Summary: Elizabeth needs a taste of purpose and makes a decision that will change her life forever. One-shot. Post AWE. Hints of Willabeth and Sparrabeth.

A/N: Written for school based on a prompt regarding taste. Also, did anyone notice that some of these prompts are making me explore characters other than Jack? I've done one on Norrington and this is the second one about Elizabeth. I have one on Will coming soon too, though that one's not for school. Working on prompts is actually really fun. It lets me bring out different sides of the characters that I may not have delved into yet. I'm glad I took Creative Writing class this year and got into writing prompts like this.

Taste of Purpose

Elizabeth Swann stared at the blank parchment on the table before her. She felt awful. She'd married Will Turner during a battle that could have ended piracy just a couple of years ago. And now she'd received news that the marriage wasn't even legal. Hector Barbossa was not captain of the Black Pearl when he had married the two; Jack Sparrow had been the captain. And only the captain could marry a couple aboard his ship.

Part of her wondered if it was fate telling her that Will was not who she was meant to be with for the rest of her life. Not that she was "with" him every day. Only once, every ten years. That combined with the news of the marriage not being valid had her thinking. She wanted to hope it wasn't true, that one day they would be reunited and be together all the time. But her gut told her it wasn't.

Some nights, when she should have seen Will in her dreams, it was someone else who appeared to her; someone she should never be with. Jack Sparrow appeared to her in her dreams. The roguish, unpredictable pirate himself.

Elizabeth wasn't sure what to think anymore.

Her life had fallen apart the day James Norrington proposed to her, only three years ago. Things had gotten worse and worse as time passed. And now she was left with nothing but doubt, confusion, and regret.

Her old life as a governor's daughter was long gone. Now she was a poor ex-pirate, left to drown in her own thoughts on some island.

She had nothing; nothing to live for, nothing to die for. She had no purpose. She needed at least a taste of a purpose for at least a short period of time, if not forever.

And thus, she made up her mind, tears leaking down her cheeks.

Dear Will,

I've just received the news that our marriage is not legal. Barbossa was not captain of the Pearl at the time of our wedding. Jack was.

I've had much time to think about what to do with myself. I've decided that I'm going to go find Jack. I will not be here when you return, eight years from this time.

I hope you do not feel upset by this. I just feel so helpless, useless, sitting here on this island day by day. I need something to do with myself; a purpose. The Black Pearl always has something going on. It'll keep me busy, make me feel more like myself.

Just remember, whatever happens, a part of me will always belong to you, Will Turner. I miss you much, and the guilt of leaving like this shall surely last forever.

I will love you always,

Elizabeth Swann, Pirate King of the Brethren Court

"Goodbye." She whispered as she folded up the letter, placing it beside the document from the government of England. The taste of salty tears were on her tongue.

Elizabeth stood up from the table and gave the small little cottage one last loop over before she left it for the final time.