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Jaune's suit was inspired by Dishwasher1910 RWBY 3.0 Jaune, while his armor by Arthur Pendragon (Fate Series), and his Main Weapon by MHW Switch Axe.

as you can see, it was inspired by a bunch of things, making this new Jaune, that since he received training, became OOC.

I do not think it is a SI, or that he is a Mary Sue or (too)OP, but since is my first fic and it may fall under these things without I wishing, so if you think I can get better, please say what is wrong, and how I could improve. spelling errors as well, since I am not a native speaker.

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Jaune hummed as he watched the reprise of the 38th Vytal Festival, granted, the festival took place last year, on Vacuo, but ever since Arcadia declared independence from the Kingdom of Vale, the 'universal' CCT System connection they had went from normal to bad, obviously, the Council of Vale was being petty, asking for 'maintenance fees' in the form of bribes, not that they would ever admit.

Well, Arcadia is petty and vengeful as well, publicly condemning such acts, making the council of Vale look even worse.

He normally doesn't care about these meaningless tournaments that became more of a Dick-Measuring-Contest between the kingdoms than what the Festival was originally made for, through he did watch with his family, that's it, if wasn't the fact that the Council of Vale suddenly had 'maintenance' problems preventing anyone from Arcadia from being able to watch the Tournaments.

Strangely, since even smaller towns and villages, that were farther to Vale than Arcadia, still had their connection.

Well, in the end Arcadia started making her own festivals, and resulted in greater effectiveness against the Grimm than watching some students beat each other with bad Wi-Fi connection, lagging in the middle of a match only to lose the best moments attracted more Grimm after all, and since it was deemed so dangerous, watching tournaments live became something like a unwritten prohibition.

Through it doesn't mean that Jaune isn't interested, only, he had more important things to do rather than watch the past festivals, he only watched the finals and analyzed if he could beat them or not when he had time, something that rarely happened due to him training and his duties to Arcadia or simply lack of interest towards tournaments.

Still, he had time, since he is on Beacon academy finalizing his Acceptance and creating his transcripts ID, and Beacon possessed the best connection to the internet, so he plans in downloading anything he could find at high quality, like movies and series and tournaments in this free week till Initiation.

'I can even make it a homework for the Order, send the videos of the Tournament, and make them analyze each participant, fighting style, if they had their first kill, their semblances, how you would beat them, how would you kill them…'

Jaune hummed, next year, the 39th Vytal Festival will be in Atlas, and while he normally doesn't care about festivals, gaining first place on Atlas while proudly bearing the flag of Arcadia would make Vale Council and Atlas Military annoyed and angry.

Doing it again in the 40th Vytal Festival would be great, but 3rd and 4th Years are discouraged to participate, teams are supposed to participate only once since the festival is once every two years. And the difference between a 1st year and a 2nd year is huge. But a 2nd and a 3rd year not so much. 4th years are supposed to be worried about graduating and doing missions though.

Meaning, he had to do it at his 2nd year, and do it with style, Arcadia never forgets, after all.

"Still… the biggest challenge would be clearly the SDC Mascot, the Goddess of Conquest herself…" Jaune narrowed his eyes "She is probably going to Atlas Academy, since she is best friends with the Co-CEO Winter Schnee… and because of that she has good equipment, good connections, good training, and good resources, above all, she personally has good talent and good work ethic – the only way I could win against her, is due to the fact that he trained to kill people, while she trained to fight on tournaments. Her semblance is busted too, but so is mine… tsk, I'll have to make a training regime specialized to fight and defeat, maybe even kill her..."

Jaune looked to the north, his greatest adversary on his age is probably there, training and sweating.

"Tsk, I'll ask the teachers if I can use the Gym, standing still while others train is annoying." Jaune murmured as he closed his scroll, and headed towards the closest staff.

Pyrrha Nikos closed her eyes as the flash of cameras and reporters tried to burn her retinas, and reporters and paparazzi were annoying her like insects around a flower.

And after her bodyguards tried, and failed, to keep them away and some dared to inappropriate put their mic at her mouth, she snaped.

With a single wave of her hand, the microphone imploded, and with a delicate use of her semblance, the reporter's cameras and microphones gathered in a single point, before transforming into a sphere of broken metal.

Ignoring the mutters of 'Bitch' and 'Violent' she entered the SDC building – few years ago she would've smile prettily and endure the barrage of flashes and fans for hours to no end, now, she didn't really care.

One of the reasons why she was so 'perfect' is the countless contracts that prevented her of saying cuss words or acting against some form of ideal, child-friendly, advertising-image, since she had several contracts that forbid her doing such.

Now, well, her only requirement is winning the tournaments, something she does because she likes winning and competing, only use Dust from the SDC, something that seems more difficult to not to follow.

And the one she likes the most – don't signs autographs nor make interviews.

This means, she can smile and simply ignore journalists and photographers, through this doesn't make her have the right to destroy their properties… at least not in public buildings, the SDC legally-owned land gives her the right to defend herself, even when the 'attack' is touching her inappropriately, like a mic in her mouth, and her 'defense' is destroying all their expensive gear.

Not like the would win, with the SDC lawyers and all.

Nothing more, nothing less… Winter is incredible in helping her leave the shackles of a celebrity behind her, she isn't a celebrity, she is a champion, a winner, a tournament fighter – all other tournament fighters have their own quirks as well, with some being involved in affairs, crime, drugs, rape, and sexual assaults, but even them, the public love them.

Because they see them as tournament fighters – if Pyrrha Nikos did something like that, then hell would break lose… well, no more.

While there is no paparazzi around her, much, and she could even go to a dinner somewhere without disguises since people know she would not tolerate photos or autographs, and this means that she didn't need to act perfect, like her few years younger self, and this also means that she could talk and interact with the high society and other famous people without her fame getting in the way.

This also meant some dates and relationships, but nothing everlasting, through she could now say that she had friends and wasn't a lonely girl as before, and even more, she had a best friend that even gave up her carrier in the military and instead tried to fight for her family name, Winter Schnee, even while the co-CEO of the SDC, having the same amount of shares as Jacques Schnee, still had time for her.

Entering the private elevator for the highest floor, Pyrrha closed her eyes as she thought about her changes.

During her 2nd Tournament, two enterprises came to her in hopes of being her sponsors, Pumpkin Pete's and SDC – and while most would select the SDC, Pyrrha was inclined in sign with the Cereal brand since she frowned at the bad reputation the SDC had.

However, at the tournament she befriended on of her opponents, one that she would latter discover as one Winter Schnee disguised, and find out how much they have in common, since both are famous and annoyed at Paparazzi – Winter suffering more, being the heiress of the SDC and, while at the time the White Fang was still led by Ghira Belladonna and was a peaceful organization, this doesn't mean that the veterans of the Faunus Right Revolution didn't exist, only after Guira stepped down and Sienna Khan, also one of the veterans, these Veterans entered the once-peaceful White Fang and became what they were today.

The Faunus Veterans belonged to several gangs and organizations at that time, and one of them attacked the disguised Winter Schnee with the intent of killing – and Pyrrha was in the way.

