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"Nice To Meet You."

Even after Poseidon left, Sally still visited the beaches of Montauk.

It was strange because, being a person who had lost her entire family already, Sally should be avoiding anything that might remind her of her former love. She should have been running from all memories, from all places where she and Poseidon had had their fairytale' love story.

A part of her wished she could run away from it. A part of her wished she could just forget everything about Poseidon and start new somewhere else. A part of her wished her heart would stop clenching painfully every time she had the mere recollection of her life with him.

She couldn't though. As weird as it may sound, Montauk was still her happy place. Sure, it only reminded her that he was gone, never to be returned but still, it was all she had of him. The clear, rocking waves were the embodiment of his character, so passionate yet gentle. The everlasting wind sweeping past the water and lifting curtains of white sand freshened her mind, preventing her from growing too sad or anguished.

She missed him, so much. From the moment he left, it felt as if a part of her had left with him. Her life was now tied to him and she knew that even though it would get better, she would still go through hell for as long as it took her to heal.

That afternoon, she sat on the sand, as close to the shore as she dared without soaking her clothes. She made sure her long, red dress covered her legs before finally laying her eyes on the water. The wind was gentle that day, sweeping the loose strands of her hair away from her face so she closed her eyes, desperate to imagine Poseidon behind that caress.

She always went to the beach in Montauk because, when she was with him, it was the place in which she was happy. It was the place in which her heart soared, and she felt the safest.

That afternoon, though, she didn't go to the beach to reminisce.

She went to the beach in a desperate attempt to feel closer to him.

That day, that day was different. Everything had changed.

From now on, Sally and Poseidon would always be united. Even if she never saw him again, she would still carry a part of him forever. She would always be grateful to him because, even though he had put her through hell and heartbreak, he had also given her a baby.

She was pregnant.

She could hardly believe it herself and she knew that the only thing preventing her from feeling overwhelmed was the fact that having a kid was something she'd wanted for a long time. Behind her fear, her nerves and her stress, she knew there was happiness blubbering inside of her, making her smile through the negative feelings that had a hold on her.

Sally suddenly took a deep breath, steeling herself.

That afternoon wasn't about her. It was about Poseidon and the baby she was carrying inside of her.

So, hesitantly, almost as if fearing what she would feel, she rested a hand on her flat stomach and smiled tearfully, her eyes drifting from her belly to the sea before her.

"Poseidon, meet your baby." Sally whispered softly.

The waves calmed slightly, as if Poseidon was awestruck by Sally's words.

As a response, Sally chuckled happily, her hand still on her stomach.