Despite of been a very boring episode, i decided to rewrite it, using my storylines. So, it will take place somewhere after A Lion In Our Family (lets pretend, following the storyline, that Teddy´s story was the first episode of season 3) And a way before The Face We Never Forgot (which would be middle season 4.)

As for the story, it would have basicaly the same plot of the real episode, but following the discriptions from my storylines.

Just one thing, the character Daisy Garner, isn t as selfish in the episode, as she is in this story, but in the end she became a nice person.

Hope You Like.

Please Enjoy

Brigita10, DSCWin, thanks for the help.


Despite the warm day on the mountain, nineteen-year-old John Boy was in a mood that shadowed the coldest wintertime. He had lost his sight almost a year and a half ago and was still getting back into a normal routine.

And besides, just a couple of months ago, the family had sent the lion they had found to a zoo, where he was going to be taken care of, which means, life had gone back to normal for everyone as well, , without worries of having a lion on the backyards.

Sure, today was his turn to milk the cow. He also helped Ben and Jim Bob give Reckless a bath and made his own bed in the morning. After helping John load the truck the worry of being useless, filled his thoughts.

After lunch John Boy sat alone in one of the chairs they kept in the garden, just listening to his family and reminiscing about what he could have done if he hasn't had an accident. He probably would have finished high school with his siblings and be at Boatright right now, to fulfill his dreams of become a writer or a journalist.

After hearing seventeen-year-old Jason say he was going to town to buy a new set of strings for his guitar, John Boy asked him if he could come along, to get a job. Jason was reluctant to bring him along but finally relented.


The trip was nice as the boys made plans for the future. John Boy said he would buy gifts for everyone once he received his first payments. Once they arrived in Charlottesville, Jason stopped in front of the telegraph office where there was a sign of 'Help Needed' at the door.

''Here we are!'' Jason announced as he walked his brother to the door. ''After you finish, wait for me just here. I will be back in an hour. "

''Thanks Jason,'' John Boy took a deep breath.

''Good luck, John Boy,' Jason gave his brother a hug and left.

Inside the post office the telegrapher, Mr. Garner, was busy with his notes, when the blind young man came in asking for someone.

''Yes?'' the telegraphist raise his head, measuring the boy in front of him from up to down.

''Sir? My name is John Walton Jr. I was passing by with my brother and he showed me you were in need of a helper, so I decided to came in and apply for the job.'' John Boy said hopefully.

''I see… and how can I hire a blind man?'' Mr. Garner asked and John Boy felt himself tremble.

''I… I have a Braille typewriter, Sir and I´m sure I can learn to use the telegraph pretty fast, you see, I… I help my father and…''

''I´m sorry, kid!'' he interrupted him. ''I know your intentions are good, but I can´t hire you. Have a good day.'' He said and John-Boy didn't had choice but left.


Once out on the street, John-Boy stood still, trying not to be disappointed with himself as he held back his tears.

Just a few steps from where John Boy stood, a young woman around his age was reading an advertisement about a dance marathon that would occur at the church the next day. What interested her most was the two thousand dollars for the winner and partner.

Biting her lip, the girl´s eyes shone with the possibility of wining. She just needed a partner. Anxious, Daisy Garner looked around to spot John Boy standing still in front of the telegraph office. An idea crossed her mind and she approached him slowly.

''Excuse me, can I help you somewhere?'' Daisy asked, placing a hand on his shoulder just as she realized he was blind.

''Hello? Oh, no, thanks, I am just waiting for my brother. " John Boy replied quietly.

''You live around here?''

''No… I live on Walton´s Mountain. I was going to get a job in there but be won't accept a blind man."

''Oh, i´m sorry… uh… You know, Mr. Neal, the telegraphist is my Grandfather. He seems a bit stern at first, but he is a kind man. If you had insisted I'm sure he would accept you, its really fun to work at the telegraph. I'm Daisy, Daisy Garner."

''Well, maybe I try other day than. And my name is John Walton. Pleased to meet you, Daisy,'' John Boy said stretching his hand for her to shake.

''Likewise, John… mind if I wait with you?'' she sked.