Only due to her semblance they survived the bullets and grenade fragments, and at the bare age of 14, she experienced the trauma of killing someone, only the fact that Winter Schnee was injured and dying kept her going on.

Long story short, they became sister-in-arms, and Winter would reveal herself as a Schnee – the only reason Winter went to Mistral was because she wanted to compete in the tournament.

And much to Pyrrha guilty, not like it was her fault since Winter was the emotionally unstable one, the fact that Pyrrha easily fought and defeated her made Winter Schnee to activate her semblance summon in response of her frustration and raging emotions, and while most of the audience, Pyrrha included, though it was her awakening her semblance, the Faunus Extremists knew it was a Schnee thing.

And this led to the attack where they would become friends, and her accepting the SDC contract even when she frowned at their business practice.

And with the contract, came the change, at the finals of the 2nd tournament she stopped hiding her semblance, and due to the contract she actively incorporated Dust, at her 3rd she changed her main weapons to suit it, Miló and Akoúo̱ became Dust infused due to the SDC connections, and at the 4th she clearly had close ties with the Atlas Military since she used some prototype weapons, a mix of sword-slash-green energy beams that floated using her semblance, called Floating Array.

She gained her new nickname of Goddess of Conquest after she, in Winter's words was "Frankly terrifying when she used her own semblance to float and defeated all the other participants at the same time in a free for all."

She sighed, while getting stronger was addicting and exiting, the fact that she didn't have any challengers was, in a way, depressing and tiresome – even fighting against all competitors of the Mistral Championship at the same time wasn't difficult. A simple, yet powerful and dust infused, use of her Polarity semblance with Gravity Dust was enough to render most weaponless, and the few armored with metal, well, their stupidity in fighting her while her semblance is public knowledge made them be sent outside the ring.

The rest was just flying and shooting – through due to that, new rules about flying were made. Not like there was any challenge of fighting in the tournament anymore.

As the elevator reached the top, she then walked towards her destination.

There, she saw her Winter Schnee buried in documents, seeing the white haired girl, at the mere age of 18, one year older than her, trying her best in compete against her own father – and managing it, made Pyrrha smile.

While she didn't soften her steps, she also didn't step harder to caught her attention, but even then Winter's attention was in the large pile of documents, not noticing her presence.

'Her reflexes dulled.' Pyrrha noticed, truly, the lifestyle of a CEO had made the previous 2nd Place in the Mistral Championship, lower than top 10 at the lack of any training.

'Her combat capabilities decreased, this means that her excuse of not needing bodyguards isn't as effective, we will have to talk about that… but first.' With a single move, Pyrrha grabbed the stern white-haired girl and planted and deep and wet kiss on her lips.

"!" Winter tried to resist, but after seeing who it was, relaxed – and in an impressive grappling move, turned the table, literally, and stood mounted on top of Pyrrha as the couple were in the floor and paper flew around.

"I thought you went to Vale already." Winter said between kisses.

"I wanted to say goodbye first." Pyrrha replied, needy, as her hands were busy removing the needless barriers between their bodies.

"Oh?" Winter smiled teasingly "Didn't you give me Good-bye in the morning, and yesterday in the bath, them in the couch, and in all rooms of our mansion in this past week?"

Pyrrha blushed, but didn't deny nor stopped the undressing.

"That's because I will miss you." Pyrrha said between breaths.

Winter however smiled warmly, and gently kissed her – a chaste and simple kiss that made Pyrrha stop her lust-filled act.

"You don't need to follow the plan, your popularity is powerful in Mantle, and Atlas is also under my influence, with even the Happy Huntress at our side, Mistral will always back up their Goddess, we don't need Vale and Vacuo influence as well… and Weiss will miss you." Winter sighed as they hugged.

Pyrrha smiled at the mention of Winter's little sister of 4 years. The 14 years old Schnee was a lonely girl that loved to sing, yet hated to sing. She smiled when she heard that the little girl would follow her to Beacon.

Heh, when Pyrrha enters her 4th year, Weiss will enter the 1st year, she would await the girl there… however sad and lonely she will get in Vale, in Beacon, she is doing it for her, for Winter.

For the girl that sees her as Pyrrha Nikos, not the Invincible Girl, nor the Mistral Champion, nor the Conqueror of – well, she did conquer Winter's heart, and weirdly, her fans didn't cause much fuzz when they discovered that she was in a lesbian relationship with the Schnee heiress.

Rather, their popularity increased dramatically.

Still, Winter Schnee was someone that knew Pyrrha Nikos on her best and worst, she did know of her fame, but didn't mind nor changed her behavior – and Pyrrha did the same for Winter, the ex-heiress, the Schnee, the now co-CEO of he SDC, there was no need of fake smiles nor acting like the Nice-girl nor the perfect Schnee.

They were just two girls in love… trying to usurp the richest company of Remnant but still.

"I don't need to, but I want to… and you talk to much." Pyrrha smiled bashfully, Winter smirked, and bodies collided.

Lie Ren closed his eyes as the boat shook gently.

Currently, with Nora, they were going to Beacon by sea, to the best Huntsman Academy of Remnant from Mistral.

'No… I saw the beast… We need a Huntsman, and you two need to leave.'

And then… then maybe, they can take vengeance against the beast.

'Take action, son, for you, for Nora…'

The beast that took their home from him… from them.

Looking at the side he saw his… his little sister, Nora Valkyrie.

After the Ren family caught Nora rummaging their trash, Lie Ren took action, and adopted the stray Nora as one of their own.

While didn't change her Valkyrie surname, she added the Ren family surname.

At the time, he was happy in gaining a little sister, with her, his father started to teach him how to use a bow and a knife, and martial arts, and Nora learned how to sew and cook, but also started getting part time jobs like lumbering and smiting since she didn't like to fight and was afraid of blood, yet wanted to support the family that adopted her.

They had blissful 3 years of peace and training… before the attack of the Nuckelavee making their village fall, making their family, die.

Only by unlocking his semblance they managed to survive, true, they did manage to help few others thanks to their limited training… that's it, till some of the more desperate of the survivors tried to force himself on Nora.

Then blood spilled. And he learned that the hand that you save today, may try to rape your little sister tomorrow.

Thus, instead of going to the next village, Ren was suspicious, two kids, with aura unlocked, were probably good goods on the slave market.

Who knows if going to an orphanage was a death trap? Like the traps his father taught him how to ensnare rabbits, only, Nora and him were the rabbits this time.

So instead they went to the wilds, fighting Grimm, bandits, selling pelts, using the forge, hunting and living of the land.

It was dangerous, making them learn that carrying secondary weapons was a necessity when fighting against bandits, Nora transformed her hammer into an axe with lightning Dust, Grimm were slow and required powerful attacks, but Humans and Faunus required a much faster weapon.

Ren still used a Bow as primary weapon, through one suited for Hunting Grimm and Bandits with Aura instead of game, he wore more armor after a gruesome fight, when he was shot after his aura broke.

He then learned the bitter lesson that while Aura was an amazing shield, and that Armor didn't do much against Grimm… it did wonders against bullets. And it literally saved his life after the many times his lower than average aura broke, and Nora freaked out and crafted him armor, for both of them.


Lie Ren sighed, they loved each other, yet they were also step-siblings.

