The Marathon was coming to an end. In two days the winners would take two thousand dollars with them. Accidently, Daisy´s plan went down to drain. She had grown very fond of John Boy and part of her regretted doing what she had done to him. But her desire for the prize was more. The night Daisy´s plan failed, the last five couples were having a slow dance, leaning into each other, trying to rest, while balancing on their feet.

''I can't wait for this to end…'' John Boy whispered and in response, Daisy smiled on his shoulder. Tired as she was, she did not realize when the words escaped her mouth.

''Me too… when I read about this marathon in the papers and read about the prize, I knew I had to win…''

''What?'' John-Boy asked, his voice suddenly strong again as he took a half step away from her, but didn't let go of her arms, nor stop dancing. ''What prize you are talking about?''

Daisy paled, but it was too late to retrace so she gulped and told him the truth, avoiding looking at his sightless eyes.

''John… this marathon is offering two thousand dollars... this money will take me away from all of this… I want to go to New York, start a new life there, there´s a lot of opportunities and I just want…'' She started to cry, out of a shame for what she had done ''Then, when I saw you, standing near the Telegraph office that day, I knew it would be easy to convince you to get in…maybe…'' she gulped her next words, knowing they would offend him, but she wanted to tell him the truth anyway. ''I thought, maybe with your blindness, I would have a bigger chance to win… But I regret doing that, seeing how kind and smart you are, I shouldn't have done that to you, i´m so sorry, John!''

Suddenly, they stopped dancing and John Boy grab her arms almost in a violent manner, while staring in the darkness, directly at Daisy.

" Maybe if you have told me your true intentions, then may have helped you. You are not a good person, Daisy, you are the most selfish, envious, and dishonest person I ever crossed with!''

''I know John, please, I'm so sorry…'

''Sorry? Daisy, you had the courage to use a blind man to enter in your scheme, someone who needs to trust others all the time to get through a single day! How do you expect me to forgive you?"

''Hey, Blind Man!'' during the discussion, John-Boy didn't realized he had raised his voice, calling the judge´s attention, who approach the pair furiously ''Why you two stop? Keep on dancing!'' he yelled.

''Do not call him this way, please!'' Daisy said angrily to the judge, while letting go of Jo-Boy´s arm.

''That's enough, someone please call my home, I want to get out of here!'' John-Boy barked and try to make his way away from the other people, however, without his cane, he ends up losing his balance and fall toward the audience.


When John and Olivia Walton arrived at the church they spotted their oldest son sitting on the church´s steps, his cane and bag resting beside him.

''John-Boy, what happened?'' John said worriedly, approaching his son.

''Daddy? Sorry for having bothered you this way… if I knew it was going to be like this, I would never have accepted the invitation in the first place…''

''Did something happen there?'' John asked a bit suspicious.

''No, i… I just quitted'' he said ''I´m tired'' he lied, not wanting to worry his father now with the story of Daisy´s scheme.

Olivia kneeled beside her son. ''I´m sorry for the way I talked to you, I do trust you and know you always try to do the best for yourself, but I have been your mother for nineteen years and I care about you, its hard to stop all of sudden.'' she said and in response, John Boy reached out his arms to hug her.

I don't want you ever to stop!'' he exclaimed, feeling his mother´s arms around him. ''I swear, right now, I just want to go to sleep'' he said and with a nod, John and Olivia helped him in the truck and head home.


Things went back to normal in the Walton household. One afternoon, a few days later, while each member of the family were minding their own duties, a car showed up and parked in front of the entrance, it was Daisy, who after loosing the Marathon took a week to think of what she did and decided to find John Boy with another apology. Of course, when she left the car John Boy´s six siblings wanted to protect the older Walton sibling from the girl who took advantage of him.

''I understand what I did was wrong, I should have tell you my intentions at first, John, you are such a great man and I grew very fond of you, so I came to apologize and…'' Daisy took a deep breath ''And to tell you that as punishment, I lost the marathon.''

'That is why you are here then? Just to tell me you lost?'' John-Boy asked angry.

''No, I really came to apologize and tell you that I talked to my grandfather and convinced him to give you the job, but you have to learn how to use a normal typewriter, without seeing it.''

''Daisy, how you suppose I trust you now?''

''You don't have to, but I thought that helping you get the job was the least I could do, after the lies I had told you'' Daisy just replied.

The next day John went with his son to the Telegraph office, just to find out if Daisy was telling the truth. After that day, Daisy rarely visited the mountains, but when she did, she always took time to give John Boy tips of how to use a normal typewriter. In the end it was thanks to Daisy that John Boy took his first real steps to independence and maybe an opportunity to become a real writer.


One night, when everyone was already in bed, voices were heard through the house as the family went to sleep.

''John Boy, are you still awake?'' Mary Ellen called.

''Yes Mary Ellen?'' John Boy asked drowsily.

''One day I will take you to a dance marathon again and we will win those two thousand dollars. "

''Yeah, right…'' he mocked

''Don't you think just one of those marathons was enough?'' John´s voice was heard. ''Now, its time to go to sleep!''

''I know, I was just teasing him'' Mary Ellen laughed. ''Good night Daddy. Good night John Boy.''

''Good night Mary Ellen, good night everyone. '' the older brother replied as they finally gone to sleep.