There's Always Tomorrow

Part Two

Author's Note: You'll need to read "There's Always Tomorrow, Part One," if this is to make sense for you. Part One was an ATC to Seven Hours To Dawn, this moves into a different direction, out of canon. But it was sure fun to think about, and sure fun to write. It's a Matt and Kitty love story. A lotta lovin' in here, and a lot of steam. If you're hooked on Matt and Kitty, you should enjoy it. These people are consenting adult lovers, and as such this story is intended for mature readers only.

"Livin' alone can do that to a man." Matt Dillon, in "Fingered."


The train was late getting into Dodge. Didn't seem to matter to any of them gathered there on the platform to see Matt and Kitty off. Doc and Festus had set up a table with all sorts of treats from Delmonico's. Everyone milled around talking and eating and drinking like they were at the county fair. Even two weeks after the Gore gang raid, men were still congratulating Matt on his heroism and saving the town. Kitty never left his side, proudly taking it all in. Festus and Quint looked every part the marshal's deputies. It was a happy day in Dodge.

After two hours, the entire crowd had dispersed, people returning to their day's activities. Matt, Kitty, and Doc sat under the eave to wait. The stationmaster had posted a new arrival time half an hour from now, so there was time for some private good-byes.

Doc handed Kitty a small envelope.

"Kitty, just hang onto this while you're in Denver. Name and address of a good friend of mine, Dr. John Thompson. He's a great man, has a busy practice there. He knows all the specialists in Denver, too. If Matt needs any sort of care . . . . . Oh, and I jotted a short medical history for Matt on the back."

Kitty tucked the envelope into her carry on and buttoned it closed. "Thanks, Doc. You always think of everything."

"I'm feeling great, Doc. Don't think I'll need to see him. 'Course, you never know, once I load all these bags of Kitty's I might have a relapse . . . ", he grinned, pointing to the four large cases Kitty had packed. They dwarfed the two Matt had put next to them. Kitty had never been a light traveler. She gave him a playful swat on the arm.

Dodge City was little more than a whistle stop for the Denver Express. When it rolled into the station, they had little more time for good-byes. The longest was Kitty and Doc. She took him aside, just enough to be alone with him, while Matt pretended he was watching the steam engine. There was no doubt she was misty-eyed as she looked at him.

"Doc, thank you isn't enough. So I just want to say I love you. I will always love you. You're my hero."

"Kitty, this trip is going to be the best thing in the world for you and Matt. Just relax and enjoy each other. This is a milestone for both of you."

Kitty gave Doc a long hug, then a soft kiss on the cheek.

"All aboarrrrd!"

Matt shook Doc's hand and gave him a playful chop on the shoulder.

"Save my place, Doc."

"That's a promise, Matt."

Matt tossed all six bags to the porter, who didn't seem to have any trouble at all sliding them into the car. Then he helped Kitty up into the car. She turned one last time to blow a kiss to Doc, and with a big smile on her face, disappeared into the train with Matt close behind. Matt didn't look back. It wasn't his way.

"Your stateroom is this way," the porter gestured and begin walking.

"Stateroom?" Matt took Kitty by the arm to get her attention.

She glanced back over her shoulder at him, not wanting to lose sight of the porter. "Yes, Stateroom. I upgraded us when you weren't paying attention. I know how cramped you feel in those small seats in the passenger car." Matt's size was always a problem with any mode of travel except Buck. The accommodations simply were not suitable for a man of his build, and Kitty knew it only too well. Even by train, the trip to Denver was a long 20 hours, uphill all the way, and through Pueblo. Matt would have been out on the observation platform half the way. Kitty had decided better of it.

"Pretty swanky, ma'am," Matt grinned at her as the Porter let them into the room. Kitty ignored him, showed the Porter which bags were to stay in the room and which were off to the baggage car, then she tipped him and locked the door behind him.

"Hey! I'd have got that if I'd been paying half attention! This is my trip, remember?"

"Yeah, but you've got extra baggage now," she smiled up at him.

Matt turned her gently to face him. "Listen, Miss extra baggage. I'd like to buy you a drink. Maybe two, so I can bring you back here and molest you. What say? Shall we head to the dining car?"

Matt put Kitty on the window side so she could enjoy the view while he looked over her. It was an easy arrangement that they'd practiced many times before, what with the difference in their size. Besides, he had always found it easy to sneak a nibble to her neck on the way to look out the window. Today was no exception. The train hadn't even moved from the station yet, and he went in for his first nibble.

"Hey! Wow! Ha!," and she started laughing. Then, catching herself quickly, she put her hand to her mouth to stifle herself. "You are amazing," she finally said softly.

"You said we needed to laugh."

And she returned the softest of smiles. "You're darned right I did, Cowboy. And you just got us off to the perfect start."


The stateroom bunks were anything but Matt's size. But the bottom one was much larger than the top. In her favorite lace cami, Kitty crawled into the corner, leaving as much room as she could on the outside. She watched Matt strip and hang up his clothes. Couldn't help but let her gaze fall on the new scars, especially the larger one, still very pink, below his ribs. She patted the empty space next to her and he crawled in.

"How come I'm naked and you're not?"

"I thought you loved this lace."

"I do. I love it. I also love what's under it."

"Matt, are you sure this is a good idea, I mean, the train is moving pretty fast, after all."

"We won't be long. For some reason, this has me pretty worked up."

Truth be told, they wouldn't be long at all. She wasn't remotely prepared for this. They'd made love many times during his recovery, and every time it had been slow, tender, exploring. This was different. He crowded her into the corner of the small bunk. His big hands were all over her. He picked her hips up quickly and pulled the cami off. When she tried to reach for his hair, he pinned her arms down on the bed. And just as quickly as he had taken off her cami, he took her. Forcefully. He was straight up hard before he rolled onto her. Waiting only to feel himself lubricate, he put himself into her and began a frantic rhythm. It became faster, then faster. Just like the train.

"Matt!", she cried out, trying to bring him back to her. But he was in another world, just pounding.

"Kit, please, I can't wait, I need to just . . . " and before he finished the sentence he groaned, and his body stiffened. His climax came immediately. He laid on her for a long while, trying to catch his breath, before he finally moved to her side. She couldn't help but feel him trembling.

He kissed her softly. "I'm so sorry, love. You deserve so much more. I was an animal. Can't explain. I won't do that again. I didn't hurt you, did I?" She saw tears in his eyes.

She kissed him right back and said, "No, you didn't hurt me. You just surprised me. You warned me. You told me you were going to molest me, remember? Just didn't think it'd be like that exactly."

"I felt like I was just raping you, and you had no choice in the matter. Got me pretty excited, I guess. Must be this trip, and all."

"I had no choice. But if I had said stop, you would have stopped?"

"That's what I promised you a long time ago, remember?"

"I've never said stop, Matt." She paused a moment and then went on, "Maybe you don't remember any of the times you'd been out trailing some outlaw for weeks and finally came home to me? You don't remember coming to my rooms in the middle of the night, before you'd had a bath, or a shave, or any food? You don't remember how you just took me like that, and I never said stop? You almost crushed me. Sometimes I had bruises. I always had beard burn. I never said stop because I knew you were going to make our kind of love to me again later. I loved you then, and I love you now."

He nibbled her neck. He went slowly to her ear and whispered "And I love you, sweetheart. I'm so sorry. I never want to scare you." Softly, he kissed every part of her he could reach. He had never deserted her after he was satisfied, and he sure wasn't going to start now. "I'm lettin' stuff work on my head, baby girl. Hoping this vacation will help."