"They say that teams of Beacon are like family… I wonder if they can be trusted…" Ren muttered as he cautiously watched the other passengers.

"Even if they aren't… I just need to protect Nora and eliminate all targets. As always."

Jaune sighed as he finished his reports and sent to Arcadia, yawing as he stretched, he finally was free.

No reports, no siblings, no responsibility, no bandits and Grimm… while he would inevitably have to return to his post, at least till Beacon started he had free time to do whatever he wanted… something weird to him.

Being the firstborn of the Arc family, he had a lot of responsibilities and expectations on his shoulders…something that he turned into fuel and drive, training and studying since his parents expected the best of him, add being the eldest brother and having seven little sisters, then he truly was 100% busy.

Thinking about it, ever since he asked his father for training when he was a little boy, he never had time for comics and playing, it was studying and training all the time, something he complained but dutifully completed and surprised the expectations put on him.

No two ways about it, Jaune was a genius, learning in 1 year what others took 4 years, his aura was massive, and his semblance was game changer.

His father once jokingly said that he could enter Beacon without any training, and in a year reach his peers, and two years reach huntsman level, leaving only the best at his side.

Something he disagreed, things like Grimm Studies, Dust Manipulation, Mechashift knowledge, Aura Technique, Martial Arts, Body Conditioning, required years upon years to master.

Through, he did agreed that with his semblance and large aura capabilities, adding some intensive workout and fighting lessons, he could, maybe.

Through, Jaune knew himself, he ran on expectations and pressure, thrived on motivation and willpower, if he entered Beacon without training, this either meant that his father never taught him, or worse – and knowing his family, they would say to him to give up, making his self esteem go all time low. Doing things half-heartedly, not studying even if he entered on Beacon.

Also, this would meant that the Headmaster of Beacon accepted someone without any aura and training… if he accepted due to his family name and potential, then he would be a cunning man looking for pawns, and if not… then Beacon security would suck balls.

He shook his head, he had free time, time that he could spending training, again… but maybe visiting Vale would be a good idea, he did spoil his little sisters after all.

Through, not enough to play crossdress, or being babied, he had a reputation to maintain after all, and he disciplined his little sisters when his parents were busy – plus, he doesn't like to be spoiled, but like to spoil others.

Through he did agree in being their dance partners, most due to his mother teaching him that etiquette and acting being a crucial art to either raise his reputation or deceiving enemies – he would have to deal with the Council after he inherited Arcadia after all, knowing politics would be the minimum requirement in talking with the two-faced snakes, as his mother call the Vale Council.

"Acting and Etiquette to deal with devils… heh, and I remember that I wanted to be a hero when I was young… well, I can let my little sisters be the hero and save he world, I, however, will be the anti-hero, and kill anyone that the hero cannot defeat… after all, Arcadian Motto is, Family First."

Nodding to himself, he planned to buy some things for his little sisters on Vale, he did have a lot of budget after all, and the bullhead he came to Vale belongs to Arcadia and can fit a lot of things… word to mouth that you could get hold of information and goods in a place called 'The Club', and since the Council of Vale won't sell him even Dust, let alone training gear and weapons, he would have to find other sources.

"For Arcadia." Jaune muttered, while dealing with the black market isn't something he likes to do, it is necessary, and while is illegal, Jaune doesn't think is morally wrong.

Good enough for him.

"I've heard that Mistral has a technique where one could pour aura into a Grimm to make it explode, and a defensive one that you can create a barrier – famously used on the Mistral Tournament, the Mistral Aura techniques are superior to any other Kingdom, and it could be a good addiction to the Order… through, with my semblance, I can perfect and adapt the technique for our soldiers, making it simpler, or better…" Jaune's head was filled with ideas.

Above all, the though of learning a new technique, master it, improve it, and teach to his family brough joy to him.

His family getting stronger, Arcadia getting stronger – it brough a sense of satisfaction and pride to him, he remembered when he was young and played RPGs and RTS games where his nation grew into power, now, he was doing it live and real, and the satisfaction was even bigger and tangible than some zeros and ones.

"Family… hm, aren't the teams something like family? I wonder if my semblance will work on them, a good way to see who I can trust, and who I should kill…" Jaune brough his aura, and activated his semblance, glowing gold for a moment;

Jaune Arc stood in front of the locker's mirror, satisfied with what he saw – the rigid diet and training brough forth his full potential, he didn't really believe when his father said that sleeping early and eating vegetables made you grow, but it worked.

His endocrinologist told him that his genes would enable him to grow between 183 to 185 centimeters naturally, but now, he is 191 cm and growing.

His musculature and thickness show his drive and dedication, his tattoos shows his allegiance, and above all, his callous shows his hard work.

Yet, the surrounding students look at him with disdain, or horror.

After all, having too much scars for a Huntsman means you don't know how to fight, or is dumb… but that's till they realise what kind of scars he has. With a body that is filled with scars, claws from Grimm or bullet holes from bandits, but what others saw a broken body, Jaune instead sees a tempered steel, beaten and melted, broken and reforged.

Jaune looks at the mirror, his once gentle blue eyes, said to be of an angels by his sisters and mother, are now hardened and sharp as default, only softening around his family.

Long blond hair failing on his shoulders, like a golden waterfall, due to actually wanting to look good for his younger sisters and leading militia he knows how appearance and first impressions are important, thus his hair is well cared and his clothes are all stylish, like all huntsman have.

Jaune ties his hair with a simple ponytail, and looks at his scars and abs, a memory flashes.

A young Jaune, 7 years old, cute beyond belief with bright innocent eyes, he laughs and runs to his father that just came back from a mission, with mouth stained with chocolate and wielding a comic book on his tiny hands.

"Dad! I want to be a hero! I will defeat the Grimm and protect my little sisters!"

His father smiles gently, he just came back from a dangerous mission with his team, but they all returned alive, however he acknowledge that he and his team are getting old, and maybe, one day he won't come back…if that happens he wants his son to be able to protect the family on his stead.

"Sure, but to be a Hero you need to train hard." his father smiled.

"I can do that! I can train, super-duper-hard! And become the strongest hero ever!"

"This also means to sleep early and wake up early, to eat all your vegetables, and having a strict diet without chocolate and…dinosaurs shaped nuggets." His father said in a serious tone.

Jaune visibly pales…and closes his eyes, but with tears and snot staining his face, he nods – for his sisters, for his family, for his dream…

"But…can I eat regular shaped nuggets?" he tasasdasried to compromise.

His father laughs.

Smiling at the memory he puts his clothes, composed of bulletproof fashionable white pants, and black shirt, with a white jacket and red tie to complement it, and even a golden watch on the right wrist, and while they are all materials made for huntsman, he does look like a noble from high society wearing those clothes. For weapons, he has black combat gloves, with metallic plating covering from knuckles to the wrist.

Closing right hand where the golden watch is strapped, he will his aura forming small cracks of electricity, the Wristwatch is a compartment of Electric Dust that connects with his glove, not enough to kill Grimm but does wonders as a surprise attack against Huntsman, since Aura doesn't fully protect from electricity, sadly it has only a single yet powerful charge – the small test cost 1% of the total charge.

