AN: I Don't OWN Harry Potter. I enjoy the community which is and has been very welcoming to everyone. (See profile for more along this subject) This story is me trying to correct something that's bugged me for awhile. It takes place at Hogwarts sometime. It's also unbetaed.

"Don't be mean."sniffed Luna "That's specisit. It stands for terrible. There are smart trolls too you know. Have you ever seen one in its natural environment.?"

Hermione looked embarrassed "I just assumed since everyone.."

"If everyone jumped off a cliff without a wand or other magical aide would you?"

"Well I suppose you would have to change the saying for the magical world... I get what you're saying Luna."


"Have you seen Trolls in the wild Luna?"

"Yes me and Daddy saw them last vacation. They are quite superb hunters you know. Good in dark places, light especially the sun slows them down you see. Interesting culture as well."

"They have a culture?"

"Really Hermione you're being mean again. They wear clothes you should know, you said that you met one your first year remember?"

Hermione winced "I try not to. But yes I noticed it had a vest and a loin cloth and the ones around the Gryffindor Portrait third year had unusual uniforms."

"That was due to the treaty with the goblins, the troll clans I'd call them by the name I was told but the human voice box cannot vocalize that low of a tone have a treaty with the goblins mind you not with the Ministry who refuse to recognize them as beings. But really if one refuses to communicate an a language both parties understand "

" Okay I'm sorry" Hermione rubbed the seat cushion in the carriage worriedly "Now how do we change it?"

" Call out others when the use the term. "

" Like you did for me?"

" Right and can we avoid unfortunate acronyms? "

Hermione blushed " I was thirteen you know. Thanks Luna"

The other girl smiled happily back.