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Chapter 6: Of Wars and choices.



It has been a busy year for Amara, a lot of exams not to mention training and keeping up with his wizarding studies. Right now he was looking over his latest test results on his rune exam, even though his past knowledge made up for most of his studies there were still many new things he had to learn.

"Did you pass?" Enkidu asked as they stood in his room while Amara read his exam results.

"Yes, full marks," Amara said before sighing in relief as he saw the marks.

"If Gilgamesh was here he would have broken the wine out to celebrate," Enkidu said with a chuckle as he sat on the bed.

Amara nods with a chuckle of his own, that was something their soulmate would have done. He shook his head as he put his results down and glanced over at Enkidu and smiled he lifted his hand as a golden gate opens beside his soulmate making Enkidu chuckle as he caught the bottle of wine and two cups that fell out. A few months ago Amara's ability to summon Gil's gate returned, it had been a tender moment for both of them at seeing the gates once more.

"Hey, Enkidu? Have you noticed anything strange lately?" Amara asked as he sat at his desk as Enkidu passed him his glass of wine.

"Strange as in?" Enkidu asked with a raised eye-brow.

"The mages are more on edge and Lord Archibald looks especially smug lately," Amara said as he took a sip of his drink.

Enkidu held his chin before remembering a talk he heard a few days ago between some mages.

"There is talk of the Holy Grail war starting," Enkidu said as he looks at Amara who sighs at the mention of it.

Sirius has tried to explain the Holy Grail war to Amara, with many strong drinks and Enkidu's help, it was still confusing but Amara understood what it was. Amara sighs as he looked at his drink, it looks like this year was not going to be as peaceful as he had hoped it to be.

'This Holy Grail war, I wonder...could it help us in getting him?' Amara thought as he swirled his drink before drinking the rest of it.

"Enkidu, you think it would be possible?" Amara asked looking at his soulmate who seemed confused for a moment before he caught on.

"I don't know, but it might be worth a try," Enkidu said as he finished his drink and the glass returned to the gate as Amara set the bottle aside for later.

Amara got up saying "Come on, let's go to the library,"

Enkidu nods as they put their shoes on and left the room, the walk was quiet as it was the evening and most were in class. The two talked about recent trends or the things that their friends in England have been keeping them updated on, like how a Basilisk somehow got loose in the school that Jacob somehow 'defeated' on his own and this year it seems the traitor Peter Pettigrew was on the loose which leads to Sirius and Remus joining the manhunt for him.

"I hope they catch that man, he deserves his punishments," Amara said as they turned a corner only to hear a noise.

Looking down the hallway Amara saw Waver on the ground rubbing his lower back after crashing into the delivery man, Amara couldn't hear their words but the man passed Waver after handing him a package. The two walked over as Waver quickly got up and saw them.

"Are you okay Waver?" Amara asked making their friend nod.

"I'm fine! Uh, can you both help me with something really quick?" Waver asked holding the package close to his chest.

"Sure, we can spare some time," Amara said as Enkidu nods and they both followed Waver to the library.

There Waver asked them to get some books as he grabbed a few for himself before they met at a table, Waver put the package down letting Enkidu look at it as Waver opens the books and began to read until he found what he was looking for.

"This is it, so it seems that all those rumors about that bastard Kayneth Archibald preparing to fight in some kind of mages tournament in the far east are true," Waver said making Amara sigh as he realized what Waver was doing.

"It's known as the Holy Grail War, Waver, a life and death tournament for mages," Amara said as Enkidu poked at the package as Waver looks at him.

"You know of it?" He asked getting a nod.

"Ahem, let me explain, first though," Amara said before clicking his fingers making a privacy ward go up, just in case.

"Now then, the Holy Grail War, according to the legend 200 years ago the Einzberns, the Makiri's, and the Tohsaka's, collectively known as the three first families, worked together to summon the Holy Grail said to have the power to grant any wish and eventually succeeded," Amara explains as he used his magic to show a light version of each family crest and an outline of a grail for a demonstration.