Jaune put a necktie pin with an Ice Dust compartment, it could be used to cool himself, close wounds with ice, or a small makeshift ice bomb when needed.

Then shin-high combat boots, with metallic components, noticeable on the shin and toe caps, flexing his toes a little makes hidden blades come from the soles of the boots before retreating, using his aura, the metal part of the shin expands to cover the knees.

With Crocea Mors on the bed with a handgun at the side, a suit that works like armor he could be considered light armored and armed for a huntsman.

Four years after he asked to be trained, for the first time, he saw his father drunk.

The 11 years old Jaune frowned, his father Huntsman's training was tough, but he could already defeat a Level 1 training Bot using different weapons, equivalent of a First Year Combatant that studied under these combat schools, a first year needs to be 13 years old so he is basically 2 years ahead of everyone else.

He also knows first aid and had survival training, even a bit of mechashift weapon knowledge.

However, his pride for his accomplishments were erased at the visage of his father, the strongest person he knows, look defeated.

A mission gone wrong, his father was the only one that returned, his team is no more, Alexander Arc decided to retire as a hunter, and now is the Chief of Militia of their village.

"You should give up being a Huntsman, Jaune… I won't train you anymore." Alexander sighed in defeat, instead of training Jaune to be a huntsman, he is now drilling the militia.

However, Jaune didn't give up, instead he trained even more, too much, too hard, and ended up injured.

On the hospital bed, his father asked why he is training so hard.

"The more I sweat in training, the less I bleed in combat, you said that to me… but what if I sweat blood in training? Will I lose less blood in combat, will my companions be hurt less? Maybe, maybe not, but if I lose a companion in combat, it won't be because I didn't train hard enough!" Jaune said with conviction.

Alexander just looked at his son, cursed, and left.

After Jaune left the hospital, his father appeared again.

"I can train you again, but not as a huntsman, but as a warrior." Alexander said serious.

"What is the difference?" Jaune frowned, ever since he was little, all he wanted was to be a Hero, like the stories his father told him when he was little, like his ancestors.

"A Huntsman fights Grimm, a Warrior fights People… a Huntsman have their aura unlocked, a Warrior awakens it – a Huntsman relies in their weapon and semblance, a warrior on his experience and technique, you will lose specialization in exchange of variation, and… even if you are ambushed, drugged, and weaponless, you will not be unarmed – learn the art of swords, shields, spears, bows, throwing knives, daggers, small guns, unarmed, unorthodox and even mounted (on cars and bikes) fighting styles – a knight is no one-trick pony my dad would say… it is not a fighting style, is a living style… after the training you will be incapable of trusting strangers, and you will have difficulties in making friends, maybe even die alone – in exchange… in exchange, if you finish your training, all friends you have will probably, no they will, survive... you do realize that your ancestors were all Warriors and Soldiers, right? We just changed one word for 'Monsters'." Alexander said with a dark visage, Jaune noticed anger, rage, regret.

He then understood, People, his father's teammates didn't fall from Grimm, but from People…no, from Monsters in Human and Faunus skin. His father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather - he always heard stories about them fighting Monsters and saving the day... but if these monsters were People... then.

Jaune breathed. In. Out. In. Out.

His father is the strongest person he knows, and yet the enemy that he fears the most isn't Grimm, but People.

People…He remembers Jeanne, how she is bullied by other children, his little sister, the 4th Born of the 8 scion of the Arc family suffers from other people, Jaune was punished several times by beating those bullies, be boys or girls, sometimes those children were cruel and almost caused permanent damage by pushing Jeanne in the pool when she didn't know how to swim.

People were dangerous even in this safe town of Arcadia, Jaune's eyes narrowed, outside, people must be monsters.

"I, I Accept this Oath."

Jaune's training changed, instead of learning how to do powerful swings to cut Grimm in half, he is learning how to feint and do swift strikes in vital points, how fight dirty and mean, how to use anything and everything to win.

How to fight barehanded, fight when using civilian clothes, fight using furniture and improvised weapons, fight to kill people. If not kill, cripple, if not cripple, cause pain and stun.

And after 3 years of life and death training, he managed to unlock, no, to awaken his own aura.

Some say that there is no difference between awakening and unlocking aura, some say that those that awaken their aura have stronger semblances because their souls, their will are stronger – this, people cannot measure.

Yet this is only the beginning, his suit is the first layer of armor and he uses as his civilian clothes, a Knight uses 3 layers of armor after all, Light, Medium and Heavy armor – traditionally Arcadian Knights use Gambeson, Chainmail, and finally Plate.

A large black coat reaching his shins, loose overall with thick paddings in the shoulders and upper back, the fact that it is open in the chest area makes it a great armor failure for style.

Then Jaune 'flex' his aura making the thick material glow with golden runes, revealing the coat to be Dust Woven made to resist Dust instead of using it. A Hard-light Dust woven to form of automatic last resort defense, acting like another layer of armor.

A fourteen years old Jaune looks at the bandit in front of him, his father and other retired hunters were hunting a gang that appeared on Arcadia, Humanity's Pride they called themselves, they were scum but didn't do anything great enough to warrant murder.

Till now, a family of Faunus was attacked, the husband killed and the wife and daughter… didn't wish to live anymore, their antlers were removed, and their bodies…violated.

Jaune knew the daughter, she is at the same age as him and she is one of the few children that is taking first aid lessons from Arcadia Hospital.

The girl that laughed and smiled is no more, only a shell of her former self, he is the one that found her body, after the incident she snuck out of the hospital and entered the area where they learn how to apply medicine, she applied lethal doses of painkillers, and as they learned on class, it killed the people by making them sleep dreamlessly, sleep…forever.

For the first time, the concept of death kicked in. the girl would not awaken anymore.

Her suicide letter told them that she couldn't sleep because of the nightmares, thus she wanted a dreamless dream.

"Please, I have a wife and a little boy!" the bandit pleaded, his arms and legs were broken, fully incapacitated, after seeing the corpse of the girl he took Crocea Mors and rushed outside, the adults weren't doing anything, something about politics and council son, mayor friend, a bunch of idiotic things.

"I am friends with the mayor! If you kill me, your family will be expelled from Arcadia even if your family founded it! The Council of Vale appoints the Mayor, unless you want for you family to suffer, you can't kill me!" he half-bragged and half-pleaded.

Jaune hesitated slightly, then his head shook and he fell, he touched his head, blood, and looked at the side, another gang member holding a shotgun – he was shot in the head, his aura protected him from the worst, still hurt.

His eyes lost focus, he dropped his guard, but his mind didn't, it only changed from incapacitate target, to eliminate target.

His sword moved before he could think, beheading the man with the gun instead of cutting the gun.

"M-Monster! Your family will die! All your sister will be taken as reparations for this!" the incapacitated bandit shouted, Jaune frowned again, the memories of the girl fresh on his head, now with his sisters included.

He raised his sword, with the same eyes he used when killing training robots, to kill enemies.

Only to have his father hold his arm.

"Remember, Jaune, the difference between a Warrior and a Murderer"

A Warrior kill enemies because it needs, a Murderer because it can… the bandit is defenseless and incapacitated, the Warrior's code forbids him from killing him…no, killing it. A warrior follows a code, a murderer follows nothing, if he doesn't want to be a murderer, he needs to follow the code.

