She looked out the window.

Everything seemed so dismal, as the first snowflakes found their way to the ground on this cold November night.

The hospital was eerily quiet, the whirs and beeps from monitors distant, as she stayed in this moment…

This moment without tears, just…


It had brought them all together. Taught them just how much they loved each other.

But they had returned home long ago, only she remained, gazing at the twilight setting upon the stone walls, providing stark contrast to the whitewashed ones she was trapped in.

But she didn't feel trapped.

She gazed at each snowflake, glistening and twinkling in the light, illuminating its unique features.

Just like the spark in his eyes that were dimmed by anesthesia,

His eyes, twinkling, ocean blues, closed and shielded from the world, as his mind escaped to oblivion.

The accumulating white fluff on the ground brought her mind back to the snow ball, how brilliant and striking they looked pretending to be a couple, though his hidden unrequited love sent a wave of emotions through him, though his heart pounded for her, it longed for her-

The same heart that stopped, that was artificially beating, that had to be fixed…

The same heart that had sent her through a whirlwind of feelings with the new millennium, the same heart that had just sent her through the most terrifying experience of her life.

As his pale, sickly body was transferred onto the gurney, he mentioned how hospitals have memories, how "The whole tapestry of life replays itself within these walls", as his brother said.

So, what did it remember?

Happy memories-his birth, sad memories-his mother's death. And so many more in between.

But the circle of life was not confined within these walls.

There was so much more, so much opportunity for adventure outside of this, her least favorite place on Earth. The strongest emotions didn't always occur here.

They swirled around them, encapsulating them in a hurricane of love and hopelessness, anxious feelings that "star-crossed lovers" experience, in that small bedroom on the night of her Rehearsal dinner.

And who knew that a Winnebago could contain such a strong stench of love and happiness the morn of her wedding, escaping from her fiance to be with the love of her life.

And who knew the tinny bells ringing in Reno could send such vivacious energy, like a spark of electricity that ran through them as they slid the rings on their fingers.

She smiled, taking a deep breath, surfacing from her daydream.

She turned around and walked down the corridor, her high heels clacking against the linoleum until she approached room 431.

She slowly opened the door, the knob making a slight click as she entered.

She crept over to the sleeping form inside, his eyelids glued shut, his body attached to a million wires and tubes.

It killed her to see him like this, she hated how immensely vulnerable he seemed, how his ghostly pale complexion closely resembled the white theme of this hospital.

But she accepted it.

She sat down on his bed, gazing at his still form save the slight rise and fall of his chest.

She smiled, leaning in, towards his ear.

"Sweetheart," she whispered. "You did great. I'm so proud of you! I love you so much."

The tears that threatened to fall now did. One dropped on his forehead, next to her gentle kiss.

She grazed her fingers on his cracked lips, forced open by the postoperative tube.

But she smiled, soon realizing that the tears creating streaks on her cheeks were tears of joy.

Because she couldn't wait.

She couldn't wait for a signature witty reply to erupt from those lips that never ceased to make her chuckle.

She couldn't wait to go on a thousand trips with him fueled by his generosity.

She couldn't wait to start a life with him, maybe have a child or two.

But most of all, she couldn't wait to create a million more memories with him, to look back on when they're old and snuggle up by the fire.

Because he was her heart.

And she was his.

And together, countless memories would bloom.