Hey y'all, it's been a while...Sorry for the dealy it's just school has been really stressful and I barely have time to write anymore. Also if you did notice the change in the tittle of the story, propsto you. I think it fits it better malitiously grins Anyways here's part 1 of Book 2's finally. Enjoy.


N-Creppy Luz

The sun rose on the Boiling Isles, on a normal day the "birds" would be singing along cheerfully, the kids would already be playing outside, but not today. Today was a dark day even if no one of the common folk knew. For today, the Boiling Isles of the Demon Realm would change.

The dim light pierced through the curtains of Luz's room waking her and Amity up. After the emotional rollercoaster of last night, they found it difficult to fall asleep, once they did though, they slept peacefully for 9 hours, it was now 9 am, it seemed Creepy Luz had let her sleep for some reason, strange. Luz got up, tired but full of resolve, she was going to save Em and Ed, she had to. Amity got up as well, a bit less tired since she had had more days of sleep than Luz but with the same amount of resolve as her crush.

Both of them looked at each other after getting up, they were scared. They could see it in each other's eyes, even with all the resolve and bravery of the world, it could not hide the crippling thought failure that they feared.

"So we are going to do this." Luz said

"I guess so. Luz I…Before all this I have to tell you something- "Amity was interrupted by the creaking sound of the door opening with Gus and Willow on the other side.

"Guys!" Luz ran and almost launched herself at her best friends for a hug squeezing them tightly.

"Hey Luz, tight." Gus managed to say

"Oh." She dropped the hug "Sorry. I just really needed that."

"We understand that Luz. We're your friends," she looked at Amity and gave her a soft smile "we're both your friends."

"C'mon Amity group." The three of them pulled Amity into a hug which she retributed

The four friends stayed like that for a while, managing to ease up the tensions, until Amity's and Luz's hunger got the best of them and they walked downstairs for breakfast.

Eda and Lilith were sitting on the kitchen facing each other, drinking apple blood and talking about the events that could transpire once they were at the doors of the Emperor's Castle.

"Morning Eda. Morning Lilith." Luz greeted the two witches interrupting their conversation

"Ah so you're finally awake? You've slept a lot, I think you haven't slept this much for five or so days." Eda greeted back (Sorry I know this is serious but I couldn't resist. Skyrim fans will understand this)

"Yeah we were able to get some good sleep surprisingly."

"I also see your friends already gave you their good mornings."

"Yes we did Miss Eda. Luz almost launched herself at us." Willow let out a chuckle.

"Please Willow like I said, just call me Eda. Now you two get breakfast, today is…today isn't going to be an easy day."

Luz and Amity nodded and went to the kitchen

The two witchlings didn't talk much during breakfast since it was either they could talk about what could happen at the castle or not talk at all.

After finishing it they went upstairs to Luz's room to get dressed.

"I'll go change in the bathroom." Luz said and she picked up her clothes and headed to the door.

"Amity, I'm not the best person to give love advice. To be honest I don't know why you want advice from me anyway. "Lilith said sitting in the couch

"I just need someone to talk to okay? I... I have no idea what's going to happen tomorrow so…"

"I understand. I know this won't help that much but you need to tell her how you feel. That's the only way you'll find peace."

"Uh Amity? You there?" Luz was facing Amity, now fully clothed. You're still in your pajamas."

"Oh, sorry I was just in my thoughts."

"You okay?"

"Yeah...I'm just nervous."

"I'm nervous too. Scratch that I'm terrified actually." She gave a nervous chuckle

"I mean, it's just like there's a very high possibility that we're walking to our deaths. Very low stakes situation." Amity joked

"Yes. Indeed, very normal." Luz said with a straight face before both of them exploded into laughter.

"Luz I'm glad I'm here…with you. I mean I know it's not the ideal situation since you've actually been having a rougher time than I and-" Luz felt the heat in her cheeks rise as Amity continued to trail off. 'When did she get so pretty?' "Luz what I'm trying to say is that…Is that I-"

"Uh you should get dressed! We shouldn't be late. I'll be outside!" she darted to the door leaving Amity all alone. "Of course you panicked!" Luz muttered hitting to herself on the forehead.

"I'm really not that surprised to be honest."

"Shut up."

"Ouch. You know Luz you can't keep those away forever right? It'll boil all up and turn into something like me. That or it'll give me more power."

"Why are you saying that then?"

"Because wanting or not I'm you, so do hold some, what do you call it again? Ah, empathy. Urgh I just cringed so much."

"Just go away and leave me alone."

"Whatever you say Luzzy. Bad stuff will happen and you know that, one way or another you will break. If not by me, then who knows? Belos? I just know…We just know you will fall by your own doing."

Minutes later they came downstairs, Amity was wearing a black sleeveless hoodie, purple-pink leggings and black shoes and Luz with her normal white and purple hoodie, black leggings and shorts white sneakers, she was also wearing the cape Eda made for her.

"You two took a while. Ready to go?"

"Yes Eda, we're ready."

See you again in a month I guess.