The title appears on the screen showing "Jade Gets Married"

The episode starts off at Sam & Cat's apartment where Cat is putting her backpack on to get ready for school

Sam: Hey Cat are you getting ready for school?

Cat: Yes I am.

Sam: Well have fun.

Cat's phone dings

Sam: Who texted?

Cat checks her phone and sees that she got a text from Jade

Cat: Jade did.

Sam: What did she say?

Cat: She said that she and Beck have a big announcement at school and she wants you to be there.

Sam: Me?

Cat: Yes.

Sam: Why does she want me there?

Cat: Well you two are friends after all.

Sam: True. Okay I'll put my sweats on.

At Hollywood Arts High School, Tori walks in

Tori: Hey did anyone get a text from Beck or Jade.

André: I did.

Robbie: So did I.

Cat: I got one too.

Sam: I didn't get one but Cat said she wanted me to be here.

Sikowitz walks in

Sikowitz: Hello class. And Sam.

Sam: Nice to see you Sikowitz.

Jade and Beck walk in

Beck: Good they're here.

Cat: Hi Beck. Hi Jade.

Sikowitz: So what announcement do you have for us.

Jade: You want to tell them or should I?

Tori: Tell us what?

Beck: Jade and I are getting married.

Cat: You are?

Jade: Yes. The wedding is Friday night at the Blackbox Theater.

André: We're all going to be there.

Sikowitz: You want me to host the wedding?

Beck: Sure.

Tori: Shouldn't we go decorate the Blackbox Theater?

Jade: I got Sinjin and Trina doing it.

Robbie: I thought you didn't like them.

Jade: I never said that.

Cat: You told Trina that nobody likes her.

Jade: That was when she was a ridiculous want to be.

Tori: I'm surprised she wants to work with Sinjin.

Sam: Why's that?

André: Sinjin can be a weirdo.

Sam: So is Robbie.

Robbie: Sam?

Sikowitz: She has a point.

Tori: You carried around a puppet.

Cat: So the wedding is Friday?

Jade: Yep.

Beck: Come on Jade. Let's get ready.

Sikowitz: We still have class.

Jade: Oh yeah.

Sam: You want me to leave?

Sikowitz: No you can stay.

Sam: Alright.

After class, the gang walks into the Blackbox Theater

Sam: So this is where the wedding is going to be?

Beck: Uh huh.

Trina: Jade we got the decorations up.

Jade: Good.

Sinjin: We decorated it your favorite color.

Jade: Thanks for the help.

Tori: You guys want to go to Bots?

Sam: I'm down.

Cat: I'm getting hungry.

Jade: Bots it is.

At Bots

Trina: I still can't believe they build this restaurant near the beach.

Sinjin: That must be cool.

Robbie: Hey Cat?

Cat: Yes Robbie?

Robbie: You think one day you and I will get married?

Cat: Maybe.

Sinjin: Trina?

Trina: Let me think of it.

Tori: I never thought you two would become a couple.

Trina: Why's that?

Beck: Well you never shown to like him.

Trina: That was the old me.

Sam: We're you really a ridiculous want to be?

Trina: Yes. But once I heard how bad I am at singing, I gave that up and decided to use karate as my talent.

Cat: You are good at it.

Trina: Thank you Cat.

Tandy hands them their food

Tandy: Here's your food.

Jade: About time.

Beck: How do they make the robots work?

Bungle: That's a secret.

Tandy and Bungle rolls away as Dice walks in

Cat: Hi Dice.

Dice: Hey Cat. What are you guys doing here?

Sam: Eating.

Trina: You have great hair.

Dice: Thanks. I guess you must be Cat's friends.

Tori: Indeed we are.

Robbie: You already know me and Jade.

Dice: I know. I was talking to her other friends.

Robbie: Oh.

Cat: Jade and Beck are getting married.

Dice: Aw how cute.

Beck: You want to come to it?

Jade: It's at the Blackbox Theater.

Dice: I don't know where that is.

Sinjin: It's at our school.

Cat: I can show you on Friday.

Dice: Okay.

Sam: You want to sit with us?

Dice: But you have food already.

Cat: You can have a few of my nuggets.

Dice: Thanks.

Beck: So did you always have great hair?

Dice: Yes I have.

Trina: Looks like you and Beck have one similarity.

