.

Ragna was surprised too, but luckily Noel's voice reached his ears. "Nii-sama! Can you hear me?"

'Saya?! I mean, N-Noel ?!' Ragna thought, who remained silent. He couldn't let Terumi know he was talking to Noel. 'I hope you hear the thought ...'

"Yes nii-sama, I can hear your thoughts! Anyway, nii-sama, I'm forcing one last Phenomena Intervention. I'm rewriting EVERYTHING! This world, people ... EVERYTHING"

'W-What?! WHY?! '

"To prevent Terumi from becoming the Man of the Azure and take the Azure Flaming Grimoire and above all from killing you, nii-sama!"

'No, I-I can beat him Noel-'

"No, nii-sama! Please accept my help-no, our help ... don't take responsibility for the whole world by yourself ... please ..."

'... all right ... Noel, finish this and I promise ... I'll find you! I'll find you and Jin again, I promise!' Ragna thought as he 'closed' the mental link and then took advantage of Terumi's shock to free himself from Ouroboros.

"Damn! W-Wait ... THAT FUCKING DOLL !?" Terumi yelled as he backed away from Ragna. "You two… you are destroying everything! You're restarting everything! "

"That's right Terumi! Everything is about to be restarted ... but this time neither of us will live to be there! YOU WILL COME WITH ME!" Ragna shouted as he took Aramasa and transformed it into its Bloodscythe form. "TERUMIII!"

Terumi spat on the ground and, summoning Ouroboros, began launching various attacks with it against Ragna. "RAGNA THE BLOODEDGE!"

The two attacked several times and, when they were about to hit each other for the last time, the Phenomena Intervention was fully activated, erasing this world for the umpteenth time ...

(End "Blazblue series OST- Black Onslaught II")

? ...

Year: ?

Location: Beacon Academy

"I can't believe that we actually made it!" Yang Xio Long said with tears in her eyes as she smothered her little sister with a huge hug.

"Sis! Now's not a good time!" Ruby tried to object as she struggled out.

"Really, you couldn't save the hugs and kisses for later?" Weiss asked with a sigh. Blake (of course) seemed impartial to all of this. "We're on the display and everyone has their eyes on us, so at least try to make a proper first impression."

"C'mon, don't be so uptight," Yang told her white-haired teammate. "We've got a lot to be proud of, I mean only three teams made it through the trials this year and ours was probably the most-"

"And it seems that our final student have also returned successfully from the entrance missions," Ozpin noted as the screen changed showing the last shadowy silhouettes.

"Wait, there was one more student?" Ruby asked as she looked to Weiss and Yang who looked just as confused as did the majority of the attendees at the assembly. "We… we didn't see anyone else out there that made it, did we?"

"This student had to go through a very different initiation from yours. This made him the only student left. Therefore, I decided to entrust him to a team, making him an integral member of that team." Ozpin smiled at Team RWBY as he lifted one hand towards the huge iron gate of the amphitheatre. The heavy doors leading into the hall finally opened leaving the last student.

"Team RWBY, meet your fifth member-" As Ozpin spoke, the student entered the amphitheater, heading for the stage.

All members of Team RWBY were surprised at the sight of the student: tall, white hair, heterochromic eyes, dressed in red and black and a huge sword hooked behind him. The student is called-

"-Ragna A. Mercury"

Yes, this is how Blazblue's characters were introduced to Remnant: Thanks to a BIG Phenomena Intervention thanks to Saya / Noel / Origin! And now what-

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The first day at the Beacon Academy and, between clashes between members and lessons, Team RWBY tries to make friends with the mysterious Ragna A. Mercury! How will it go-

"Here Comes Daredevil!"

?: Wait a second, kid!

Ruby & Ragna: What ?!

?: * A man enters the room *

Z: Hey, big guy! How are you?

?: I'm fine, thanks Zack

Ragna: Uh, man, just who the hell is this guy ?!

Z: Oh Ragna, he's just the other Arc System Works mascot, Sooool BADGUYYYY !

Sol: Hey

Ragna: The other? Oh, you mean Guilty Gear


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Ragna & Zack: Yep

Sol: Oh for Justice's sake-

Z: Neeext preview guys! Move it on! Do you want to do it Sol?

Sol: Nah, make the other kid do it

Ragna: Hey, shut up, punk!

Sol: You want to-


Preview of the next Chapter ...

When Noel activated the Phenomena Intervention, she wanted to rewrite everything to save her brother Ragna, Jin and her friends ... but she didn't think she had also rewritten another world ...

"Alright ... Asuka R. Kreutz. You're on "

"Thank you ... Frederick"

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