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First, here are the warnings!

Warnings: Slash/yaoi, and maybe some yuri, submissive males, mpreg, swearing, blood, maybe some sexual stuff, violence, soulmates, and possessive Enkidu and Gilgamesh (For obvious reasons, they don't like sharing), and Oc's.

Bashings: Dumbledore bashing, Hermione Bashing, Dursleys Bashing, Wrong-boy-who-lived bashing, and Potters bashing.

Good Weasleys, Malfoys, Ron, Ginny, Snape.

Pairings: the main pairing is Enkidu/Amara(Harry)/Gilgamesh, other pairings will be decided later on.

Also, I'm going to have some people's ages be older by a year or two, you'll see why later on. And a lot of explaining bits and I will admit, not my best opening chapter but it was hard making this I must admit, and trying to get the right mood as well. Ugh...

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Chapter 1: Prologue and Summons


It was a quiet night in the neighborhood of Surry, Privet Drive. All of the houses were dark as people slept on, however, there was one house that was not as quiet as it seemed.

In the house labeled number 4, lived the Dursley family, Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley. A normal family or so they claimed, there was another member in this home. Harry James Potter, the nephew of Petunia, who the Dursley's hated and tried to make his life miserable by treating him like a slave. He was made to do chores that no young child should do, he was beaten when he did some wrong and was treated less like a human and more like a pet.

The reason for all this? Well, Harry at first thought it was because Petunia had a grudge against his parents but it later turns out they hated him because he was a wizard or magic-user. He discovered it himself last year on his 11th birthday when he got a letter about being accepted into Hogwarts, he remembers Snape scaring Petunia and taking him to the wizarding world.

It was there that he learned the truth, he was abandoned by his parents for his younger 7-year-old brother the supposed 'boy-who-lived' for defeating Voldemort. Hurt by this Harry asked the Goblins to keep his return a secret and change his name to avoid his so-called family, so with the help of the Goblins he changed his name to Amara Grey and with a bit of help from Snape, who somehow changed his name on the register and the boy was still trying to figure out how he did it and assisted Harry or Amara with getting his supplies.

After that Amara was dropped off at the train station by some unhappy Dursleys and met the Weasly family, a nice family but he did notice the mother, later named Molly, glaring at another red-haired woman as she showed off a child with black hair and brown eyes.

He met Ronald, or Ron for short, and they became friends. It was through him that he learned that the Weasley family used to be friends with the Potter family until the Potters did something that put them in hot water, not only them but the noble house of Longbottom as well.

Anyway, during the train ride, a boy called Draco Malfoy found them and seemed to have a stare-off with Ron over something until Draco relented and told them that they would be arriving soon and to change their robes before warning them of a rather rude and nosy muggle-born on the train causing hassle with some of the purebloods and half-bloods before leaving.

At Hogwarts Amara got sorted into Gryffindor with Ron, a nice boy called Neville Longbottom, and the rude girl called Hermione Granger, and a few others. He met Ron's older twin brothers and they instantly grew protective as Ron did on the train, strangely this spread to most of the housemates when the twins whispered something to the higher year levels.

The year wasn't that eventful, except for the twins teaching him how to prank and Amara showing Ron some muggle stuff he snuck to Hogwarts, Amara also met Poppy the nurse at Hogwarts under Snape's suggestions since the man was able to spot the signs of long term abuse on the child, it was easy when one use to be a victim themselves. It was here that Amara got potions to help heal his body and to grow properly, there was also a certain incident that lead to him meeting some very important people.

Soon the year came to an end and Amara was forced to go back to the Dursleys since he didn't have time to make new living arrangements, so, here he was doing something daring.

"Right, if this book is correct I just need to say this chant and I could end up getting the extra help I need or I might get a familiar, either works and I get out of here," Amara said as he stood in the second bedroom of the home that use to be Dudley's toy storage room.

The room had been changed to look like something out a cultist movie, candles scattered around, demonic drawings, items, and a dagger in a bowl sitting on a small altar. In the middle of the room was a ritual circle, the same ritual that was drawn in the book Amara found.

"I hope to the gods that this ritual and Sirius's plan works," Amara said as he put the book down and held his hips with a smile.

Amar smiled remembering meeting his godfather, Sirius Black, he used to be friends with James Potter until he learned that James got rid of his pup and cut ties with him before returning to claim the Black Lordship and banned James or his son from ever claiming the Black title since they were related through Jame's Grandmother.

When Snape informed him that Amara was in Hogwarts, he did it to get a favor from Sirius he was still holding a minor grudge over the man due to some pranks in the past. Sirius was just happy to reunite with his pup once again, only to end up furious when he learned about his abuse. Not long after that, he met Remus Black Nee Lupin, Sirius's husband and another former friend of James plus Remus was a werewolf. The three talked until Sirius came up with a plan, it was rather daring but a plan none the less to get his pup back.

So, here he was putting the plan into action with a strange book he found on his trunk with a note that said 'For Amara, enjoy!' with a smiley face on it. Thinking it was from Ron, Remus, or Neville, he opened the book to find one on summonings and rituals.

He was to set up the room to make it look like a cliche cult setting, do the actual summoning himself or just drain his magic to make it seem he was weak and unable to fight back against his relatives, injure himself in a non-lethal area with the dagger and cause enough noise and commotion to get the neighbors attention and police.

To ensure that the Dursley's get 'caught' Sirius, it is against the law to use magic on muggles but it says nothing against muggle relatives of said magical who know of magic, a loophole that Sirius exploited for once and put a time-delayed charm on the Dursleys to be in the room after the ritual.

And because Sirius is a paranoid man, especially after the war, he put false memories on time delay as well that would activate upon waking up. Well, Remus actually did that bit since he was better at complex charms and may or may not have had a tiny bit of help from a goblin who sed the 'ignorance is bliss' policy since in their eyes this was a rescue mission.