"But the Grail would only grant one of the families supplications, their cooperation quickly turned to violent and bloody conflict, that was the beginning of the Holy Grail War," Enkidu said as he moves to stand by his mate, he had knowledge of this thanks to his summoning.

Amara nods as he kept speaking since they had Waver's full attention.

"Ever since then, once every 60 years, the Holy Grail appears in the city of Fuyuki, it selects seven mages and magic-users from across the globe to compete for it and grants them powers each magically summons a heroic spirit known as a servant," Amara said as he then used his magic to make 7 cards.

"Archer, Saber, Lancer, Rider, Assassin, Caster, Berserker, divided into these seven classes of warriors, the servants guided by their masters fight each other to the death in secret battles to determine who is worthy to win the Grail," Amara said showing Waver each card before making an 8th card.

"But on rare occasions, an 8th servant known as Ruler, the class of saint's can be summoned by the Grail itself to oversee a war if something has gone wrong," Amara said as he let Waver look at the cards before he dismissed them.

Waver hums before he said "So it appears that this grail war is a battle of pure strength, where stupid titles and influence mean absolutely nothing, that looks like it's the perfect place for me,"

He gave a smile making Amara sigh and rub his forehead as he felt an oncoming headache, did Waver know what he was getting into? He looked back at Waver as he thought of what to do. His friend was stubborn when he set his mind to something, plus this might be the chance that he and Enkidu needs. He sighs holding his chin in thought as Waver thought of something.

"Wait, in order to summon a servant some kind of relic related to them is needed to act as a catalyst, a relic?" Waver said before looking at the package.

"This was meant for Kayneth, did you take it for yourself?" Enkidu asked as he watched Waver open the package to show a piece of red cloth inside a black marble box.

"Uh, well," Waver said blushing a bit before rubbing the back of his neck as Enkidu smirks at him.

"Your serious about this aren't you? About fighting in this war?" Amara asked making Waver turn to him.

"Yes, this is my chance to prove to that bastard that when it comes to fighting your linage and titles don't mean anything just how you use them, I want to show him that with hard work anyone can be a great mage," Waver said determined and a hint of steel in his eyes making Amara smile, proud that his friend was sticking up for himself.

"Very well, Enkidu, and I shall assist you on this endeavor," Amara said making Waver blink.

"Assist?" Waver asked confused.

"Yes, you'll need cover stories and help in getting a base of operation in Fuyuki after all and it just so happens that my family has a manor in Fuyuki we can use," Amara said glancing at Enkidu who chuckles when Waver caught on and smiled.

"Thank you, Amara, Enkidu," Waver said as he got up and hugged Amara who chuckles as he hugged back.

"Your welcome Waver, friends stick together after all," Amara said as he looked over at Enkidu who had a soft smile at the scene.

"Come on, let's get things started and make sure to avoid Archibald for a while no doubt he's rather upset right now," Amara said making Waver nod as he grabbed the relic and followed Enkidu out while Amara snapped his fingers making the books return to the shelves and the privacy ward fell.

He nods with a smirk as he quickly followed after his soulmate and friend, they had a war to prepare for.



"Whoa! When you said this place was big I didn't think it would be this size," Waver said looking over the huge building that was a mix of modern and Victorian architecture.

"It used to be much bigger, Sirius had some parts knocked down and the whole building renovated into a getaway home," Amara said looking the manor over it was slightly bigger than a standard size manor, to be honest, and one of the now smaller Black homes.

"Come on, let's get inside and settle in, I need to get rid of this jet lag," Amara said as he leads Waver and Enkidu inside.

After giving Waver a quick tour he was shown to his room by a house-elf while Enkidu and Amara went to the master bedroom, once in the room Amara fell on the bed on his front with a groan. He liked flying and all but jet lag was the worst, he jumps a bit when he felt hands on his back followed by a weight on his hips as he glanced over his shoulder to see Enkidu smiling at him as he tugged at Amara's top.

Amara hums letting it slip off his body exposing his naked upper torso, he then groans as Enkidu began to massage his back and shoulders. The stiffness in his shoulders fading as he enjoyed the sensations, he heard Enkidu chuckle before a pair of lips kissed his neck base.

