"Good morning, Takato!" she waved to the boy with a big imagination.

"Good morning Jeri. How's it been?"

Jeri kept smiling. "I'll seize the day, that's how I feel" She exclaimed.

Takato blushed, Jeri hadn't been this energetic yesterday.

"So..." Takato clapped his hands together, there was something on the tip of his tongue. "You know, um that portal in Guilmon's house, it's-" Jeri interrupted him "It's back?"

"Yeah. I can't wait to see Guilmon again!" Takato had that dreamy look.

"... Takato let me come with! Please!" She bowed to Takato.

"Uuhhh, sure, we meet at the park tomorrow, make sure to pack a toothbrush." Takato said as he strolled away.

Jeri smiled again, seizing the day had been so easy!

At the park:

Assorted friends waved the Digimon tamers off as they crawled through the tunnel in the shed.

Jeri frowned, what would the digital world be like now? She had heard from Henry's dad that once that they rewound time on the D-Reaper, they had deleted it immediately.

She hoped it was easier to walk in.

"Jeri?" Henry's voice pierced her thoughts. "Are you sure you want to come?"

"I'll be Okay Henry." She explained.

"Good to hear." Henry smiled.

In the portal:

"Uh, which way is down?" Kazu said feeling like he was forgetting something.

"That way" Jeri pointed towards a nearby Arrow symbol. Her hair stood on end as the group fell through layers of data.

"Subject Katou…." She heard her own voice.

"Who's there?" She yelled forgetting which way was down.

"Not sure… Not sure of parameters, further analysis required." A chill ran up her spine.

No it couldn't be!

"Assistance required." What was left of the DReaper said.

"You've been hiding... in me! How dare you!" She yelled.

"... instructions required, Purpose required, destiny unclear." It said as calmly as it could.

"Get out of ME!" Jeri clutched her head.

"Following instructions." The Dreaper stated. "Emergence commencing." Jeri felt fuzzy .

"Emergence has put Subject Katou in risk. Searching for solution"

It sounded unsure of what it was concerned about.

" Solution found? Subject Katou will assist." Jeri found herself forced to grab her D-Power… What was it doing?

"Warning, Contradiction Found, does Subject Katou not desire companionship and separation?" The DReaper was still flat.

Jeri was stunned, she could feel feelings welling up inside herself without any consent from her.

"It's just Jeri!" Her Digivice glowed with golden light.


Jeri felt the presence of the DReaper leave her and for what felt like the first time, there was calm.


Jeri saw a blob of red form beside her. As quickly as it calm came it left.

It formed a leg, No an Arm, no a Tail.

It was formless.


Jeri checked her D-Power, like she had seen the other Tamers do so many times.

'M-m-mutamon,a rookie level digimon with potential be just about anything. Partnered with me!'

She was going insane wasn't she, what was left of the D-Reaper, was her new partner?

Whatever the reason, Jeri knew that she couldn't let it get out of control.

"L-l-listen to me!" She yelled.

"P-p-p-please d-d-d-d-d-d-don't, delet-t-t-te m-m-m-me or-r-r m-my fr-fr-fr-friends!" She begged The Mutamon who was approaching her.

"Order accepted." It said.

Then Jeri finally remembered which way was down.

How could this day get any worse?