Amara took a deep breath as he ran a hand through his hair, he paused when he caught sight of a mirror in the room. Glancing over he took in his features, fair-skin tone, shoulder-length deep red hair that almost matched that of a rose in color, emerald green eyes, and smooth skin, his build was a bit small but he was still growing. Shaking his head he looked back at the ritual and held out his hand, he needed to focus.

Gathering his magic he began to chat the words he read while pouring his magic into the circle, it caused the circle to light up and pick up dust in the room. Amara finished his words and grunts as he felt a huge drain as his magic danced in the air, he then gasped as a burning pain hit his chest. It felt like someone had just grabbed his heart and was burning him! He closed his eyes in pain not seeing a faint outline of a woman, shrouded in silvery mist, reach down and change a few runes of the circle before nodding and vanishing into the circle making it glow even stronger.

Amara, having missed the sudden spirit, opens his eyes as the circle bursts with light and the pain eased in his chest as he pants. He was utterly exhausted, he heard three thumps making him look over to see the Dursleys in the room and out cold in some robes. Good, the charms worked, he looks back at the circle and gasped at what he saw.

Standing before him was a man, he had long green hair reaching his hips and was androgynous in build but Amara could tell he was a man, strangely enough, he had on a white knee-length top with white pants under it and a strange black necklace around his neck. His skin was fair as he opens his eyes to show blue eyes, his eyes then focused on Amara and they widened slightly as if shocked by something.

"Amara," He said making Amara wonder how he knew his name.

"How do you-ah!" He said only to gasp in pain when he felt a sharp pain in his back.

"Die freak!" The voice of Petunia was heard making Amara yell as she pulled back sending blood flying onto herself and her family.

Amara turned around as she stabbed him in the shoulder, the man growls reacting before Amara could and punched Petunia knocking her out and sending her to the floor.

Amara stumbles back into the circle and gasped in pain, it looks like they miscalculated on something, he saw the man glare at Petunia and held up his arm making a blue glow encase it in the shape of a blade.

"Wait! I need them alive," Amara said clutching his shoulder in pain.

"But she hurt you," He said back tense and ready to strike.

"Trust me, it's apart of our plan, ugh, though it may have been changed in some places," Amara said as he heard faint sirens in the distance and people yelling.

"I need you to hide! Quickly," Amara said as he grew a bit pale from shock.

The man hesitates before to Amara's amazement his body shifts into that of a small bird in a flurry of clay? Shaking his head the man flew up to the ceiling and hid.

Amara pants as he moves and lay on his side, it looks like he didn't have to act with his injuries now. He winced when he heard knocking and yelling downstairs, a few minutes later as he started to feel light-headed the door was busted down and the sound of footsteps made him open his eyes, when did he close them? He winced as he heard voices before a hand touched his shoulder making him look up to see a policeman.

"Hold on lad, help's on the way," He said as Amara grunts.

"He's losing conciseness! Hey, kid, try and stay awake," The man said but Amara only hears him faintly as he passed out from shock.


"Ugh, my head," Amara groans as he slowly awoke from his sleep.

He winced at how sore he was, his body was magically drained and his back and shoulder were hurting.

"Pup! Your awake," Sirius's voice made him look over to see his godfather and Remus next to him on a hospital bed.

"Sirius? Did the plan work?" Amara asked before coughing at his sore throat.

Remus handed him a glass of water which he drank to soothe his throat, he felt something tug at his senses making him glance around before looking back at his godfather and Remus.

"Oh, it did work more than we planned," Sirius said as he told Amara what happened after he passed out.

After Amara passed out the police arrested the Dursleys under the charge of attempted murder, the whole neighborhood saw Amara being brought out and the cultist items shortly after. The whole area was up riled up, people gossiping about how the Dursleys were secret cultists. Their reputation was taking a nosedive, it didn't help that the fake memories Remus gave them didn't help the Dursley's case when they themselves though they were actual cultists to Satan. Maybe a little too well, Remus theorized that their hatred of Amara and magic, in general, made the memories real since magic did affect none-magicals in strange ways.

After the none-magicals took Amara to the hospital, where he got his wounds stitched up, Sirius stepped in as a distant relative that Amara had the phone number of in his pocket. Sirius was quick to get custody and had Amara moved to a 'private' hospital, AKA, a Gringotts bank healers ward for his safety.

"And that's all that happened, thankfully, the Auror's that arrived were relieved that the muggles believed it to be something that they could easily cover up this time and let it carry on but I think some of the muggles had a few memory changes," Sirius said as Amara relaxed, finally, he was out of that hell.

"Um, why am I in Gringotts and not St. Mungo's?" Amara asked rubbing his shoulder.

"We'll explain that in a moment, first, can you introduce us to your new, um, friend?" Remus asked pointing up as from the ceiling came a little bird that quickly morphed into the man Amara summoned.

"Oh! I didn't even have time to talk to you yet, Sirius, Remus, this is...um, actually, I don't know yet at the same time I feel like I do know you?" Amara said feeling torn.

On one hand, he felt like he knew this man. His features were familiar and his voice put him at ease, he felt safe but at the same time, he was confused. Who was this man? How did the man know his name? What exactly did that ritual summon? Also, how did he turn into a bird from clay?!

"My apologies, I was told you might not know, my name is Enkidu, my little mate," Enkidu said with a small smile as he approached the bed making Sirius and Remus tense but remain seated.

"'Little mate'? What do you mean?" Amara asked confused looking at Sirius and Remus while Enkidu sat down on the bed on the end bit.

"I believe we can help in clearing things up," A voice said making everyone look over to see Ragnok, the current goblin king with Griphook the Black Account manager.


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