Tori: Just because that kid has great hair, doesn't mean he has a similarity with Beck.

Cat: Maybe they could be siblings.

Dice: We're not.

Jade: Hey Sam you wanna invite your boyfriend Freddie?

Sam: I tried. He can't come.

Sinjin: Why?

Sam: He's at a college camp.

Robbie: Nerd.

Jade: Says the guy wearing glasses.

Robbie: I...

Jade: You can't even say a comeback.

Robbie: You're a demon.

Trina: This is pathetic.

Dice: For real.

Jade: Yeah for once I agree with Trina.

Trina touches Jade

Trina: Thank you Jade.

Jade: I told you to never touch me.

Trina: Sorry.

André: Alright I got to head out.

Cat: Bye André.

Tori: Want me to come with?

André: Sure.

Back at Apartment #22

Cat: I think it's nice that Jade and Beck are getting married.

Sam: I wish I got to know your friends more.

Dice: Me too.

Cat: Just be glad you're invited to the wedding.

Dice: Who's hosting the wedding?

Sam: Sikowitz is.

Dice: Cat's teacher that looks like a clown?

Cat: Yep.

Dice: He was kind of weird. He literally shaved my "pit hair".

Sam: It wasn't even real.

Dice: Why did you think I put air quotes.

Cat: I like Sikowitz. He's my favorite teacher.

Sam: Isn't he the only teacher there?

Cat: No there's other teachers at school.

Dice: How come they're never around?

Cat: I don't know.

Sam: How long have Jade and Beck been dating?

Cat: Well they started dating back in 2008 but they broke up in 2010 since he was friends with a pretty girl. Then they got back together with the help of Tori. I wasn't there but Tori told me. They then broke up again in February 2012 since they kept arguing. This time it was longer than last time and they got back together on December of 2012.

Dice: Dang that is long.

Cat: Yeah.

Sam: Did Tori help them that time?

Cat: No they got back together on their own.

Dice: Wait how old are they?

Cat: They're 18. Like me.

Sam: Why?

Dice: Isn't it weird that they're getting married while in school?

Cat: No. They are adults.

Sam: And they are graduating soon.

Dice: Oh.

Cat: You wouldn't get it since you're young.

Dice: I'm 15.

Sam: Well the rest of us are adults. And not to be mean, but do you have any friends your own age?

Dice: Well yeah but since I'm always training Goomer, I never hang with them.

Sam: That reminds me of Spencer.

Cat: How?

Sam: Since he always took care of Carly, he didn't have many friends his own age. Carly, Freddie, Gibby, and I tried to get him friends his age, but it didn't turn out well.

Dice: Isn't he like 13 years older than you guys?

Sam: Yes, yes he is.

Cat: Well it was nice that he took care of Carly.

Tori, André, Robbie, Trina, and Sinjin are at the Vega house

Tori: Should we get Beck and Jade a present?

Robbie: I think we should get them a gift.

Trina: What gift could you get that Beck and Jade would both like?

André: How about we get them a photograph of all of us.

Tori: Oh yeah. That way they can remember all the good times we had at school.

Sinjin: Should Sam be in it too? Even though she doesn't go to school.

Robbie: Well there already is a picture of all of us on TheSlap. But I can use photo edits and edit a picture of Sam into it.

Trina: See you are a nerd.

Robbie: Whatever. I don't need your sass.

Tori: I bet Rex would be insulting you right now.

Robbie: Well Rex isn't here is he.

Sinjin: I'll help you hack the photo.

Robbie: Thanks.

André: Well you better do it fast.

Tori: Yeah the wedding is in 2 days.

Robbie: We would.

Sinjin: But we're already done.

Trina: That was fast.

Sinjin: We have a skill of hacking fast.

Robbie: You have a printer?

Tori: Yes. Here let me print.

André: I hope they like it.

Trina: I hope so, too.

Tori: I'll let Cat know we all got Beck and Jade a gift.

Back with Sam & Cat

Cat: Tori just texted me.

Dice: What did she say?

Cat: She and the others got Jade and Beck a wedding gift.

Sam: Good for her.

Dice: You should get her something.

Cat: She said the gift was from all of us. Well not you I don't think.

Dice: I get it.

Sam: Does it count for me too?

Cat: Yes.

Sam: Sweet. Then I won't have to feel bad.

