Chapter 7


Jeri's hands hovered over the keyboard.

She didn't have anything to say.

She didn't know.

She understood.

The words 'Yes I would' came into her mind.

"I will live," She started typing.

"Deletion at 7.5%"

"I will live to try again, The future is in my hands" She typed faster.

She wanted to make things better.

She pressed enter with her right pinky.

"Deletion at 8.75%"

"Mutamon, stop it, you know that killing is wrong." Jeri pleaded, seeing that her answer from her heart was having little effect.

"Life is an exercise in futility. Nothing matters" It replied.

"I..." Jeri tried to find words

"I just want to see what kind of future Zukomon has."

"Deletion at 9.375%" The D-Reaper's voice stated.


"So be it" Mutamon said.

It pulled away from Zukomon,


"Error, Cannot detach from subject"

/ I don't know what to write from here on out,

/ I messed up a little with Mutamon and Jeri's Relationship.

/ There's no way, I can see, that Jeri would be comfortable around Mutamon again after this much pressure.

/ Besides I have other things I want to write.

/ Thank you for reading my silly story.