Guys Im sorry I took this long. I've hit a giant writers block and haven't been in the mood to write. BUT, I've managed to write this to give to y' sorry I kindda messed up the titles from the last chapter...yeah. Hope you enjoy.

"Children" Lilith spoke up getting the other's attention "We are heading to the Emperor's Palace and this is most likely a trap. Therefore, all of you must stay alert and we must always stay together. Understood?"

They nodded in agreeance.

"Good. Luz, she wants you so you need to be extra careful."

"Got it" she steps forward passed the two older witches and turns, facing the entire group. "Guys I…I just want to thank all of you. You didn't need to come and-"

"No." Amity said interrupting Luz. "Luz, we need to come because we are your friends. We would never let you do this alone. So you need to stop saying this for you to face because it's not." She reaches for Luz's hands "No matter what we'll all be here."

"I.." she begins to tear up "Thank you guys." She pulls Amity to a tight hug, quickly everyone joins in for a group hug.

"Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo are you leeeeeaving?~" Hooty asks as he gets closer to the group

"Hooty we're having a moment."

"Oh ok! Can I join the huuuuuug~?"

"Okay moment over."

The group broke hug and headed for the exit.

They separated into two groups distributing themselves between the staffs and quickly took off to the skies. The journey didn't take long as they quickly reached the Emperor's Castle, a grand fortress right in a middle of a ravine with giant walls surrounding every entry on the rocky formation, with a mighty tower that on the night expelled nothing but fire and ash. Landing right on top of the bridge, they were met with non-other than Kikimora and a few Emperor's Coven guards.

"Lilith." She greeted calmly "It seems the traitor came back crawling on her knees. Has it been what? A week?" she let out a low chuckle

"Watch your tongue Kikimora, I may be weakened but I can still defeat you." Lilith gave a Kiki a death stare

"Oh, we will see about that. But if you want to throw yourself at arms way now, be my guest." Although Kiki's mouth was covered, it was evident she was grinning. She finally looked at Luz. "Ah the human. Please please come. She's waiting." Luz looked to her friends, nodded and started to follow Kikimora, with the rest of the group behind her. Once they all stepped on the iron bridge it started to move to its original position putting them in the other side of the ravine, right outside the big open golden gates.

They entered the castle, being instantly met by more guards. Continuing to follow Kikimora through the golden halls and corridors of the castle until Kikimora finally stopped in from of highly decorated golden pair of doors bearing the Emperor's Mask surrounded by the symbols of the nine covens.

"We've arrived. Please enter, she's waiting."

"Now all of you." Kikimora spoke louder "Enter she's waiting."

"What if we don't uh?" Gus asked trying to sound brave. Kikimora only pointed to the large group guards behind them. "Oh…Riiiight."

"Who's this she?" Eda demanded to know "You've been bloating about "her" like we know who "she" is!"

"Well, Owl Lady, why don't you ask your sister about Oracle?" she answered calmly

Lilith's eyes widened. "O-Oracle you said?"

"Lily what's wrong?"

The group entered the large circular room, it looked like an arena.

"Lily answer me. Who's Oracle?"

"Oh I think I can answer you to that." A voice echoed as lights lit around the arena, at the middle there was a table with three seats. Two on the group's side and the other on the opposite with Oracle sitting in there.

"Please Miss Noceda, Miss Blight sit, let's have a chat."

"Whoever you are, they're are not going." Eda said as she put her hands on their shoulders

"You're not really on a position of power to demand anything Edalyn."

"It's okay Eda." Luz looked at her mentor with a fake smile.

"Be careful kiddo." She released the two who started to approach the white coated witch.

"Please take a seat (young skywalker xD)." As the two girls sat, Oracle with a snap of her fingers made a red barrier appear in front of the group, separating them from Luz and Amity. "Don't worry." She reassured "Now we can talk without being interrupted."

"Before we play your game show me my siblings." Amity demanded

"Hm…Fair enough." She made a spell circle making lighting up two corners of the exit on Oracle's side revealing Em and Ed each tied to an opposite metal poll, unconscious.

"EM! ED! What did you do to them?!"

"Oh don't worry they're fine. Any other demands?"

"Why are we here?" Luz asked

"Now there's a good question isn't it? How are your nightmares Luz?"


"You know, nightmares you've been having? The ones I put in that little head of yours."

"S-S-So y-you made them?"

"I mean not entirely. I just opened the door for your subconscious to do its work. You know, I was extremely surprised went I was poking in there that you, a little bubbly happy little girl that loves to help people and make friends has such has such an evil, sadistic and bloodthirsty side."

"Luz?" Amity asked her as Luz stayed in a silent shock

"Then once I saw it occurred to me to open the door to it and make do its thing."

"W-Why though?"

"It is quite simple actually. We just simply need you out of the picture. Not dead but out of the way so you wouldn't cause more troubles. You see, you reeeally pissed Belos. I did a few more visits to your head and talked to, you know you and found out what she wants, which by the way is perfect for us."

"Why would you want her out?! She's terrible she'd only do worse to whatever you're planning!"

"That's not true. Tell me Luz, why do you think we organized the attack at the BMH?"

Everyone in the room stared in shock at the cold golden mask of Oracle as she said these words

"Y-You organized the terrorist attack...YOU PURPOSELY KILLED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE?!" Luz yelled out in anger


"Why would you do such a think to your own people?!"

"You see, thanks to you humans and now good in the eyes of witches and demons, at least those who had connections or heard about you. We couldn't take risks therefore we needed a way for humans to be despised by everyone and we managed to do that. So, to answer your question Luz." She stood up. "You all came here so I could do what she's been trying to do." She reaches for her coat, pulling out a pistol.


For Luz it's like time slows down as she turns to Amity and sees a red stain on her friend's chest, slowly getting bigger. Amity, with a shocked face falls to the ground coughing.


"Iargh…" she struggles to form words putting her hands on the bullet wound

"Amity! Nonononono." Luz starts to cry as she is incapable of doing anything

"Hey…It's…gonna be okay."

"No, no it's not!"

"Luz. Look at me. You…Can…Fix…This." Mustering the force left on her, Amity pulls Luz into a kiss. She pulls back saying on her last breath "I love you you idiot."

"Amity. Amity! AMITY!" Luz calls out to her shaking her body

The room goes silent for a moment until Oracle breaks by stabbing the table with a knife.

"Luz." She calls out to the Latina who turns her head to her. "Have fun."