Heya folks. Well welcome to Book 2! As you got from the last chapter, shit's about to hit the fan. To those that stayed a bit confused regarding "Nightmare Luz" everything shall be answered with time. Though I can say she is my interpretation of "Creepy Luz". Any more questions you mite have just PM me. Now ont to the thing!


MONDAY; 21:40h

"It's been a while since Luz locked herself in the room" Eda said worried while eating something she made for dinner

"She's having a breakdown. It is only normal." Lilith calmly stated stabing a piece of staek with her fork

"First, how can you be so calm? Luz is having a mental breakdown! Second, she still nees to eat something."

"One, paniccing won't help, we nee to stay calm and address the situation. Two, yes you are right she does ned to eat but we can't for her to."

"SIGH I can try to convince her to eat. Besides, she needs to talk to someone, beeing alone won't help."

Eda gets up from the table and grabs a plate with some meat and veggetables, leaves the kitchen and starts walking up the stairs. Then she slowly gets close to Luz's room and knocks.

"Hum hey Luz...I know you are having a rouph time...but you need to eat.


"Luz c'mon at least talk to me."


"Luz I'm worried about you!...Please just say something."

Suddently a click comes from the door, unlocking it.

Eda then slowly walks into the bedroom to see Luz cuddled against a wall, with blood surrounding her and a bloody knife in the ground.

At this sight, Eda rushes to Luz now more confused than worried.

"Wha-What happened? Why is there blood on the ground Luz? Wait are you hurt?

"She's back..." she whispers


"She's back...No she never left."

"Luz you're not making any sence whose back?"

"Me...The bad me."

Eda stares at Luz on shook not knowing what to say. After a moment she manages to say

"And the blood?"

she shows Eda her hand with a big cut on her palm

"Did she do that too?" Luz nods

"Then let's get than wound clean."


The two get up and go to the bathroom and Eda starts cleaning Luz's wound and starts applying bandages.

"You know at this rate you'll end up a mumy with all these bandages." she gives out a fake chuckle to try to make Luz at least have a reaction, but she doesn't give one.

Eda finishes treating Luz's hand heads fro the door knowing by now that Luz wants to be left alone. Then Luz speaks up

"Eda...I'm scared." tears start to flood her eyes

"Hey kiddo...it's normal to be afraid of-"

"I'm scared of hurting you."

"What do you mean?"

"I-I...It's not the first time I have a breakdown like this." she said wiping the tears of her face "And back on earth, there was this time were this girl..."

"Luz you don't need to-"

"Her name was Heather and she bullied me a lot. One day I was in the park reading Azura and also writting a bit when she came...and...and she did the worst she had ever did...she pushed me past breaking point and I...the only thought going through my mind was to shove my pen so far her fucking neck and"Luz says this wit anger grining her teeth together, then going back to beeing sad"...and make her stop. Instead i ran home and cried for hours."

"Luz I-" Eda

"Never knew I had this sick and sadistic side?"

"Yeah. But hey eveyone feels like that once or twice, especially if you just pushed down all those feelings."

"Even if that is true, She said I break. I don't want to hurt you, or Willow, Gus, King heck even Lilith and...Amity..."she blushes a bit"

"Luz look at me." she looks at the old witch "We can do this. We will find whose behind what happened at the BMH and clear the human name and all that. But first I'll help my little owllet."



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