Jaune nodded and left the scene, then reality hits him, of the fact that he took a life, a person's life, with dreams, family, desires, regrets…he felt sick, wanted to cry and vomit, to hide, to wash his hands, he felt dirty, like a monster…

'No, not a person, a monster…they are the true monsters' he rationalized, Dina was a sweet Faunus girl that didn't deserved to die…

'My sisters…would be afraid of me…? Of what I became?' he felt afraid, but the though of those…monsters in skin letting their sights on his little sisters made all his sickness and desire to cry disappear, only a cold determination left behind.

"A lone path, my family will be afraid of me, my people will be afraid of me, yet they will be safe… then so be it!" His bright blue eyes hardened, becoming cold like steely like a blade.

Not noticing the audience giving him a wide berth as they say the boy with a bloodstained sword.

Jaune grabs a large metal case at the side of his bed that can pass out as guitar-case, opening it reveals to have an egg-shaped mechashift gear, a single inactive gauntlet, a waist belt filled with vials and ammo, and a golden armor circlet like Mistral Champion, but fashioned like a crown instead.

Mechashift Armors in compact form.

Grabbing the metal Egg he touches it, making the uneven egg open and expand forming a chestplate armor with shoulder pads included, the white and gold armor seems simplistic, and resemble the ones his Great-Great-Grandfather used that only covered the upper chest, only bulkier and covering more, with the right shoulder possessing a larger shoulder pad.

However, Jaune uses his Aura to make the armor change from inactive to active, the shoulder pads expand like mechashift gear, the right shoulder pad envelops his right arm forming a gauntlet and elbow armor, it covers the arm smoothly as if being guided by something.

The left arm reaches only the biceps, while the chestplate collapses downwards forming faulds, skirt, protecting the front and back, metal pads reaching mid-tights, and part of the armor expands upwards protecting his neck reaching his chin.

Jaune stood above the corpse of an Elder Deathstalker, his first Elder Grimm Kill, a week after his first people kill, not a single injury on his body, his aura still 100%.

"…This Grimm could kill dozens of bandits, and yet I received more damage from a bandit than this Deathstalker" Jaune muttered, because some Gang members escaped and returned with reinforcement, the morale of Arcadia is low, thus attracting more and more Grimm.

"After cleaning up the outside, it will be time to clean up inside." He mutters as several Beowulves appear.

"Monsters, all of them, shall be killed."

He ties with a large belt on his waist filled with dust vials and ammo rounds, the belt has the Arc symbol on it, shiny and gold and very eye-catching, making the people focus their eyes in the crotch, something his mother said is important for the continuation of the Arc family, taping it, the belt also collapses downwards, creating large faulds on the side of the tights, that connect with the faulds from the chestarmor and boots.

Jaune is in a hospital bed, again, after cleaning the Grimm outside the town he was ambushed by all the members of Humanity's Fist, it seems that the person he killed was the brother of the gang leader, and thus all the remaining members gathered to kill him in vengeance.

He was exhausted from fighting Grimm, but he still had 50% remaining since his father always told him to not exhaust himself if he doesn't have backup, there are still Grimm around the village, but after it reached half of his total amount he returned from the Grimm hunt.

A good call, had he exhausted himself…it would be him dead outside, and not the 23 corpses of the attackers, while only the leader had aura, and all of them were armored with guns, Jaune was armored this time.

"Jeanne…are you not afraid of me?" Jaune asked his little sister, since she is always in the hospital she was the first to visit him.

"Why would I be?" she giggled at his silliness, Jeanne, or as her Color-Coded name dictates, Bleu, was born sickly, she was only 3 years younger than him, yet was weaker than the youngest.

"Because, I have blood in my hands, I am a monster." Jaune said as he looked at his hands, as if still seeing the blood he spilled.

"No, not a monster…a knight, a protector, we don't fear you for killing, not my sisters, not my classmates, by the Ancestors, some girls, Faunus ones in the majority, are asking me if you are single!" Jeanne laughed, like always, like before he took a life.

Jaune was wide eyed, then his cold eyes became warm again, a monster wouldn't make his sister laugh carefree, a monster wouldn't make them feel safe.

Then he remembers that the leader of the gang was the son of one of the council members, Jaune gritted his teeth, to protect his family, he needs to leave…

Finally, he grabs the left-gauntlet, expanding it into a wrist crossbow for a moment, the huge size shows that there are still hidden functions on the gauntlet.

A mother's instinct is really something, she sensed when Jaune was preparing to leave, and ambushed him, used all sort's of mother's techniques to make him spill out his problems, Jaune cried and confessed his fears and his goals, obviously he was slapped silly, his mother may not be a huntress, not anymore, but she still leagues apart from Jaune.

Only, he didn't know she could fight till now.

A week latter, Arcadia declared independence from Vale, with his Mother, Altria Arc assuming the position of Village Chief, and the mayor disappearing mysteriously.

"Remember Jaune, I may be the strongest Huntsman of Arcadia…but your mother is the Strongest Warrior." His father warned.

Putting the Armor Circlet that resembles a crown, Jaune at that moment looks exactly like a prince charming, or so his little sisters say, well they helped design the armor after all, however, that's till he expands the golden circlet, with two winged headpieces at the side covering his ears and cheeks, a Wind Dust Crystal attached in the center.

Many would say about how impractical it is or laugh at the weird wing details, that's till Jaune puts it in active mode, the circlet collapses, one wing slide downward covering the nose and mouth as well as the ears and cheeks, a black visor slides down and cover his eyes, acting like a scroll display showing how much aura he has and some other details, same technology used by the Atlas Soldiers Helmet, the other wing covers the remaining of his skull, the circlet became a full helmet, airtight with the Wind Dust crystal providing oxygen.

A king no more, only a knight armor's this time, Jaune flashes his aura one more time, all armor components connect with each other, forming an full body white plate armor with golden lining, and black cloth underneath the gaps of the armor, more noticeable under the thighs faulds as they reaching his shin.

A dashing sight for all others initiates, a true knight in shinning armor, either by the dashing figure or by the fact that he is wearing full plate armor in less than a minute even when doing it casually.

A 15 years old Jaune holds a wooden staff with his right hand, around him a group of youngsters and even few adults, his little sisters included, moaning in pain.

All of them with Aura unlocked, all of them armored, using live ammo, using sharpened steel to attack Jaune, all of them bruised and moaning in pain.

Declaring independence of the Council of Vale had its demerits, like Bandits flooring nearby and thus increasing the amount of Grimm, yet because they don't need to pay protection taxes the town is richer, being able to buy stronger defenses, and also attracting all kinds of people of all kinds of life, with the common goal of not liking the council of Vale.

Some bad, some good, the good people boosted the power of Arcadia, retired hunters or discriminated people, most Faunus, saw Arcadia like a paradise.

The good brough with it knowledge, from the villages outside Mistral protection with aura techniques and blacksmithing, from the Mantle refuges, possessing Dust refining knowledge and food preservation, from Vale's surrounding villages with construction and blacksmithing, Vacuo knowledge about farming and gathering.

