"I don't get it Banjo; what are we doing in here?"

"Easy Kazooie, we're just getting things to make our matches easier."

"But I thought you wouldn't care to do stuff like this," The Breegull bird pointed out while stretching her talons and flapping her red wings that caused her feathers to get all around the ground.

The bear stretched his arms and pulled up his yellow shorts while adjusting his blue backpack. "Sometimes you have to learn to go a bit beyond your comfort zone."

So Banjo and Kazooie kept on doing whatever it was they were doing in 1 of many closets within the Smash Mansion, with the bear and bird opening up a treasure chest that unleashed a bunch of videogames that had yet to officially be indicted into Smash, causing the mansion to break apart as a certain magical being was quite angry at this.

"What did you idiots do this time!?" Master Hand bellowed while unleashing all of his magic inducing powers at once. "You clowns better get into my office immediately!"