A/N: I received some feedback that I may have ended this story a bit abruptly, so here's an epilogue to wrap things up. Of course, this is AU.

EPILOGUE – Four Years Later

Ron and Luna Weasley along with Harry and Ginny Potter both arrived at the Burrow at almost the exact same time, apparating in from their respective homes. It was Sunday, which meant mandatory attendance at the Weasley Family Brunch. Ron and Lu had gotten married only a year after Luna's graduation from Hogwarts and they had moved into their own home right after the honeymoon. Ron and Luna missed being with Harry and Ginny at Grimmauld Place, but were ecstatic to have their own place.

Harry and Ginny waited another year before finally tying the knot mainly because they didn't want to divert any attention away from Ron and Luna. The foursome got together frequently and often included other friends.

Hermione was a familiar sight at both places, but she had remained single. There had been many first dates and a few seconds and thirds, but no one she met seemed to measure up to the standard she required in a partner. After a while she'd basically given up. If her personal life was lacking, her career and success at work were brilliant. She had quickly risen to be the head of Magical Creatures and had just been promoted to Chief of the Legal Division of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. She was excited about being able to work more closely with Harry and of course, Ron, and for the chance to further eliminate any pro-pureblood laws and policies.

Hermione often wondered 'what if?' when thinking back to the days immediately after the war. What if she had accepted Ron's love instead of rejecting him? Would she and Ron have married? Would they still be married? Would they have children and what of her career? Every time she started to wonder what if? she would be filled with regret for her decision or really lack of decision back then. She was proud of her career, but it seemed that's all she had. She longed for someone that understood her as Ron did. Someone that wasn't intimidated by her intelligence and drive and would challenge her like Ron did. She settled for just being Ron's friend now and tried not to be jealous when she saw him with Luna.

Ron was still in the Aurors, he himself doing well as he was now Director of the Strategy and Tactics Group. This position kept him from most field missions, and Luna was most grateful for that, as she didn't have to worry so much. He played on the Auror Quidditch team in a pickup league and still enjoyed beating everyone in chess.

Luna finished her Mastery in Magizoology after Hogwarts and enjoyed many part time positions. She was a consultant for Hermione on Magical Creatures and often filled in and helped out Hagrid at Hogwarts. Early on she had participated in several field safaris but gave those up when she realized that she just missed Ron too much to be gone for 6 to 8 weeks at a time. Now she spent quite a bit of time maintaining their extensive garden and just being there for Ron.

Ginny was enjoying her Quidditch career with The Holyhead Harpies and was the reigning league MVP. She had just finished a successful World Cup with the English team but was disappointed they had lost in the final when the Peruvian Seeker caught the snitch after only 5 minutes. It was the shortest World Cup final ever, and England had lost 150 – 40 with Ginny scoring all the English goals. She was still proud of her efforts and had been the Cup's leading goal scorer.

Harry was now Deputy Chief of the Aurors and was disappointed to learn how much of his time was spent on administrative details. The good news was they had captured all the former Death Eaters and had essentially squashed any groups trying to resurrect the old pureblood ideals. He provided major support to Ginny's career, attending almost every one of her matches and adjusting his schedule to match hers.

The four greeted each other that Sunday and made their way through the wards to the house where the Matriarch admonished them for being the last to arrive. They walked in and saw that all the Weasleys and spouses and kids where there crowded around the dining table. Even Hermione had come. She was always considered an honorary Weasley and made it to brunch about once a month. The four quickly found their normal places and now that everyone was here the feasting could commence.

The conversations around the table were loud and raucous as normal with everyone talking to everyone about any and everything. Bill expounded on the latest goings-on at Gringotts. Charlie talked about the latest dragon to hatch, while Percy bloviated about his latest triumph at the Ministry. George shared about the latest Wheezes products.

After all had eaten their fill and were pushing themselves away from the table, both Harry and Ron stood at the same time and both said, "I've got an announcement to make."

Ron looked at Harry surprised, and Harry returned the same look. Ron smiled and asked, "you've got an announcement as well?"

"Uh, yeah, um, it's really Ginny's and mine."

"Funny, my announcement is Lu's and mine too."

The rest of the family was looking at each other with questioning eyes while Ginny and Luna just sat back with shy grins on their faces. Molly was the first one to catch on and started to bounce in her chair.

Harry gestured to Ron and said, "Go ahead, you go first, Ron."

Ron grinned and looked at Lu before looking around at his family. "Well, uh, next March, there's going to be another Weasley, Lu is pregnant."

There was a huge roar in response and Molly started to get out of her chair toward Luna when Ginny gave a loud whistle which quieted everyone and froze them in their tracks.

"Oi, shut it," she yelled. "Harry gets a chance too."

All eyes shifted from Luna to Harry expectantly. "Well," Harry said with a huge grin. "Next March there'll be another Potter, Ginny is also pregnant."

Luna and Ginny reached for each other with hugs while the room exploded again. Ron and Harry nodded at each other before being enveloped in hugs from the family. The celebration continued for quite some time before settling down again. Ron grabbed Harry and whispered something in his ear. Harry looked up and nodded yes and whispered back to Ron. Both men had grins on their faces as they both walked over to their other best friend.

Hermione stood up and there was a three-way hug with her friends as she offered her congratulations to both.

Ron leaned back and asked quietly, "Hermione, Luna and I have a favor to ask."

Harry smiled and looked at Hermione and said, "Ginny and I want a favor as well."

Hermione looked at her two boys and said hesitantly, "ok, what?"

Harry gave Ron a nod and Ron said, "Hermione, we want you to be godmother to our children. We both had the same idea and just agreed that we'd both ask. Would you be willing to do double duty?"

"Oh, Ron, Harry, of course. I'm honored. I'd love to be godmother to your kids, thank you."

Harry smiled and pulled both back into the three-way hug and said softly for just their ears, "Thank you Hermione, I'm so glad and remember it will always be us three, always. Us three. I love you both so much."

Through her tears, Hermione looked at her two best friends and replied, "always, always, us three, always."