Dice: Were you really going to get her something?

Sam: Well maybe I was going to add my name to a gift to make it look like I got them something but now I don't have to.

Cat: That's exactly what Jade would have done.

Dice: I see why you're great friends with her.

It is the day of the wedding. Everyone (except Dice) is at Hollywood Arts

Sikowitz: So are you two excited?

Jade: Duh.

Beck: Friday is finally here.

André: Where's the kid with the great hair?

Sam: He's in a different class.

Tori: He's still coming right?

Cat: Yes.

Trina: Here are the rings.

Jade: Thanks Vega #2.

Trina: No problem West. Or Mrs. Oliver.

Jade: Don't push it.

Trina: Sorry.

Sinjin: I'm going to put up the finishing decorations.

Robbie: Have fun.

Sinjin: Trina come help.

Trina: Fine.

Sam: Hey teacher.

Sikowitz: Yes?

Sam: Just wondering, how long have you been teaching here at Hollywood Arts?

Robbie: Since 2001.

Sam: Are you the teacher?

Robbie: No.

Sam: Then why did you answer?

Robbie: I don't know.

Sam: Figures.

Jade: Good one.

Sikowitz: It is true. I have been teaching since 2001.

Beck: What are you going to do when we leave?

Sikowitz: I have no idea.

Sam: Wait Tori isn't your sister a year older?

Tori: Yes?

Sam: Then why is she still here?

Tori: She did graduate a year ago. We asked her to help out.

Jade: By force.

Sam: I'd do the same for Freddie.

Cat: I thought you liked Freddie.

Sam: Well still.

André: Hey wait a minute. Who's Freddie?

Tori: He was the tech producer of iCarly.

André: Oh that Freddie.

Sam: Yeah.

Jade: Robbie also has a crush on him.

Robbie: I do not.

Cat: You were acting very gay towards him.

Jade: He even asked me to help him get away from you.

Robbie: Well...

Sam: You can't even respond.

Tori: You need to stop acting weird.

School bell rings

Sikowitz: Class dismissed. You all have a nice weekend.

Cat: You too.

Jade West TheSlap Update: Beck and I are about to get married. Which means all you girls better back off from my husband. FEELING: Devilish

Sam: Jade looks nice in her dress.

Trina: Beck looks hot in his tux.

Sikowitz: You guys ready?

Jade: Yes. Start already.

Tori and André start playing wedding march music as Cat walks with Jade

Cat: You look very nice.

Jade: Thanks.

Cat walks Jade to the stage and goes to take her seat with Dice

Dice: This is my first time I've been to a wedding.

Sikowitz: Everyone. We're gathered here today to join the marriage of Beck Oliver and Jade West.

Mr. West: Can't believe my daughter is getting married.

Mr. Oliver: I can't believe they're still together.

Sikowitz: Jade do you take Beck to be your hot husband?

Jade: I do.

Sikowitz: Beck do you take Jade to be your pretty wife?

Beck: I do.

Sikowitz: I now pronounce you two Mr. and Mrs. Oliver. You may kiss the bride.

Jade and Beck kiss as everyone cheers

Sam: Way to go Jade.

Sinjin: We're all proud of you.

Trina: They finally did it.

Tori: I knew it was going to happen.

Mr. West: Jade.

Jade: Dad? You came?

Mr. West: Yes. I want to say I'm proud of you. Take good care of my daughter.

Beck: I will.

André: We got you a present.

André hand them the picture of all of them

Jade: A picture of all of us.

Beck: We look good.

Jade: Wait how is Sam in this? This was taken in 2012.

Robbie: I used my editing skills to edit Sam in it.

Sinjin: I helped.

Sam: Nerds.

Robbie: I heard that.

Sam: You were supposed to.

Jade: Well I like it.

Tori: You do?

Beck: Yes.

Jade: Thanks to all of you.

Tori: You're welcome.

Beck: We're going to have a great life together.

Jade: I know we are.

Beck: I love you, Mrs. Oliver.

Jade: I love you too, Mr. Oliver.

Jade and Beck kiss again as the episode ends

A/N So I don't know if anyone knows this, but Liz Gillies (Jade) has gotten married. Unfortunately she didn't marry Avan Jogia (Beck) so I guess Bade won't continue. At least we got fanfiction. This story is in response to her marriage.