Retired Huntsman, Veterans, all grouped together in making this place thrive, scientists and free-thinkers, teachers and trainers, people that did not bow to the council, and suffered for it.

However, also came the bad, The bad and thieves tried to use Arcadia as a base, since the Council didn't have jurisdiction here, but this forced the Arcadians to create a police, dubbed as Knights, to hold the law.

Unlike police however, the Knights were allowed kill, in Arcadia having money and status didn't save you.

Arcadia prospered fast in this year, recruits for the Knights Order were all time high, but with prosperity came greed bandits, with more people and bandits came more Grimm.

Jaune narrowed his eyes, for now the prosperity is brining more good than bad, the moment it changed however, he would cease the applications of immigrants.

The fact that they killed the leader of one of the human supremacists organization attracted a lot of Faunus, but with Faunus came the extremists, some group called White Fang…till now they didn't do anything against Arcadia, and they are a peaceful organization, however, word to mouth is that the High Leader will step down, but till they not change they will let them be, but if they start to do something…well, killing all Humanity's Pride members worked, so Killing all White Fang may work as well, with all sympathisers expelled.

He was the heir, after all, and this isn't a democracy.

"Family first" he muttered, for his family, he would become a tyrant if needed.

He dodged another blow and kicked the attacker in the butt, Jaune is the trainer of the Militia today, and he is making sure that they loyalty is to Arcadia.

Jaune makes the armor returns to their inactive form, making him look more regal instead of knightly.

Finished with the armor, he takes the sheathed sword from the bed and straps on the left side of the belt, one that was once know as Crocea Mors, albeit modified and noticeable larger and longer.

On the right he straps a revolver, simple yet reliable, through those that know weapons would notice that this one is filled with attachments making it less gun and more cannon, a single function of shooting six times and killing six enemies without mechashifting. Through it is strange as it posses two triggers.

A 16 years old Jaune hugged the still body of Jeanne, her aura depleted, her lungs pierced, her skin burned… even with medical help, she would die in few minutes, her lungs stopped working at the moment of the injury, and her heart stopped few moments before Jaune reached her.

The White Fang movement tried to take Arcadia from the Arc family, like the Arc family took Arcadia from the Council of Vale.

They were too nice, since the White Fang didn't bother them, they didn't bother them.

A mistake, Terrorists, all of them, like Humanity's Pride the White Fang is no better, attacking children and innocent.

Terrorists are enemies, like bandits, like Grimm.

And enemies of Arcadia shall die.

His aura flared, his semblance awakened, lungs repaired, skin grew anew, bullet wounds closed, she breathed.

Jaune sighed in relief, then his eyes raged, his semblance, Aura Amplification, focused on his own aura.

His eyes glowed white, his voice carried power, echoing all around Arcadia.

"Arcadia was founded by the Arc family a hundred years ago, 50 years ago we gave up the ownership to the council of Vale because of the wish of the majority of the population, we reclaimed the ownership back because it caused problems for the minority of the population the Faunus-kind…and now the majority wants something again, Arcadia may have 63% of its population Faunus, but this isn't a democracy, this is a City State, and ruled not by humans, but by the Arc Family!"

His aura flared around him life a white fire, Jaune jumped to the highest building and grabbed Crocea Mors with his right hand, while still carrying the sleeping Jeanne with his left.

The One-handed sword and scabbard mechashift into a Zweihänder, 1.5 meters blade, 0.5 meters handle, Jaune carried the sword single handed and waved it towards the Masked Faunus.

An Arc of Aura flew and cut all of them in half.

"All Terrorists shall die, all Sympathizers shall be expelled…and I want the leader of this rebellion captured" Jaune shouted with rage and murder.

The Knights of Arcadia followed suit, the voice of Jaune energized them, and resonated with their auras, 70% of them being Faunus-kind, slaughtering the White Fang terrorists like the monsters they are.

"For Arcadia!"

Then, the puts a large dark blue cloak that covers his person entirely, armor, weapon and face, but not inconspicuous at all since the dark blue is eye-catching, the material looks expensive, and the golden lines makes it look regal.

Jaune then grabs the square metal box and puts on his back.

Metallic in texture, black in color, with reinforced edges, and around 120 cm length, 40 cm width, 15 cm depth, with two silver moons covering most of the case, and above all the white handle is large and artistic, It does look like a two-handed melee weapon grip.

A full geared 17 years old Jaune looks at the Goliath in front, the several Beowulves around him, and few bear-sized Nevermores flying above.

He grabs the handle of the box and press a button, making it slide from the center to the side of the case, Jaune grasps the handle like a weapon, and uses the box like a shield against all the projectile feathers of the Nevermores while crouching.

Eclipse Silvermoon 'Box-Mode' – compact mode, looks like a guitar case, easy to carry.

As the feathers stop failing the Beowulves jump at him, yet with a easy swing he smashes the cannon-folders to others, He points his Crossbow Gauntlet to the sky and shots a grappling hook at the flying Grimm and uses his Aura to recoil the rope while jumping.

The Grimm falls to the ground as Jaune rises to the sky, meting it midair with the help of the rope, and when he reaches near it, he cuts in half with a massive double edge axe.

3.5-meter length black poleaxe, double edge with the Silver Moons being the blades, one being a Crescent Blade Edge, the other being a Curved Blade Edge.

Eclipse Silvermoon 'Axe-Mode' – Weapon made to kill Grimm, with most weight centered around the tip.

The several Dust chambers in the middle of the blades glow, as Jaune falls towards the Goliath, with the Crescent Blade sliding down to the handle and the Curved blade following switch, morphing the 3.5-m ')-)'dual-axe to a 3-m single edge 'S' shaped sword.

Eclipse Silvermoon 'Sword-Mode' – Weapon made to kill Grimm using Dust, with most weight centered towards the handle.

The Dust vials also slid down from the edge of the poleaxe towards the handle, changing the counterweight effectively making the sword mode and faster to wield and unleashing powerful attacks using Dust, in exchange of the longer reach and kinetic power of the Axe.

The Silver sword glows black gold, showing that it uses Energy Dust, a mix of Fire and Electric Dust with great destructive properties and highly unstable and often used in grenades since it breaks weapons.

Jaune's way of using it on his weapon is to coat the Sword into a heavy layer of Aura while the Energy Dust works its magic, making the Silver blade glows red and white as he Cuts the Goliath skin with easy with several fast swings.

Jaune jumps back and returns the Sword into Axe mode, noticing that the Curved blade is superheated already.

Using the Axe-mode he does heavy arcs with the axe connected with each other, using spinning motions to cut the back of its knees while rolling to evade the stomps of the Elephant Grimm, sometimes shooting Stone Dust projectiles from his Wrist Crossbow at the eyes of the Goliath, and sometimes doing larger swings after hitting the Goliath to hit few nearby Beowolves.

After the blade cooled down, Jaune used the Grappling Hook at one of the 3 remaining Nevermores, repeating the same strategy.

Thankfully this is a newborn Goliath with less than a year, thus being smaller and having less bone armor, while also lacking the intelligence of the common 100 years old Goliaths that roam nearby Vale.

