Alex Rider isn't mine la-di-da-di-da...

Ian had been a spy for the better part of 7 years.

There was one rule in the intelligence world...don't trust anyone. Trusting got you killed.

It was safe to say he was paranoid.

And if you thought he was going to let just anyone near his nephew, you clearly know nothing about Ian Rider.

Which was why he ran about a thousand background checks on Jack Starbright. Weekly. He probably knew more about her life then she knew about her own life.

Including where she was born (Cold Spring, New York), her favorite smelling hand sanitizer (Winter Wonderland), and what type of apples she liked in her apple pie (Honeycrisp). He also knew that she had once buried her brother's pet frog in her neighbor's flower pot and had gotten the fire-department called during her Home Ec class.

He might never let her anywhere near the stove, but at least he knew she wasn't a cold-hearted assassin bent on shooting him in the back as soon as she got the chance.

If he wasn't a spy, he might've been considered a stalker.

Actually...he was probably still considered a stalker. Oh well, it was for a good cause.

Now to meet her for the first time...

He checked his watch as the door opened and a red-haired woman rushed in the door. "Um, hi...Mr. Rider? I-uhm-sorry I'm late..." She greeted him, flustered.

He stood up, beckoning her over with a kind smile, all the while assessing her from head to toe. He nodded, his smile becoming a little bit warmer. "Miss Starbright. It's a pleasure."

She nodded, hurriedly taking a seat in the chair he pulled out, looking for all her worth like the twenty-one year old med student she was as she desperately tried to make a good first impression.

He barely kept himself from smirking as she began talking about why she thought she might be qualified for this job.

You poor kid, he thought, you have no idea.


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