Hello everyone!

I have something different for this site. It's a Wattpad story from my Wattpad account, I've decided to do a trial run to see if it will be worth it for me to put one on here. So, fair warning, this story will include links to things such as character profiles and pictures needed for the story.

For example, in this story, I have two character profiles detailing a brief past, what their looks are, current and future clothing, etc.

Now, onto this story.

Before we start here is Harry or Amani's profile - Go to google and type in 'fate and dumbledore's mistake characters amani' and it should be the first link, that will take you to Amani's profile, trust me, you're going to want to see the outfits on there.

As for my Oc's profile just do the same with Amani's profile just change the name to Nakia, I wish they would allow external links in Fanfiction it would make things so much easier!

So, before I start the actual story I'll do the parts that don't require pictures.

Character 1: Amani

NAME: Amani, formerly Harry James Potter.

(For his looks go to the Wattpad version please)

AGE: 24

TYPE: Magic-user, submissive male.

POSITION: Personal servant of king Akram (Made up), dancer, and cook, later becomes the Queen of Uruk.

BIO: Harry was born as the eldest son to the Potter family, he was a powerful child and smart, he knew how to bend magic to his will but kept that little secret to himself because he got a bad feeling about Dumbledore and a few other adults he did not like. When he was 7 years old his fraternal twin brothers were born, Felix and Jacob Potter.

Harry was in the room when Voldemort attacked the twins while his parents lay stunned downstairs and so he got in the way using his magic to fight back, he passed out but awoke to see Dumbledore naming Jacob the 'Boy-who-lived'. Over the next year, Harry noticed his family paying more attention to Jacob, leaving Harry to care for Felix.

One night Harry overheard Dumbledore talking with his parents about using a ritual to give Jacob more magic by taking Harry's and Felix's magic and giving it to Jacob, this made Harry's patience snap with his family as he gathered supplies and left taking Felix with him. During his escape from the Potter home, he ran into a nice old man who after hearing of his tale decided to help them.

He offered them a different escape, one where they would not be followed, Harry after much thought agreed and was sent back in time and was found near the Mesopotamia city Larsa. They were found and taken to the King and Queen who gave them a place to stay.

(For the rest of his profile you need to see the wattpad version since it allows you to add pics and videos to it, sorry!)

Character 2: Nakia

NAME: Nakia, formerly Felix Remus Potter.

(Again, wattpad version please for more detailed looks)

AGE: 17

TYPE: Magic-user, submissive male

POSITION: Personal servant to Queen Lapis(made up), dancer, flute player, and gardener.

BIO: Felix is the fraternal twin to Jacob Potter, he was caught up in the chaos when Voldemort attacks the Potter home. His elder brother saved the twins but Jacob was named the Boy-Who-Lived, Felix was mostly raised by Harry until his big brother had to escape with him to avoid his magic being stolen from him and given to Jacob.

He joined Harry in the past as a personal servant to Queen Lapis of Larsa, he is gifted in the magic of plants and has a close connection to nature magic. He is skilled with playing the flute and often plays the flute while his big brother dances. He is also a great prankster and will prank someone if in the mood or if the Queen wishes to liven things up.

Nakia is a submissive male, like his big brother, which means he has been blessed by magic and the gods and is able to bear children. This is seen as a great blessing in the Mesopotamia time and sacred, the brothers also take lessons in magic to help them stay in control.

(Again, sorry to nag, but please look at Wattpad version for full details of clothing and looks)

As you can see this is going to be a wild ride for me, also in warning I will be putting 'Wattpad story' in the summary to warn you all that this is coming from Wattpad as a heads up.

Oh, yeah, expected lemons, yaoi, and scheming people, mpreg, death, people being out of character, and other things.

So, let's get this party started!