With all the Grimm but the Goliath dead, Jaune could focus solely in the behemoth of a monster, while he didn't receive any direct hit, few scratches were unavoidable and using the Sword-Mode consumed an ungodly amount of Aura, he was left in his 33% and is dead tired, and yet the Goliath is still standing strong.

The Grimm stomps with its front paws towards Jaune, who jumps to evade the shockwave and debris of such attack, Jaune looks at the ground and see the several craters caused by the Grimm while making sure that its trunk and tusks are outside range, he lost 10% of his aura from a whip from the trunk even by blocking with the Sword mode and activating the Aura Cloak empowered by his Semblance.

A single hit could kill regular hunters if hit the head.

Jaune uses his Wrist crossbow to fire all the Ice Dust he has at the trunk, effectively encasing the head and trunk with ice… temporary.

He then jumps on its neck while the creature runs around trying to break the ice, Jaune uses the Axe to cut at the back of the neck, rotating the axe with '∞' shaped moves with his right arm while his left is glued at his waist, a technique called 'Wild Swing', cutting at the neck till the ice start to break, which Jaune transforms back into the Sword Mode and uses almost all his Aura to amplificated the effects of the Energy Dust as he pierces the injured part.

The sword cracks with red lightning as he pierces deeply inside the neck, the Grimm roars as the energy and aura mix and explode after few seconds, sending him flying and causing a massive wound in the base of the neck of the Goliath.

Jaune gets up only to see a massive front paw trying to make him meat paste, he rolls to the side evading direct blow, but not enough to evade the trunk that whipped at him sending him flying a dozen of meters.

Jaune coughs blood from the shockwave of the trunk attack, but his bones are not broken thanks to the Hard Light automatic defense, he curses since it is a last resort measure that only works when his aura reaches zero, and is one-time use, he will need another Dust Woven coat.

Jaune looks for his weapon and curses again, the Mechashift weapon is bend and needs to be repaired, with the sword part cracked he cannot return to the Axe-mode anytime soon.

"Tsk, Mechashift weapons are truly unreliable…"

He grabs his secondary weapons, sword-shield and augmented revolver, Crocea Mors and Sparkler Blaster.

Crocea Mors is a full-metal blade, meaning, it doesn't mechashift, through the shield part does, and can be combined to become a two-handed weapon – but even if the mechashift breaks, he can use the sword part without problems.

And with the knowledge that Full-metal weapons can endure much more punishment, like a lot of his Aura without breaking, Jaune runs towards the Goliath Grimm with the Shield-mode strapped on his left arm and holds the miniature hand-cannon with the left hand while holding the sword with the right, he evades the tusk and uses the sword to climb the Grimm by piercing its left leg, Jaune aims at the side of the Goliath neck, and fires it.

He grunts in pain since the recoil of the gun dislocate his left shoulder, without aura to protect his internals, the weapon is dangerous to even be used, through one cannot deny its power, he jumps from the Grimm and rolls with a wince, evading another step while putting his shoulder back in place.

Noticing that without Aura he won't be able to do much damage, he sheathes the sword back and changes hands to hold the revolver, his right arm is stronger, and using two hands will prevent another dislocated arm.

He runs under the Grimm and shots twice in quick succession on the jugular of the creature, causing a lot of Miasma to flow out of the Grimm, it enters in panic mode and swings its trunk left and right, Jaune manages to block with his shield before sending flying few meters back, however his left arm and shoulder are now broken and some ribs are cracked.

Cursing again while spiting blood he rises and half-run half-limp towards the Grimm, both are at their limits, but Jaune still has 3 bullets left.

And he uses it well, hitting the right side of the neck of the Goliath, with the third and last shot he still didn't kill the Goliath.

Jaune smirked, time to show why his Handgun has a name like Sparkler Blaster when it didn't explode upon contact.

He pressed the second trigger.


The bullets inside the Goliath exploded into fireworks, dazzling colors, loud sounds and bright lights, a mix of several Dusts creating a beautiful display of destruction and sparkles.

Red hot stone send flying in all directions, Ice icicles following suit, steam and lightning creating a small storm, cold and hot creating tornadoes, wind blowing everything away – funny how Sparkler Blaster was first created as a Firework Gun for his little sister, that became a Flaregun due to its powerful effects, and after he used colorful Dust to make rainbow fireworks the previous entertainment device became a powerful and dangerous weapon.

Skull Blaster ammo uses manual explosive ammo, by piercing 6 bullets…rather mini cannonballs into the neck of the Grimm, it has incredibly large power but low speed, range, and accuracy.

But sufficient delayed firepower as the bullets exploded at the same time, sending the head of the creature flying.

Jaune blinked.

"I should have done that in the beginning… in my defense I didn't know that it would be that powerful, I was hoping to kill it by bleeding it to the death" he muttered.

Jaune stood tall in the auditorium, around him several boys and girls wielding mechashift weapon and talking with each other, he gave them a cursive glance, spotting only few people that proved to be dangerous.

Funny how in the beginning he was the awkward kid that vomited in bullheads, and now, people look at him with a hint of awe and wariness – through it took 2 years after his aura was unlocked to make him get over his air-sickness, 2 years too many, but at least he can enjoy a bullhead ride and not feel like dying.

Still, as the pole are looking at him, he is looking at them, he can also spot the minor details that only those that fought life and death battle know.

And around the 200 applicants to enter Beacon Academy, only 3 others have that…presence, not the naivety of a hunter, but the feeling of a warrior.

People that have killed before.

He spotted a redhead girl with waist-length ponytail and gentle smile, wearing a brown corset and miniskirt, and long gloves. Her armor seems of excellent quality, yet it feels…weird, like instead of protecting the user, it was made as…fan-service first, and protection secondary.

Also, it was protection against people and not Grimm.

However, one thing that caught his attention is her belt, filled with colorful daggers, metal and Dust, with the colors schemes of the SDC.

'A secondary weapon…hunters don't wield it till they find themselves in a life and death situation where their main weapons are gone' he noticed, he used his semblance to boost his own 6th sense for a while.

'She killed people before, attacked with the intent to kill as well, single digits thought…her soft smile shows that she got over the shock of taking a life, but it still weights heavily on her mind… too soft-hearted, too kind, this will kill her if she doesn't close her heart to it… ah, isn't she is that Nikos girl? Wasn't she supposed to be in Atlas or something… well, I don't know if is good or bad, my goal of humiliating Atlas and Vale by winning the tournament bearing the proud flag of Arcadia didn't change…'

Jaune then looked at the happy-go-luck ginger and smiles at her antics as she is grabbing a young man left and right, yet his powerful aura and instincts alert him, he activates the Semblance to boost the 6th sense that all Aura user's have, and instantly finds her… weird, it feels…fake, a façade perhaps?

Pink combat dress, knee and elbow protectors, fingerless combat gloves used to punch rather than defend, she is wielding a massive Axe/Warhammer with easy, and also posses some secondary weapons on her waist, thought since they are mechashift he doesn't know what kind of weapon they are, but looks melee or throwing weapon rather than guns.

