Late one night in an undisclosed suburb on the Eastern Seaboard, a lone figure wearing a worn-out black Assassin's Creed hoodie walks into a bedroom carrying a laptop. They open it up, type in the address to a website before sighing in relief.

?: All right, now or never *the figure then presses another button, and the laptop's screen bursts with light, causing the figure to vanish.

A theater the size of a small town is packed with characters and entities from across the fiction's annals. They're all eagerly looking at the stage, waiting for a big announcement. Behind the curtain, Omnitraxus Prime, Janna, the Wandering Hippie, and many other characters are either looking at the crowd or looking at each other nervously.

Eddy: I don't get it! We put the word out to every character ever dreamt up to come here for a big announcement. But when the time comes, we got nothing because Hemingway Jr. got cold feet!

Omnitraxus Prime: Now, Eddy. We all know that RJ didn't get cold feet. It was just taking him longer than he thought to get things done.

Eddy: It's been almost two months, Apollo Creed! WHAT COULD BE TAKING HIM SO LONG? I'm telling you, he bailed on us!

ROTHEM: Hey, dude. Don't give up on RJ. He's not the kind of person who'd bail on something like this. He's just been busy is all.

Wandering Hippie: Yeah, man. Besides, you know how sporadic fanfic writers can be? And he told me that he wants to get this as close to perfect as possible.

Janna: Well, considering what we saw him do with that "Blood Moon" chapter in ROTHEM's story, I think we'll be fine either way.

*The rumble of thunder can then be heard above, followed by music.

Play Shoot to Thrill-AC/DC (Start at 2:57) /wLoWd2KyUro

Everyone then looks up at the sky.

Abridged Nappa: Well, you know what they say, guys. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.

*A bolt of lightning then comes down into the middle of the stage, and out comes the figure from before: RJ Writing Ink*

RJ: How are we doing tonight, my lovers of entertainment? *crowd cheers* Yeah, I was trying to go for an "Iron Man" entrance.

End the Music (no, seriously, stop playing it)

Now, I go by many names in life. On YouTube, I'm called Jungoguy, a small-time YouTubing gamer trying to make it big or have fun. But here and on my blog, I'm known as Roderick J. "Jay" Fritz or just RJ Writing Ink. And I'm here because I'd like to make an announcement.

Janna: Well, here we are at the moment of truth. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

RJ: I've been invested in the Star vs. fanfic community for a year and a half now. And in that time, I've been amazed at some of the works that I've come across. Some of them, I daresay, are good enough to rival any published work of literature. But I stopped being content with just reading, and in the last few months, I started getting involved. I became a beta editor for my friend ROTHEM *round of applause for ROTHEM* And then I got lucky enough to be tapped by the ADDude to be a beta editor for his story "Like Father Like Daughter," which I am a big fan of.

RJ: But for months now, I've wanted to write my own story. A story that would celebrate why I love this show (and help me get closure over how open-ended the finale was). And now, I think I've gotten far enough ahead in it to start publishing it online.

*The lights then focus on a giant image, courtesy of Tassji on Instagram (look her up)* Everyone, I give you my first fanfic: Comet vs. the Forces of Evil. It's going to be a gender-swapped retelling of Star vs., and I intend for it to be as epic as possible.

RJ: I wanted to start putting it out this past July, but life got in the way. As of now, though, I've decided that the time has come for me to commit to this. So, I intend to publish the first chapter of my story one week from today! I invite everyone to come back and see what I have in store!

*Cue the applause*

RJ: Wish me luck, everyone! I'm going to need it. *RJ then runs off stage* Well, I think that went well.

Janna: No, kidding, man. But you do know what you're getting into?

RJ: Yeah, and I don't really care right now. I'm doing this for me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to start cram writing everything.

Omni: Wait, you haven't even started the first chapter?!

RJ: Nope, but I've got a highly detailed outline that's 200 pages and counting. So I should be good. *RJ then zaps out of the theater*

Trust me, guys, I know what I'm doing. See you in about a week.