"Once a upon a time, a giant titan was walking through the boiling Isle."

"One day, a blue portal opened, and on top stood a man in green armor."

"The titan walked toward the man in green armor. Then the man launched a chain into the titan's head, and the man shot the titan's eyes out before taking his bio-force gun and Shooting him in the chest, ripping and melting the titan's innards.

"The man left the dying titan and returned to a different world to slaughter another day," Belosfinished the story. He placed the book into the dark void which was the Right side of his head which was destroyed.

Multiple Luzs who sat in the empty void with owls Floating around them, stared at him, shocked. "What do you think happened?" Belos asked.

Zombie house Luz yelled, "That was freaking awesome!" Which smack from adult Witch-Master Luz staff.

Boy Luz raised his hand. "Yes?" Belos asked.

"So, the Doomslayer came to the boiling isles and killed the Titan?"


"...ZH is right, that is freaking awesome." Boy Luz or Luis cheered earning a smack from strict adult normal Luz

Canon Luz spoke up. "Wait, so is that canon?"

Belos sighed and said,"Who do you think shot me in the face?"

Magic "gun" Luz answered. "Me?" she said,hiding behind mature Luz.

Villian Luz spoke up. "Can I Blow your HEAD OFF?!" She said grinning, enchanted snake tattoos moving across her face to her arm as they pleased.

"No," he told her, in a bored manner.

Smart Luz sighed. "How did you end up here?"

"You put too much magic into the portal and it exploded." All the Luz gave an, "Ooooohh", understanding how he, and most likely some of them, ended up here. "Or one of you shot me in the head, either I Keep fusing with the others each time they lose."

"Why are there so many Owlberts her?" Wise-Elder Luz asked.

"His been going in and out of the prtals so much, the void copied his form. Endlessly."

Magic "gun" luz looked around. "So, are there copies of Eda and Lilith here?"

Belos sighed. "Sadly, yes, yet there they are a large distance from us, mostly cause the majority of them haven't shared their pain." Only Canon Luz understood what he meant.

On the other side of the void

Eda pulled a box of Popcorn out of her hair. "Were we like this?"

Multiple Edas and Liliths were fighting against each other while their Canon selves were eating popcorn, watching the battle.

"I don't know if we were so violent." Lilith said watching the other versions of herselves, waiting fro them to tire themselves.

The Eda from the AU where she can change between her cursed self and her normal self landed next to them, turned into her owl form, and flew back into the fight. "Lucky," Eda said, eating her popcorn.

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