He narrow his eyes, she also had kills under her belt, double digits by the faint scent of blood around her presence, but unlike the spartan girl she is still in shock over taking a life, but weirdly it doesn't weight on her mind, powerful emotional strength or strong control over emotions?

A cold chill alert him of danger, he meets the eye of the young man the ginger is showing something outside the Auditorium, the magenta eyed young man has the eyes of someone that killed more than double digits, reaching triple, nothing like his own kill-count that reached a thousand for giving the order for execution to all White Fang on Arcadia, but the magenta eyed man is dangerous as well even when his black hair tied in braid of sorts, probably done by his bubbly companion, with a pink lock of hair being free, his clothing resemble those martial artists in design, yet there are hints of armor used by ancient Mistrali Archers.

He has a straw hat strapped on his back, but Jaune thinks that is too…bulky and heavy to be straw, metal inside probably. A shield perharps?

Armor protecting his left torso and arm, his right arm has an arm jacket with a dagger attached, and something that made Jaune narrow his eyes is the loose sleeve, perfect to hide concealed weapons by martial artists.

The young man main weapon is a double sized short spear, but from the quiver on his waist it seems that its true form is a heavy war bow, the arrows are no doubt a mean to deliver large amount of Dust over long distance.

Jaune removes his hood, letting the archer/monk to see his face, as a show of respect and letting him do a threat assortment as well.

The young man narrows his eyes, Jaune just shrugs and put his Eclipse Silvermoon at the side with a casual action, as if he is tired from carrying it.

The magenta eyed man just nods, understanding that the box is his main weapon.

Well, main weapon against Grimm.

Against Humans and Faunus, his sword spilled hundreds in combat, Arcadia grew from a town to a small city ever since it gained independence, with a great flux of immigrants and money, came greed assholes and underworld dealers, came merchants and retired huntsman, came caravans of refuges and families, with increase trade because of lower taxes came bandits around the city, came even more Grimm attracted by the large amount of people.

Jaune as the heir of Arcadia led several expeditions to clean Grimm and Bandits, the blood his men spills are on his hands, the death of his soldiers are on his shoulders, and his sword is stained with blood.

His father is the Leader of the Knight Order, the Arcadia military, he is the only heir, well, his little sister, the eldest daughter, is in charge of… the Assassins Order, created ever since they found Atlas specialists and operatives in charge of the underworld of Arcadia with the goal of…decreasing the military might and steal the recipe of Sparkle Dust, the one used by his Sparkler Blaster and several other weapons of the Arc Family.

This what led him to enter Beacon Academy.

The ratio that his little sister used and his innovative methods to mix and ground the Dust somehow enhanced the Dust effects instead of cancelling each other as he intended (since it was supposed to be a children's toy instead of military weapon), this ratio became their secret recipe.

Atlas somehow found out and was nagging them to reveal the exact ratio and method used, and Arcadia obviously increased the security around their experiential labs, who knows how they stalked them for this information.

Gunboat Diplomacy was met with Anti-Air cannons filled with the Sparkle Dust.

Knowing that using direct force wouldn't work without a declaration of war, they decided to do the worst, they touched what should not be touched.

Jeanne is the weakest Arc when it comes to personal combat capabilities, yet she is a genius inventor and Dust specialist, the day she was captured by 'White Fang' because of vengeance, is the day that Jaune Arc learned how to use his semblance to torture people.

Atlas military using White Fang uniforms captured his little sister, through he didn't know at the time, in those 2 months she disappeared he led several assaults at White Fang bases searching for her, torturing for information, till he received a message from Sienna Khan, now High Leader of the White Fang herself saying that they weren't responsible for the kidnapping.

An unlikely alliance was formed that day, the White Fang and Arcadia joined hands and assaulted several Hidden Atlas Military Bases in the continent of Sanus – and they couldn't fight back publicly since Atlas wasn't supposed to have military bases on other continents. As for how they got ahold of the information… well, Jaune is really, really good in torture and information gathering.

Not many can resist feeling as if having their soul ripped apart.

A month of constant fighting and raiding latter they finally found Jeanne, that somehow was wielding power over elements without using Dust, she received help over some Atlas military that were against the kidnaping of children, an old lady named Fria and a Ex-Specialist named Winter Schnee.

Well, she managed to flee on her own first, not before being tortured for the recipes, or made to create a new kind of mechashift armor however… through all the things they got from Atlas military bases were used to empower Arcadia and the White Fang.

His semblance was used to find all Atlas and other Kingdoms spies, healing with aura can be…painful if you do it 'wrong', all aura users have a different kind of ethereal nerves used to sense aura, and pain on the aura itself is different from physical pain. You can resist physical pain, even emotional pain, but spiritual? Well, Jaune never met someone that could resist.

Jaune semblance is powerful enough to regrow lost limbs as long it is a recent injury of 3 days, he can also lock aura and semblance of those weaker than him, thus he was approached by some operative under the Headmaster of Beacon, Ozpin, with a semblance that may as well be called curse.

Well, they killed too many Specialists, even if he holds a debt with the Atlas Ex-Specialist Winter Schnee, and tortured too much White Fang members even with their help.

In the end Arcadia proclaimed that they won't hunt down White Fang and Atlas Military as long they don't step a foot in Arcadian Territory unauthorized, both sides weren't happy but when they offered to give the Sparkle Dust recipe to both sides they rejected the offer and accepted the deal.

Not before forking some benefits on their own, Jaune Arc is the only person within a hundred years with a semblance that could regen limbs – unfortunately, or fortunately, he could only use a painless healing on those he consider friends, and they in turn consider him one, or friends of friends like Winter Schnee and Sienna Khan.

In a way, he needs to like the person, and they need to like him back for it to work, that's how he found the spies.

His healing semblance when used at those he considers neutral 'only' boost their aura healing properties, against those he consider enemies, it cause pain and it heals 'wrong', deformed limbs to twisted tumors depending on how much he hates them.

Its probably that when used against those he consider family, he can even revive the dead, Jeanne Arc was dead for a minute before Jaune Arc revived her with his recently awakened semblance.

Having good ties with the Arc heir became their priority, add to the fact that Winter Schnee and Sienna Khan received a Healing Aura Boost and became few years younger…well, youth is priceless.

His semblance, too useful, too precious… he gained an offer from the Headmaster of Beacon Academy, and introduced on secrets that were hidden for millennia;

About the Four Maidens, about Magic, and about a hidden war… and the danger that Jeanne is under.

Jaune accepted the proposal to enrol Beacon as a Hunter in exchange of having Qrow teach and protect Jeanne on his absence, ever since he his Bad Luck Semblance was locked by Jaune the drunk huntsman became…more respectable, drunk less and is less of an asshole, he is still a drunk and asshole thought.

"Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren, and Nora Ren-Valkyrie," announced Ozpin, "The four of you retrieved the white knight pieces. From this day forth, you will be known as Team Avalon (AVLN), led by…Jaune Arc."

People applauded as Ren and Nora hugged each other, Jaune and Pyrrha did a fist bump.

"Seems like Beacon will be more interesting than what I thought…" he muttered and smirked, whatever machinations Ozpin is doing enrolling Jaune here, he will do his best to fully use the facility to learn and growth.

All for Arcadia. All for his Family.

After all –

Family First.