Hi everyone!

This was quite a depressing one to write to be honest, but nonetheless I hope you enjoy. It's set after the car scene in the episode where fletch finds out he has cancer :( As I'm sure you can all tell, it's from Ange's point of view. I thought I would try writing in some shorter sentences so let me know what you think (probably won't make a regular occurrence of it though ;) ). I think next week I'll try and write some Ange and Chloe.

All the best,

E x

I look over to him wondering why we haven't set off yet. He's crying. Tears streaming down his face. I don't know what's wrong yet. I might not find out yet. All I can do is be there for him. I slowly reach for his cheek. He pulls away; but I won't let him. I place my other hand on his other cheek. I move his head so he can see me. So I can look him in the eye. I pull our heads together. I'm there for him.

We drive to my house in silence, my hand resting on his knee, thumb slowly moving up and down. I hope the repetitive movement calms him.

When we enter the house he flops onto the sofa, tears streaming down his face once again.

"Cancer, Ange. I have cancer."

My heart stops. He can't, not Fletch. This can't be happening. Not to him. I can't let him show my horror though, I can't let him see how terrified I am.

I don't know what to say. So I just hold him. I walk up to the sofa that he's sitting on, his head in his hands, and hold him. My arm hanging around his shoulder as he weeps, his whole body shaking as he sobs.

He slowly leans into me and just lies there, the sobs have subsided a bit but he's still shaking.

He hands me his results from his bag. I try to cover a sharp breath as I take them in. He doesn't need to explain them to me, and for that I think he's greatful. He doesn't want to explain it to anyone, he just wants someone else to know, someone else to understand.

I can't understand because I haven't been through it. I know I can't understand. But that doesn't make it any easier. All I know is that I'll be there for him while he needs it most.

"Oh, Fletch" I finally say once I've taken them all in. I look at him. I think about his kids, I think about holby, what would anyone do without him?

"Look, there's still hope, it isn't over yet."

"But what if it's spread, what if I can't get better?" He starts sobbing again, uncontrollable sobs that can't be fixed.

I don't know what to say. I can't say anything that will fix this. So instead I run my hand back and forth between his two shoulders. I hold him tightly with my other hand.

"But it might not have spread, Fletch. You have to see the positives. It might take one surgery to cure you, and then that's it. And if it isn't, then we'll deal with it, together, ok?"

He slowly nods as he takes deep breaths to try and calm himself down. He leans into my side once more and stays there, taking deep, shuddering breaths.

Slowly, he falls asleep. He loses control of his body as he does so and flops onto my legs. I leave him there to rest as I run my hand up and down his hair in a calming manner.

I let my thoughts wonder. Despite what I told Fletch, I can't help but feel worried. I have to be prepared for the worst so I can be there for him.

So we can both make it through to the other end.