Last night I closed my eyes and thought about the pain I have caused . I didin't care . I still don't really .I am the greatest commander out there , and if no one sees that , or excepts it , they die .

My name is Sheidheda . I am so happy to be alive . Honestly , I am not sure why though, I am more happy to see Indra . My love for her is long lost gone , but I still want her to be the one right next to my throne . I know she is going to betray me , but I don't care .

I wake up around 7 . I wish I could be one of those early people that wake up at dawn , but this body just refuses to . Whoever was in this body first , was very spoiled .

When I get to my Skeleton head chair , I see Indra right away . It looks like she was waiting for me , but I am not sure until I walk up to her .

"yesterday, I specifically told you to be here by 5 " she says , in a voice that tells me that she feels the opposite about me, as I feel about her .

"I don't remember you telling me that . AND no one tells me what to do " I answer in a voice as cold as hers .

"Who cares about who is in charge ?It is important for you to be here , because today is the execution of the most evil and annoying person on Sanctum " she answered .

"Are you ever going to tell me who it is ?How is there someone so evil , if they have not stood up to me yet ?" I asked .

"I can answer both of those questions, but I don't think you'll like the answers " She warned me .

And then right at the moment I realized the truth . I am the one that is being executed . How did people decide to do this , when I am the leader ?I am so mad and confused . Today is not the day I am going to die .

"There is no person more evil than you . You are the most evil . You are being executed . " She said that with a sad face . I have no idea why .

"I am not going to die today . And you are going to help me . " I said to her .

"I ..." she did not finish , because Clarke and Raven came up to her .

She looked at me with a look that told me that she will help me ,I just dont know how .