Chapter 1: Sudden Stop and New World.

"Where... am I?"

A young man woke up on a hill overlooking a seemingly regular city. He did not know how he got there, but he was sure he wasn't supposed to be there. The last thing in his memory was walking home from the story late at night.

"There was this strange old guy..."

Struggling to remember more, he recalled that he stopped by a homeless man who asked him for some money. As he happened to have some left from the late night shopping, he handed the man just enough to buy himself a sandwich or a hamburger.

'Oh... aren't you a lucky one'

He thought that's what he heard the old man say. Thinking again, he recalled that he looked remarkably well dressed.

"Why did I think he was a homeless man?" He wondered as if his mind was playing tricks on him.

'Well, I hope you have fun.' Was another cryptic sentence to come out of the old man's mouth. 'Remember this: Whatever stage is set up by your choices, time is still a tool at your disposal. The role of stage writer has been thrust upon you. No matter what you do, the ink won't dry'.

The young man assumed he got drunk somewhere and stumbled in his current situation. Regardless, he needed to find his way home. The surrounding scenery didn't look familiar, but the friendly lights of the city down below were the best route he could take for now. Someone should be able to tell him how to get back home.

'Still...' he thought to himself. 'If that sea over there is the Black Sea then that means I took a train all the way here... I live half a day away from it...'

Before he could even start moving his feet down the hill, he heard a man's deep voice behind him.

"What are you doing here at this hour, boy?"

He turned around. The man's face caused him both awe, fear and confusion at the same time. No one would blame him if he assumed he was having a fever dream or a hallucination.

'This guy is... Kotomine Kirei?!"

The man dressed as a priest noticed the young man's behaviour and attempted to calm him down.

"Don't worry. I'm just a priest. However, finding someone like you in a graveyard at this hour... I'm sure you can see why I'm suspicious of you. What's your name, boy?"

"Suzuki Naoya" replied the young man who woke up in a graveyard and met what seemed to be a fictional character brought to life.

'Wait...' He noticed just as he spoke the name. 'That's not my name.'

"Suzuki Naoya" He said again, trying to say his true name. Once again, the same words came out.

"I heard you the first time, boy." The priest sighed. "Well, if you have no business here with me I'll ask you to leave. Graveyards are hardly the place a boy like you would want to find himself in at this hour."

'I'm not a boy, dammit. What the heck is going on?'

Just then he noticed that the place he was in was indeed a graveyard, and not far from it was a church he had seen before somewhere. He stopped worrying about that and decided not to make himself look worse than he already did.

"Sorry, I was just walking around. I'll leave now."

Once he spoke again, he had another realization.

'This isn't my first language... This sounds like Japanese... What the heck?'

"No harm done. You're lucky I was here. Walking around at night can be dangerous, especially with the recent news."

'Recent news?' Naoya thought. He suddenly remembered something. "You mean about that family that was murdered?"

"Of course. With a dangerous criminal like that on the loose, you'd better be careful, boy. Now, be on your way."

That was the last thing the priest told him before heading back to the church. Naoya was still overwhelmed by the situation he found himself in, and decided to get to the city as soon as possible and think on the way.

'I'm crazy, that or extremely drunk. No, this feels more like I'm lucid dreaming.' He tried crossing off all the possible explanations. 'I met that weird old man and then I woke up here. That priest looked like Kotomine Kirei, I can't say my name without "Suzuki Naoya" coming out instead and whenever I speak it feels like my words are translated into Japanese on the way from my brain to my mouth.'

Laughing at the absurdity of the situation, he reached a nearby street sign that said "Welcome to Fuyuki". The young man now called "Naoya" was certain this was a dream.

"Oh well" he said out loud. "Might as well have fun."