''Not at all, my brother must be arriving soon!'

''I see… John, you know how to dance?"

''If i know how to dance? I suppose… my sisters often asked me to join them as they danced at the parties near where we live."

Her plan was working ''There´s a dance marathon at the church starting tomorrow, would you like to go? I will go too, just for fun, there will be seven days of dancing and we can make friends.'' she said, hoping he had fell into the conversation.

''I.. I don't know really…'' John-Boy said still unsure, after all, he had just met that girl and he didn't knew about been alone in a strange place for the first time in the dark.

''Come on John, I promise it will be fun. I can sign you up and pick you up at your house. And I can teach you a few new dancing steps." Daisy crossed her fingers waiting for a response.

''Alright then,'' John Boy agreed after a second. ''If you say it will be fun, I will come with you." he said. Maybe the dance marathon could be serving as a distraction and a time away from his family, could help him gain a bit of independence.

''Great!'' Daisy exclaimed holding his hand ''I will pick you up tomorrow at your home. And do not worry, I will be your eyes there, I promise nothing will happen to you.''

''Hey John-Boy!'' Jason announced himself ''You got the Job?'' he asked, ignoring Daisy´s presence.

''Hey Jace, let me introduce you to Daisy, Daisy, this is my brother Jason Walton.

''Nice to meet you, Jason!''

''Likewise'' Jason agreed ''So?''

''Sadly no Jace, but I have a surprise to tell everyone'' John-Boy exclaimed, placing a hand on Jason´s shoulder ''Till tomorrow, Daisy''

''Till tomorrow!'' she smiled and left almost jumping on joy for her plan had work.


Back at the house, Olivia was starting to worry about her children's lateness. She knew John Boy was safe since he was with Jason, but something inside made her very worried. When she was about to ask John to go looking for them the door opened, and the two boys came in.

''Sorry for taking so long. I asked Jason to take me with him, so he could help me find a job.'' John Boy said, resting his cane near the door and placing his coat on the hanger. "But the telegrapher didn't seem so eager to give me a job.'' he said walking toward the table.

''Sorry about that son, maybe next time, you manage'' John said with pride.

''On the other hand, I have a surprise for everyone. I got invited to a dance marathon!''

''You what?'' John asked.

''I was invited to a dance marathon, Daddy, while I waited for Jason, this girl, Daisy came to me, we talk and she asked if I would like to join her in the marathon.''

''What is a dance marathon?'' Eight-year-old Elizabeth asked.

''You keep a partner and dance… like a competition!" Thirteen-year old Erin replied.

''And you said no, I suppose!'' Olivia asked looking back and forth from her husband and son.

''I said yes."

''John Boy! You realize the danger you can put yourself into?'' Olivia was shocked.

''I… we had a lion on our backyards for months, Mama, I do not think a dance marathon could be as dangerous as that!''

''Its not even comparable!'' Olivia gave him a glare she wished he could see. ''There´s no point in arguing with me John Boy, you aren't going to put yourself in danger. You don't even know this girl, or where she is going to take you!''

''Well, I don't understand you!'' John Boy snapped. 'When I left the hospital, you kept saying to me that I needed to accept everything and live my life as normal as possible and now when I find something to do, you object?''

The room fell silent for a bit. John asked the children to go upstairs and came back to the table to talk to his older son.

''John Boy, you have a point. We want you to have your independence back, but don't you think a dance marathon is a step too far?'' John asked and in response, John Boy lowered his head in shame. Maybe his father was right and it had been too naïve and reckless of him to accept that invitation.

''Maybe you´re right Daddy, but I already gave my word that I'm going and there's no way I can give up now... I'm sorry. " John Boy said and left without another word, tripping his way upstairs.

Once he left, Olivia looked at her husband furiously. ''Are you allowing him to go? John? He's still a boy…'

''Liv, I know you are worried, I am too, but he´s got a point. It was two years ago and if he feels secure going to the marathon, I think that's okay. Maybe a time away from us is all he needs. To start facing his life the way it is now.'' John said and left to try to talk to his son again, leaving his wife speechless.