"Sleep, I'll wake you if anything happens," Enkidu said as he kept working on Amara's back making the male groan as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Enkidu pulled back as he got off Amara and pulled a blanket over him to keep him warm, it has been a hectic week for Amara so he was glad he could help him relax like this. He reached up and ran a hand through his hair before sighing as he tried to think of something to do while Amara slept, some reading would keep him busy but not for long. Maybe some training? No, he wasn't in the right mood for that.

"Hm, maybe Waver needs help with something," Enkidu said quietly before leaving the room.

He found Waver exploring one of the sitting areas, he seemed excited about some of the books he found. Smiling he clears his throat making the lad jump and turn to him, Waver relaxed at seeing Enkidu.

"Enkidu, you startled me, I swear you need a bell on you," Waver said with a huff making the clay being chuckle.

"Sorry, Amara is sleeping now, I was wondering if you needed some materials for the ritual?" Enkidu asked tilting his head as Waver held his chin in thought trying to remember the ritual details.

"I need something to draw the ritual in, maybe some chickens? I can use the blood the make the circle and we can always cook them later," Waver said the book never mentioned anything specific to draw the ritual circle in.

"Hm, sounds reasonable, and we don't waste anything," Enkidu said as he nods, he needed to find a local place with chickens then.

"Oh, could you pick up an Alchemist kit as well? I need to test something out but I forgot to pack my kit," Waver said with a small sheepish smile and rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sure, I need to see if there are any shops around here that will be of notice for future shopping trips," Enkidu said as he turns and left letting Waver get back to his book searching.


Amara was sleeping peacefully in his bed, the room was quiet as the house-elves would pop in every now and then to check on the young master before leaving to do other tasks around the manor.

Amara hums rolling over onto his side pulling the comforter close to him when suddenly a loud noise startled him. His eyes snapped open as he sat up into a sitting position, he looks around in alarm before the sound registered in his head.

"A...roster? When did the manor have roosters?" Amara asked rubbing his eyes of sleep as he got up with a yawn and went over to the window in the room.

He pulled the curtain open a bit only to burst into chuckles as he saw Waver and Enkidu chasing a bunch of chickens and two roosters below, Enkidu must have gone overboard again. Amara laughs as Waver was chasing a rooster who suddenly turns around and began chasing him, Waver yells as he ran away from the rooster.

"I best go and help them, hahaha! Ah, I don't know how they keep getting into these situations," Amara said as he pulls away and summons a shirt to his hand and put it on.

The last situation Waver and Enkidu got into involved them somehow overfilling one of the pools in the Mage's association with orange Jell-O just to see what would happen and if they could swim in it, it was mostly Enkidu's idea since he saw how jiggly the food item was and wondered what else it could be used for. Waver just went along for the ride and managed to get some interesting results, somehow they dragged in other mages to help them and a Jell-O pool was made. It was a fun but messy and interesting day, to say the least never mind the clean up afterward.

"Let's hope no more incidents happen during our stay here," Amara said as he left the room with a smirk on his lips.

After a long afternoon of rangling chickens and saving Waver from the rooster, the chickens were safely put away and Amara sent both of them to wash up while he focused on dinner with the house-elves. He added this event to his list of 'funny incidents', much to Enkidu and Waver's dismay. Enkidu more so since Amara had twice as much 'incidents' on him and Gilgamesh, something Amara took joy in reminding them of when the two got too 'stupid and carried away' in Amara's words.

Though a house-elve did have to be stopped when he mistook the chickens as that afternoon's dinner, a simple mistake but the elf did apologize for almost letting the chickens out for round 2 of 'chase the chicken' to Waver's relief he was sure that rooster was a demon in disguise! He was sure it was glaring at him when he would go to check the back yard for a suitable summoning area.

Still, the rest of the afternoon went smoothly with a nice dinner and a bit of light teasing as the three enjoyed the peace and quiet while they could. For it would be a while until they had peace and quiet as the Holy Grail War drew near.


Waver now has help with Amara and Enkidu, at least now he won't have as many problems trying to hide Rider.

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