This is my first crossover with Grease/The Outsiders, so go easy on me please! If you would like me to write more crossovers of our favorite greasers, I would be happy too. :) Xx

Kenickie Murdock was at the bar drinking, it was close to his father's birthday and he isn't happy because when Kenickie was only 3 years old, his old man walked out on him and his mother. He hated his father for doing that since then. Just then he felt someone sat down next to him. "Yo, beer now!" He looks up to see another Greaser with dark brown hair.

"Who are ya?" Kenickie asked not caring.

"Dallas," Dallas replied. "You?"

Then the Bartender gave Dallas his beer.

"Kenickie." Kenickie replied.

"Why are you getting drunk?" Dallas asked. "For the ladies?"

"Shut up creep." Kenickie grumbled.

"Hey man, I was just asking." Dallas says.

Kenickie lets out a sigh.

"It's my old man." Kenickie said.

"Oh," Dallas replied quietly.

"The creep walked out on me and my mother when I was 3 years old." Kenickie said as he started to feel pain again and drinks again.

"Hey man, I um...know what ya feel." Dallas said.

Kenickie looks up.

"Ya do?" Kenickie asks confused.

Dallas nods his head and looks down.

"When I was only 4 years old man cheated on my mom and walked out be with another woman he was with." Dallas told him.

"Dude, sorry to hear that man." Kenickie says.

"Nah, lets just forget it." Dallas said.

"Hey, how about we go meet with my buddies and we can go look for babes huh?" Kenickie asked.

Dallas looks up and smirked.

I like you kid." Dallas said.

"Everyone does my friend." Kenickie smirked.

Both greasers laughs and left the bar, they were glad that they had some who understood each other's life and what had happened to them when they were real small.